• Talryssa


    May 11, 2016 by Talryssa

    A light tap upon the bedroom door stirred her from sleep. She immediately glanced about to see if it were daylight, and was quickly reminded how futile the gesture was. While the manor was nice, it was underground, and sunlight ever failed to reach the manor. She roused herself from the bed, and trudged to the door. Upon opening it, she saw the gentile face of Annielle.

    “Apologies for interrupting, Miss Mayor…” a stern look interrupted the kindly gnome… “Madam Swiftwings, I mean. I still slip up at times… but a message has arrived, and the poor dwarf what delivered it seemed somewhat frantic, if you kin.”

    Talryssa gazed down upon the gnome, who’d insisted on staying with her even after her term as mayor was over. Annielle did a meticulous jo…

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  • Talryssa

    It had been privately discussed betwixt Vaein and Talryssa for several years... their desire to reopen the portal. Though their methods and reasons behind it varied, the goal was the same.

    Vaein wished to return home, to Bre'Naere. Talryssa remembered that the planet was dying, if not dead by now. She held little hope for the resuscitation of Bre'Naere, though her heart did ache for the stories of it's beauty. She only wanted to save those who were left behind, those who were not close to the portal when it snapped shut.

    A conversation sparked interest, with a renewed passion. Issalya was studying air magic... that which focused on teleportation, and portals. Surely, air magic held other mysteries, but those two were what drew her.

    There was,…

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