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Droughtman's Challenge 2013 Prize List[]

1/11 - 10:00 PM - Winner: Rhyssa
Player Item Properties
Brinret a multi-faceted crystalline sphere 3x/day Arcane Barrier
Taakhooshi an embroidered golden satin tabard Enhancive
Glurph a slender pale rowan staff inset with colorful drops of glass 6x, realm based flares
Noriyaki a gilded golden key symbol with dull white soulstone teeth 305 Knowledge
Delcian   a razern-edged veil iron moon axe with a crystal-inset hilt 5x, HCW, ithzir bane
Markken   a twisted and melted imflass rod 4x/day 511
Drud   a gold-swirled blue ora hatchet 5x, 3-slot fushion
Alkire   a veniom-caged crystal jewel 5x/day 1208
Rhyssa  a gold-mouthed crimson eahnor warhorn Fiery Burst
Fjalar a crystal-inset silvery mithril rod with a linen-wrapped handle 10x/day cone of steam rod
1/11 - 11:45 PM - Winner: Brinret
Player Item Properties
Brinret a tri-headed veil iron pike encrusted with barnacles down the shaft 5x, HCW, triton bane lance
Gormund a twisted lor staff capped with a glowing blackish-violet orb 6x, acuity flares
Ktari a gold-trimmed crimson satin cape clasped with a polished red myklian scale Enhancive
Baalimun a thick black iron band Enhancive crystal holder
Shilarra a smooth lor yoribo/naginata 5x
Ados a slender deep golden zelnorn sai with a polished golvern tip 3x/3x
Eddic an eahnor-set golden oak humidor with a brass lockplate Cigars
Sahir a cloudy crystallized fossil 5x/day 1214
Drud a polished crystal ball with a carved fireleaf base room scryer
Elihu a tapered dark adamantine katar with jagged edges  +27, adamantite
1/12 - 10:00 AM - Winner: Fjalar  
Player Item Properties
Fjalar a knotted illthorn runestaff 5x stafftana, unbalance flares as runestaff
Girvus a linen-wrapped lor quarterstaff 5x stafftana
Caithris a slim white mithril band inset with a petrified oak cabochon 108 Knowledge
Cerelinde a wickedly spiked veil iron morning star wrapped with an orc hide grip 5x, HCW, orcbane
Lydora a weathered tan leather pouch tooled with a blooming fern Seed Pouch
Hraus an entwined sapphire and blue jade rod 101/107
Ghadmis a mirror-finished kroderine pavis edged in blackened steel  +22, random dispel flares (up to 3 spells), enhancive
Varmok an azure leather gauntlet with a tiny quartz orb attached to each knuckle 5x/day 1711
Anush a bent blued steel rod 4x/day 511
1/12 - 3:45 PM - Winner: Kiel
Player Item Properties
Thaelbo a faenor-banded golden mithril case with a thick glass plate on its front cover +3 Perception/AS/Spell Aim goggles, lockable scripted case
Kiel some thickly quilted double leathers dyed cerulean 3x, ECP
Anush a suit of kroderine platemail adorned with blackened steel +22, dispel flares up to 5 spells, slash/crush/puncture resist
Cerelinde a silver-limned black rolaren warblade 5x, "special properties"
Lydora a gnarled fireleaf crook capped with a glowing fiery crimson orb +27, acuity flares
Isanae a gold and silver ring Unnavable gold ring
Rienji a knurled sephwir long bow with a silvery bowstring 5x, heavily sighted, enhancive
Varmok a rune-embroidered supple black leather pouch tied with golden satin drawstrings 4x/day runestones
Drud a fel-hafted vultite waraxe 6x, HCW
Mithogras some triple-linked crimson and golden golvern augmented chainmail 6x, heat flares, cold resist
1/12 - 9:45 PM - Winner: Baalimun
Player Item Properties
Baalimun a quartered satin and silk tabard Enhancive +3 str, +4 Stam recovery
Rhyssa some splinted leather studded with veil iron 5x, HCP, slash/crush resist, pierce susceptible, +3 dodge
Sventyle a sharpened veil iron warsword wrapped with troll hide around the hilt 5x, HCW, Troll Bane
Talivinari an engraved silvery lor medallion 9x/day 1701
Thresher a quilted arming doublet adorned with veil iron 5x, HCP, impact resist, pierce susceptible, +6 dodge
Sahir a chaos lance Chaos weapon
Delcian a thick golvern cuirass emblazoned with a pair of crossed silvered crystal wands 5x, 3 slot fushion MBP
Amyia a blue-streaked silvery vultite ring Unlocked crystal holder, +5 OHE
Alkire a pair of leather half-boots plated with iron 5x, unbalance flares, +6 Agi/Str
Mienne an obsidian and crimson rolaren sledgehammer 5x, "special properties"
1/12 - 11:00 PM - Winner: Shilarra
Player Item Properties
Sorak a zorchar-runed deathstone wand Death Cloud, several times a day
Girvus an opalescent black vaalin ring set with a faceted fiery red stone Red ice ring
Rienji a triangular crimson mithril wand tipped with a red jasper flame 10x/day cone of fire
Shilarra a slender dark grey adamantine sai veined with crimson eahnor +27, unbalance flares, adamantite
Jahnniv an entwined three-stranded kelyn rod 401, 406, 414
Alkire an ironwood and gold entwined wand Sounds/Minor Fire
Delcian a gnarled illthorn runestaff 5x, unbalance flares, runestaff/naginata
Jaunty a ruddy crimson drakar sledgehammer with a bone spike on its head 5x, trollbane fire flares
Zerise an oblong hazy crystal 5x/day 1204
Kuroryo a layered ahmdir blue linen scarf face concealer, ambush enhancive
1/13 - 8:45 AM - Winner: Eles
Player Item Properties
Sorak an enruned witchwood box Black ora torc
Eulogia a suit of forest green brigandine +27, HCP
Zaotro a pristine white stone bust 5x/day 1712
Glurph a drakar-tipped firestone wand 3x/day Firestorm
Solveig a thick black leather belt stitched with golden coin patterns Enhancive, +4 Hide, +4 Ambush, +2 Pick Pockets
Fjalar a gold-flecked dark urnon key 1x/12 hour unlock
Nassai a knurled glowbark runestaff capped with a glowing bluish-green orb +27, acuity flares
Brynne a convex zelnorn buckler with a mirror-finish surface 3x/3x
Eles a soft grey wool pouch Hedgehog
1/13 - 10:00 AM - Winner: Eulogia
Player Item Properties
Baalimun a three-legged black iron cauldron painted with a pair of silver eyes Animated Cauldron
Byblis an amber-tipped rosewood rod Self charging 1708, 20 charges total
Gormund a black rapture cloak Rapture cloak
Eulogia an opalescent cerulean vaalin ring set with a polished violet feystone Violet ice ring
Caithris a razor-edged golden imflass gladius +12, ECW, +5 OHE, TWC scripts
Tenaya a zorchar-runed thunderstone wand 3x/day death cloud
Ephelysse a dark-cored teardrop bloodjewel 5x/day Wizard shield
Laethia a slender pale rowan staff inset with colorful drops of glass 6x, realm based flares
Tahlbrar a polished silver signet ring Unlocked crystal holder, +5 THW
Canto a golden imflass filigree tiara topped with silvery glaes tines +5 Influence/Trading
1/13 - 3:45 PM - Winner: Zerren
Player Item Properties
Brynne a twined faenor ivy band Unlocked crystal holder +5 ranged
Rhyssa a convex dark adamantine buckler with a distorted mirror-finish surface  +27, adamantite
Mirrami an enruned black ora jackal's head ring set with faceted bloodstone eyes  +8 hide, +2 perception, sheru scripts
Buu a sapphire-set silvery rolaren sheath with a burnished azure throat Identifying sheat, +5 OHE
Alkire a coraesine war hammer Impure coraesine
Philnia a flat black rolaren band Portal pass
Jaunty a convex crystal lens 1x/day 1750
Adlai a pure white eonake wand capped with a faceted golden crystal 10x/day cone of holy bolt
Canto a spiked veil iron maul wrapped with titan hide around the haft 5x, HCW, giant bane
Zerren some triple-linked blue and golden golvern augmented chainmail 6x, cold flares, fire resist
1/13 - 10:45 PM - Winner: Delcian
Player Item Properties
Brinret a suit of veil iron ringmail with a four-in-one weave 5x, HCP, resistant to slashing and crushing attacks, suspectible to puncture attacks
Fjalar a drakar-tipped blazestone wand 3x/day fire cloud
Delcian a gem-encrusted glaes warblade 3x, gem eater
Niisa a gem-encrusted glaes gladius 3x gem eater
Glurph an ivory-nocked slender yew longbow  +22, sighted, +3 ranged/hide
Hestica a slim silvery eonake wand banded with silver 5x/day remove curse
Eulogia a dark adamantine main gauche with an elaborate knotwork guard  +27, unbalance flares, adamantite
Morgrave an opalescent crimson vaalin band set with a faceted black diamond Black Ice Ring
Noriyaki a woven silvery satin cloak shoulder-clasped with a gold-caged crystal  +2 Aura, Wis, Disc, +1 mana recovery
Jani a sigil-incised black corestone 2x/day 1612

FINALS - Winner:  Brinret