Bighorn sheep
Level 18
Creature Type
Undead No
Magical No
Realm(s) Found Ta'Illistim
Sub Area(s) Found Gorget Trails

The bighorn sheep's body is compact and muscular with a short, stubby tail. Her triangular-shaped head features a narrow pointed muzzle and short, flopppy ears. The fur is almost deerlike in nature and is shaded brown with the occasional whitish rump patches. The sheep's fur is smooth and composed of an outer coat of brittle guard hairs and short, gray, crimped fleece underfur. Atop her head rest two massive brown horns twisted in a full curl. Each looks out of place on the small triangular-shaped head let alone both. Together they form a symmetry that just looks right.

Attack Attributes
Attack Strength +183
Ranged Attack Strength
Bolt Attack Strength
Casting Strength
Offensive Spells
Maneuver Abilities
Special Abilities
Defense Attributes
Defense Strength
Ranged Defense Strength
Unarmed Defense Factor {{{udf}}}
Bolt Defense Strength
Spiritual Target Defense
Elemental Target Defense +54
Mental Target Defense
Bard Target Defense +54
Cleric Target Defense
Empath Target Defense
Paladin Target Defense
Ranger Target Defense
Sorcerer Target Defense
Wizard Target Defense
Defensive Spells

Treasure Drops
Skin Bighorn sheepskin
Alchemy Drops