Cave troll
Level 16
Creature Type
Undead No
Magical No
Realm(s) Found Wehnimer's Landing, Solhaven, River's Rest
Sub Area(s) Found Danjirland
Mine Road/Crystal Caves
Vornavian Coast/Caverns
Hidden Vale

Huge and dangerous, the cave troll towers above even a tall giantman. Grey skin so thick that it serves quite well as armor covers most of the troll, with tufts of thick hair sprouting here and there like weeds between cracked stones. A hideous grin splits its face displaying fangs crusted with dried blood and less guessable matter. No light of intellect glows in its narrow piggish eyes. The lust for slaughter and thirst for blood are what drive this hulkish beast's existence.

Attack Attributes
Attack Strength +191
Ranged Attack Strength
Bolt Attack Strength
Casting Strength
Offensive Spells
Maneuver Abilities
Special Abilities
Defense Attributes
Defense Strength +86
Ranged Defense Strength
Unarmed Defense Factor {{{udf}}}
Bolt Defense Strength +100 to +128
Spiritual Target Defense +63
Elemental Target Defense
Mental Target Defense
Bard Target Defense
Cleric Target Defense +63
Empath Target Defense
Paladin Target Defense
Ranger Target Defense
Sorcerer Target Defense
Wizard Target Defense
Defensive Spells

Treasure Drops
Silvers Yes
Gems Yes
Skin Troll skin
Boxes Yes
Random Loot Yes
Alchemy Drops