Darloon Zelgideon
Race Half-elf
Culture Bourth
Class Elementalist
Profession Knowledge Seeker
Religion Fash'lo'nae
In-a-Word Old
Disposition Grumpy
Demeanor Neutral
Greatest Weakness Mandis Cystals
Habits Studying
Hobbies Reading
Loyalties Dhask, Sorhn

Darloon Zelgideon (born Fashanos 17th, 4032) is an ancient Half-elf from the Wyrdeep Forest.

Early Life Edit

Darloon was born ages ago to a human soldier of Bourth and an elven mother of the Wyrdeep. Not much is know of Darloon's history.

Family Tree Edit

Bloodties seem to relate Dhask and Sorhn to Darloon.