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Arlyle's Textiles was a small shop that appeared in Icemule in December of 2001.  Vyrshkana and Cattriona visited the shop to record the items for sale.

[Arlyle's Textiles] (a ratty tent patched with weathered scraps of fine tapestry)
The walls of this tent are covered with scraps of tapestry, their varied subjects lending a riot of color to the display. A variety of goods are displayed for sale on the many hooks that branch off the tent's modwir support pole, but customers have to fight their way through rolled and piled scraps of embroidered cloth to examine them. You also see a tapestry partition and a skillfully embroidered sign.
Obvious exits: out

It reads:

Welcome to Arlyle's! We offer for sale the finest linen goods, as well as a variety of items crafted from previously-owned tapestries, direct from the grand houses of Ta'Illistim to yours! For a small fee, our master craftsmen may affix a tapestry fragment of your choosing to one of our linen containers. Prices will vary according to the fragment you choose. Warning: our tapestry weighs a bit more than linen, due to the density of the weave.

On the hooks you see a disheveled tapestry sack (1k), a moth-eaten tapestry knapsack (5k), a greased tapestry sheath (1k), a stained tapestry cloak (10k), a faded tapestry pouch (500), a threadbare tapestry backpack (8k, weighs 14), a sturdy linen backpack (8k, weighs 11), a sturdy linen knapsack (5k), a sturdy linen sack (1k), a lacquered linen sheath (1k), a sturdy linen cloak (10k) and a sturdy linen pouch (500).