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>throw my dart at board 19 You grab a dart from your left hand. Aha, you learned something that time. Aiming carefully at the single 19, you throw a shiny silver dart at a dart board, and hit 19! Roundtime: 4 sec.

Yes, it's true, you can now aim your throws at the dart board. Not only that, but as you play your skill will (slowly, ever so slowly) increase.

Don't expect to be throwing bullseyes every time once you master, but a highly skilled player will be able to hit the singles ring of any number without much effort.

Several factors play into your likelihood of hitting an aimed target (vultite darts, anyone?) and can be used to handicap good players to level the playing field. Lighting, injuries, thrown weapon skill, dexterity, and perception all play into the aiming.

The syntax for aiming is as follows:

Aimed: THROW my DART at BOARD , if given, must be one of triple, double, single, inner, or outer. Inner and outer refer to the bullseye. Single, double, and triple refer to the numbers. must be either 'bullseye' or a number from 1 to 20. Specifying 'bullseye' without a modifier of inner or outer will assume inner. Specifying a number without a modifier will assume single.

You can also reference this by taking out your darts and typing


As you increase in skill, you'll need to throw at harder targets (double ring, triple ring, outer, then inner bullseye) to have a chance of further skilling up. Don't think you can master practicing by yourself to sneak in a win, either - the last 50 ranks (of 250) require an audience.

For those who enjoy the more random games of the past, fear not. Throwing a dart without specifying a target will result in the same random targetting you've come to know and love (and the messaging to both you and everyone else will be different from an aimed throw, to prevent any shenanigans).

Please play around with it and post any questions!


P.S. If you're looking for a set of your very own darts, you may want to check out the wagon parked on the path near Hearthstone Manor. Don't wait too long, though, as he'll be moving on by the end of the week to give others the chance to buy.