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The Dhu Gillywack is a gnomish airship that periodically visits to sell a variety of wares. In its visit in 2001, Vyrshkana and Cattriona took inventory of the items for sale.

Adjustable Armors[]

[Adjustable Armors, Entrance]
The first thing noticed upon entering this room is the heavy scent of oil that seems to seep into your clothing. Large, sooty oil lamps illuminate the foyer of this small shop, sending ominous shadows shifting across the walls. The ceiling has been inlaid with what was once copper, now tarnished by age and so covered in soot that one can barely make out the color. Atop a scratched mein counter sits a large brass tray covered with an array of inviting drinks for the weary shopper. You also see an important sign and an iron hatch.
Obvious exits: north, east, west

~Hinged Armor Shop~~
Now that you've found my shop... leave!
If you do buy anything here, be warned that due to magic in these helms, armor and greaves they can only be worn by the original buyer.

On the brass tray you see a snifter of fine gnomish ale, a glass of chilled spice wine, a stein of dark apple cider and a cup of a frothy green liquid (50). (25 unless noted)

[Adjustable Armors, Armor]
The air carries an obnoxious stench of leather and metal, as well as the heavy odor of lamp oil. A large pipe juts from the floor, almost cutting the room in half as it disappears into a wall. Racks of various sizes and construction line the walls of this area of the shop, each displaying armor from the lightest of leathers to the fullest of plate.
Obvious exits: south, southeast, southwest

On the metal rack you see an enruned augmented breastplate (300k), a gilded drake-winged breastplate (275k), a set of tarnished half plate (325k) and some battle-worn plate (350k).

On the chain-forged rack you see some heavy gleaming hauberk (325k), some studded chain mail (250k), some polished double chain (275k) and some gleaming augmented chain (300k).

On the hide-covered rack you see a scuffed leather breastplate (225k), some luxurious cuirbouilli leather (250k), some slightly tarnished brigandine (300k) and some crimson studded leather (275k).

On the leather-wrapped rack you see some faded light leather (200k), some hardened full leather (225k), some pristine reinforced leather (250k) and some sturdy double leather (275k).

[Adjustable Armors, Greaves]
Though the smallest of all four rooms, an enormous metal workbench has been placed in this one, taking up most of the space. Gadgets, tools and pieces of metal lie strewn across the surface of the bench and floor. Various finished arm and leg greaves sit on the table and workbench. You also see another sign.
Obvious exits: west, northwest

It reads:

"With the large selection of greaves here, I'll not be responsible for any mistaken purchases. Please make sure to select the desired item and if you are unsure, TAP it before BUYing it."

On the thin table you see some ivy-etched alloy leg greaves, some blackened opal-inlaid leg greaves, some worn brown leather leg greaves, some intricate kelyn-edged leg greaves and some ora-edged silver leg greaves. (54k)

On the metal workbench you see some ivy-etched alloy arm greaves, some blackened opal-inlaid arm greaves, some worn brown leather arm greaves, some ora-edged silver arm greaves and some intricate kelyn-edged arm greaves. (54k)

[Adjustable Armors, Helms]
Oil lamps have been placed before large, half-circle mirrors to focus light onto the displays. The sound of creaking steam pipes breaks the silence, occasionally startling you. A plethora of helms rest on pair of shelves and a counter. You also see another sign.
Obvious exits: east, northeast

On the large shelf you see a lion-etched visored heaume, a rune-etched silver helm, a boar-tusked visored helmet and a split visored helmet. (74k)

On the small shelf you see a wicked horned helm, a drake-winged ebon greathelm and a crimson plumed bascinet. (74k)

On the oak counter you see an acid-etched visored sallet, a pitted dark eonake greathelm and a steel-spiked rolaren bascinet. (74k)

Arkati Works[]

[Arkati Works, Lornon Symbols]
Greasy, stained oilcloth curtains drape the ceilings and walls of this cramped room, apparently the remnant of a misguided attempt at decoration. Uncertain light flickers over the room, issuing from smoky tallow candles which are suspended from the ceiling on rusted chains. Several trays stand surrounding a rough-hewn iron altar. You also see a low clumsy bench with some stuff on it, a red inlaid table with some stuff on it, a black stained shelf with some stuff on it, a very large sign and a small hatch.
Obvious exits: north, southeast, southwest

Symbols and Statues
Due to years and years of intense study, I have finally discovered a way to make symbols turn into statues through mechanical means!
This means that you can display your solemn devotion to the Arkati of your choice by wearing their symbol. You can ALSO turn your symbol and have it change into a small statue for purposes of ceremonies and things along that order!

All items 7.5k, pinworn, weigh 1, script: turn to change into a statue and back.

On the clumsy bench you see a red V'tull symbol, a grey Fash'lo'nae symbol, a grey Eorgina symbol, a red Eorgina symbol, a red Andelas symbol and a black Andelas symbol.

On the inlaid table you see a yellow Fash'lo'nae symbol, a red Ivas symbol, a black Marlu symbol, a green Luukos symbol, a green Ivas symbol, a white Mularos symbol and a red Mularos symbol.

On the stained shelf you see a black V'tull symbol, a crimson Sheru symbol, a golden Sheru symbol, a black Sheru symbol, a bronze Luukos symbol and a grey Marlu symbol.

[Arkati Works, Liabo Symbols]
Shoddily installed metal decking and grayish-white walls surround this tiny, closet-sized room. Rough, splintery stools sit in awkward spots around the room, in a vain attempt to hide the results of a poorly executed whitewashing job. Careless store-keepers have left scratched and dented knick-knacks scattered in corners and on odd surfaces, waiting to trip the unwary customer. You also see a yellowed ivory tray with some stuff on it, a scratched oak table with some stuff on it, a very large sign, a rusty iron box with some stuff on it and a red steel bench with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: south

On the ivory tray you see a red Oleani symbol, a silver Kai symbol, a crimson Kai symbol, a golden Imaera symbol, a brown Imaera symbol, a green Imaera symbol, an emerald Charl symbol and a blue Charl symbol.

On the oak table you see a silver Jastev symbol, a black Jastev symbol, a grey Jastev symbol, a golden Cholen symbol, a crimson Cholen symbol, a blue Tonis symbol, a golden Tonis symbol, a brown Eonak symbol and a golden Eonak symbol.

On the iron box you see a white Koar symbol, a golden Koar symbol, a red Lumnis symbol, a black Lumnis symbol, a blue Lumnis symbol and a white Lumnis symbol.

On the red steel bench you see a black Ronan symbol, a golden Lumnis symbol, a silver Ronan symbol, a green Lumnis symbol, a golden Lorminstra symbol, a black Lorminstra symbol, a blue Phoen symbol and a golden Phoen symbol.

[Arkati Works, Immortal Symbols]
Cracked and warped wood covers the floor and walls, leaving wide gaps where rusted and tarnished metal shows through. Some of the walls of this octagonal room bear moth-eaten, dust-covered tapestries that at one time depicted poorly woven scenes from the tales of the immortals. In the center of the room a pitted, stained metal altar is adorned with lopsided and twisted white and black candles. You also see a small fel bench with some stuff on it, a simple table with some stuff on it, a granite tray with some stuff on it and a very large sign.
Obvious exits: northwest

On the small fel bench you see a white Voln symbol, a white Onar symbol, a deep blue Leya symbol, a black Onar symbol, a ivory Leya symbol, a blue Niima symbol, a silver Niima symbol and a crimson Amasalen symbol.

On the simple table you see a yellow Voaris symbol, a brown Kuon symbol, a golden Kuon symbol, a green Jaston symbol, a white Jaston symbol, a yellow Tilamaire symbol, a blue Tilamaire symbol and a black Voln symbol.

On the granite tray you see a purple Amasalen symbol, a red Arachne symbol, a black Arachne symbol, a black Huntress symbol, a silver Huntress symbol, a black Laethe symbol, a purple Laethe symbol and a red Voaris symbol.

[Arkati Works, Neutral Symbols]
Odd proportions and slanting corners make this room appear as if the ceiling is on the verge of collapsing. The rust-stained metallic walls are covered with flaking paintings of animals intertwined with odd symbols and geometric figures. Intricate yet bold, these decorations draw the eye, striking in their contrast to the dull metal. You also see a slanting table with some stuff on it and a very large sign.
Obvious exits: northeast

On the slanting table you see a black Zelia symbol, a silver Zelia symbol, a green Gosaena symbol, a grey Gosaena symbol and a silver Gosaena symbol.


Arched openings lead out from this triangular-shaped central chamber in three directions. The area is immaculate, the floor free of debris, and the overhead tubes and pipes neatly tied together in perfectly symmetrical order. You also see a droplet-covered hatch.
Obvious exits: north, northeast, southeast

[Cartography Chamber]
Each of the four walls are covered with painstakingly detailed maps, all rendered in three-dimensional fashion. Well-known landmarks rise out from three of the maps, but the last map is completely foreign and unfamiliar. You also see a large wooden table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: south

On the wooden table you see a gold-hilted silvery rolaren falchion (255k, 4x, edged, falchion base, lightning flares, 75/160, weighs 5), a gold-hafted silvery rolaren hatchet (255k), a gold-hafted silvery rolaren mace (255k, 4x, blunt, mace base, lightning flares), a gold-hafted silvery rolaren crowbill (255k), a gold-hilted silvery rolaren dagger (200k), a gold-hilted silvery rolaren gladius (230k), a gold-hafted silvery rolaren halberd (200k), a gold-hafted silvery rolaren jeddart-axe (200k), a gold-hafted silvery rolaren flail (250k) and a gold-hilted silvery rolaren greatsword (250k).

[Officer's Quarters]
Vents in the walls provide a cooling breeze, although the rattling noise emanating from it is a bit disconcerting. A simple wooden desk and chair are the only furniture in the room. Two massive piles of parchments are stacked on the desk. You also see a large wooden table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: southwest

On the wooden table you see an icy blue vultite bearded axe (265k, weighs 8, 70/155), an icy blue vultite awl-pike (200k), an icy blue vultite backsword (250k), an icy blue vultite crowbill (225k), an icy blue vultite flail (200k), an icy blue vultite scythe (175k), an icy blue vultite hatchet (235k), an icy blue vultite jeddart-axe (200k), an icy blue vultite studded mace (235k, 4x, blunt) and an icy blue vultite gladius (175k). (ice flares)

[Equipment Alcove]
Nary a speck of dust or dirt is anywhere to be found in this well-organized equipment area. While it's uncertain what function the translucent crystal cylinders running along the ceiling serve, they are smudge-free and spotless. You also see a large wooden table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: northwest

On the wooden table you see a deep red vultite lance (250k), a deep red vultite longsword (235k, weighs 4, 80/200), a deep red vultite morning star (235k), a deep red vultite machete (240k), a deep red vultite battlesword (240k), a deep red vultite estoc (200k), a deep red vultite glaive (195k), a deep red vultite war hammer (220k) and a deep red vultite talon sword (225k, 4x, scripted: rub, touch, wave). (fire flares)

Bitlan's Puzzles & Toys[]

[Bitlan's Puzzles & Toys]
More intricate than any of the other rooms, the patchwork metal here almost comes together to make a scene. Or perhaps the metalworkers were just running out of supplies and had to use smaller and smaller scraps. The metal is thin in places where rust has almost eaten it away. You also see a metal stairway and a mithglin-banded chest.
Obvious exits: none

In the mithglin-banded chest you see a green-tinted copper tube, a braided rolaren wire tube, a pure white gold tube, a scorched black ora tube, an irridescent white ora tube, a sleek copper tube, a greasy silver mithglin tube, a scored silver vultite tube, a scratched grimy imflass tube and a black mithril tube. (20k)

Brilyan's Jewels[]

[Brilyan's Jewels, Showroom]
A large, cracked glass display is centered in this dingy, damp room. A matted woolen rug lies just before it, covering some holes in the deck. Doors ajar from broken hinges, a few cabinets are hung crookedly on the walls. A slow drip echoes in the room, as small water droplets fall on the metal armoire set in the corner of the room. The armoire has a missing door and a strange moss growing down its side. You also see a black painted hatch, a scuffed sign, a rusted steel cabinet, a dented metal cabinet and a corroded iron cabinet.
Obvious exits: north, east, west, northeast, northwest

It reads:

Please, no leaning.

In the metal armoire you see an ivory rose-clasped reticule. (8.5k)

In the steel cabinet you see a delicate gold inlaid rose diadem (16.5k), a diamond-cut rose gold hairpin (10.85k), an ivory-inlaid rose gold hairpin (8.5k) and a beaded rose gold haircomb (9.5k).

In the metal cabinet you see a twined rose gold armband (15k), a ruby-inset rose gold ring (10.5k), a twisted white gold ring (9k) and a rose gold band (9.5k).

In the iron cabinet you see a pearl beaded rose gold necklace (12.8k), a rose gold choker (11k), a twisted rose gold chain (10.5k), a pink pearl rose pendant (10.5k), an engraved rose gold chain (11k) and a braided rose gold necklace (12.5k).

[Brilyan's Jewels, Workshop]
Steam from a rusty vent along the floor slowly rises from the scuffed floor of this small room. Parchment, scrolls, and small tin boxes are scattered over a dusty desk which is crafted of a corroded steel panel and secured atop a bent metal base. Deep shelves are lined with old metal bins are filled with steel slabs. A scratched steel box is set next to a corroded tray on a small table in the corner, with a rusted chest just below it.
Obvious exits: south

In the steel box you see an intricately woven silver armlet (11k), a ruby-linked rose gold anklet (9k), a carved jade twining ivy bracelet (7k), a ruby-clapsed twisted silver bracelet (8k), a pearl-inlaid golden ivory bracelet (8k), a braided silver bracelet (6k, weighs 1) and a silver link bracelet (6k).

In the rusted chest you see a rainbow glaes beaded anklet, a ruby-linked rose gold ankle chain, a silver and gold link wrist chain and an exquisite rose gold wrist chain. (10k)

On the steel tray you see a mug of sour pink wine, a jigger of gnomish brandy, a piece of moldy cheese and a stale croissant. (free)

[Brilyan's Jewels, Backroom]
Tattered throw rugs line the deck of this very small room, looking no bigger than a closet. A single tarnished gold chest lies in the corner of the room, its lid ajar. A small wall sconce is lit with a candle offering the only source of light.
Obvious exits: west

In the gold chest you see a jade-inlaid ivory locket, a simple silver-etched locket, an engraved rosewood locket, a delicate brushed silver locket, a diamond cut rose gold locket, a ruby heart-shaped locket, a jeweled golden locket and an ivory heart-shaped locket. (20k)

[Brilyan's Jewels, Lounge]
Shadowy light from rusty wrought iron wall sconces reflect off the corroded steel supports of this shop, revealing some old rusted pipes. Smoke from the sconces fingers its way to the blackened ceiling and a worn wine-stained rug covers most of the deck. A few dusty bins are turned upsidedown, centered around a black iron table. You also see a lopsided display with some stuff on it and a cracked glass case.
Obvious exits: east

On the lopsided display you see a jeweled silver link bracelet (12k), a coral link bracelet (7k) and a silver clasped ruby bracelet (9k).

In the glass case you see a pair of emerald leaf earrings, a pair of diamond star earrings, a pair of jeweled key earrings, a pair of ivory rose earrings, a pair of coral shell earrings and a pair of ruby heart earrings. (12k)

[Brilyan's Jewels, Bands & More]
A cracked mirror reflects the light from the single torch in this room, casting odd shadows on a cabinet set crookedly in the corner. Covered with dust, the door of the cabinet sways from the rusty brass hinge, revealing a small drawer. Resting in the far corner of the room is a dented chest just under a table.
Obvious exits: southwest

In the bronze chest you see a ruby-eyed glaes serpent clasp (8.2k), a glyph-etched rose gold clasp (8.2k), a striking crystal cloak clasp (7k), a deathstone inset ora buckle (6k), a rose-shaped sunstone buckle (7.5k) and a silver wolf's head buckle (6.5k).

In the large cabinet you see a twisting ora-veined armband (12.5k), a ruby-eyed diamond serpent armband (18k), an etched silver armband (5k), a rune-etched silver glaes armband (9.5k), an onyx-clasped invar armband (9.5k), a soulstone-set twisted gold wristband (8.3k), a brushed gold onyx clasped wristband (6.5k) and an obsidian inlaid bone wristband (5k).

[Brilyan's Jewels, Rings]
A musty scent and dark lighting give this room a rather cold and eerie feeling. Once your eyes adjust, you see a dented metal table pushed against the far wall, and a cabinet along the back wall. Rusty tin buckets line the floor, filled with an oddly colored liquid, dripping from the pipes poking through the chipped ceiling. You also see an oily metal display case.
Obvious exits: southeast

In the metal display case you see a gem-inlaid mosaic band (15k) and a twisting ora and keyln ring (18k).

On the metal table you see a faceted emerald signet ring (17k), an etched golden signet ring (15.5k), a polished gold signet ring (15k), a square-cut emerald signet ring (18k) and a princess-cut red ruby singet ring (20k).

Ceremonial Armors[]

[Ceremonial Armors, Robe Room]
Scraps of sheared-off cloth, leather cording, metallic trims and other fabric bits litter the floor of this dimly-lit shop. Suspended from the ceiling, several glass-paned lanterns cast broad pools of murky light on the water-damaged, ragged bolts of cloth stacked on the shelves. Bins of various buttons, fasteners and spools of thread are stacked against the walls, occasionally spilling over to the floor. You also see a crude steel table with some stuff on it, a corroded iron sign and an oblong hatch.
Obvious exits: north

Ceremonial Armors
All items are non-enchanted
Items on the steel table are robe armor.

On the steel table you see a silvery silk bliaut, a gold-stitched bliaut, an invar-buttoned robe, a light silk pearl-adorned robe, a ruby-stitched robe and a formal krodera-clasped robe. (20k, robe armor)

[Ceremonial Armors, Leather Room]
A substantial, blocky table dominates this cramped alcove. Carved into the surface of the table is a clearly marked measuring grid, which makes the purpose of the table clear. Hefty shears and leather-working tools are crammed on crude metal pegs mounted behind the table. Assorted bins of random scraps are stacked haphazardly on the floor. You also see a leather covered iron table with some stuff on it, a sturdy iron workbench with some stuff on it, a simple metal shelf with some stuff on it, a deep steel bin and a corroded iron sign.
Obvious exits: north, south

Ceremonial Armors
All items are non-enchanted
Deep steel bin - light leather
Simple metal shelf - reinforced leather
Sturdy iron workbench - full leather
Leather covered table - double leather

In the steel bin you see a sleeveless diamond-clasped jerkin, a soft leather embroidered jerkin, an onyx-studded dark suede jerkin, a velvet-lined veniom stitched jerkin, a laced emerald-studded jerkin and a russet suede vaalin-threaded jerkin. (25k, light leather)

On the metal shelf you see some softened laje-tooled leathers, some cream sunstone-inset leather, some silvery sapphire-dusted leathers, some quilted veniom-laced leathers, some formal diamond-trimmed leathers and some soot black invar-tied leathers. (25k, reinforced leather)

On the iron workbench you see a silvery jade-trimmed gambeson, a velvet rhimar-laced doublet, a deep green alum-laced gambeson, a dragonsbreath sapphire-edged doublet, a puffed-sleeve razern trimmed doublet and a silk-stitched soft leather gambeson. (25k, full leather)

On the covered iron table you see some deep black gold-threaded leathers, some suede invar-edged leathers, some elegant vaalorn-bossed leathers, some supple onyx-trimmed leathers, some golden topaz-adorned leathers and some laje-laced deeply cowled leathers. (27.5k, double leather)

[Ceremonial Armors, Hard Leather]
Bubbling furiously over a red-hot fire in the exact center of this room, a huge cast-iron cauldron emits eye-watering, acrid fumes. A long work surface stands to the side of the cauldron and holds precariously balanced piles of pre-cut hides and leathers, all waiting to be dipped. Stretching from wall to wall in the back of the shop are sturdy drying lines, which hold a variety of stiffening leather armors. You also see a small fire-singed pot, a sagging oversized basket and a corroded iron sign.
Obvious exits: south, east, west

Ceremonial Armors
All items are non-enchanted
Long work surface - cuirbouilli leather
Sturdy drying lines - leather breastplate
Sagging oversized basket - studded leather
Fire-singed pot - brigandine armor

On the long work surface you see some ora-banded golden leather armor, some rough hide onyx-trimmed armor, some hard hide sunstone-inlaid armor, some buckskin faenor-laced armor, some deerskin sapphire-dusted armor and some alum-laced ebony leather armor. (22.5k, cuirbouilli)

On the drying lines you see a deerskin rhimar-traced breastplate, an invar-edged elegant leather breastplate, a razern-laced sturdy leather breastplate, a kelyn-studded stiffened hide breastplate, a vaalin-inlaid rigid leather breastplate and a vaalorn-edged boiled leather breastplate. (20k, leather breastplate)

In the oversized basket you see some weathered rhimar-studded leather, some sapphire studded leather armor, some black kelyn-bossed leather, some golden ruby-studded leather, some embossed razern-studded leather and some opaline pearl-studded leather. (25k, studded leather)

In the fire-singed pot you see some golden kelyn-studded brigandine, some storm grey alum-banded brigandine, some supple razern-traced brigandine, some blackened veniom-inlaid brigandine, some sturdy invar-ringed brigandine and some weathered vaalorn-linked brigandine. (30k, brigandine)

[Ceremonial Armors, Chain Room]
The scent of heated metal permeates the hot, close air of this part of the shop, making it an uncomfortable place to linger. Blackened by years of punishing use, a massive anvil hulks in one corner. Soot stains cover the ceiling and drift in grey-black clouds down the walls. Shoved up against the back wall, a substantial ironwood worktable bears the scars and burns of hard usage. You also see a rusted iron stand with some stuff on it, a square armor rack with some stuff on it and a corroded iron sign.
Obvious exits: west

Ceremonial Armors
All items are non-enchanted
Massive anvil - chain mail
Iron worktable - double chain
Square armor rack - augmented chain
Rusted iron stand - chain hauberk

On the massive anvil you see some icy blue kelyn-etched chainmail, some blackened alum-tooled chainmail, some burnished gornar-incised chainmail, some polished vaalorn-traced chainmail, some silvery onyx-inlaid chainmail and some flame-red faenor-traced chainmail. (45k, chain mail)

On the iron worktable you see an invar-linked polished chain shirt, a vaalin-edged burnished chain shirt, an onyx-linked brushed chain shirt, a darkar-chased sturdy chain shirt, a jade-incised silvery chain shirt and a faenor-bossed battered chain shirt. (40k, double chain)

On the armor rack you see some flexible rhimar-tooled chain, a suit of kelyn-incised chain, some buffed invar-scored chain, some polished drakar-inlaid chain, a suit of gold vaalin-tooled chain and some crimson faenor-dusted chain. (45k, augmented chain)

On the iron stand you see a pure white kelyn-chased hauberk, a weathered vaalin-studded hauberk, some sturdy razern-incised hauberk, some blackened gold-banded hauberk, a darkened silver-etched hauberk and a silk-lined gornar-gilded hauberk. (50k, chain hauberk)

[Ceremonial Armors, Plate Room]
Dank and murky, the walls of this room are composed of dark and corroding metal. Steam whistles in at the upper corners of the room in a constant, high-pitched stream and condenses against the ceiling to slide down the walls in a slow, never-ending path. The walls themselves contain haphazardly hung suits of armor. You also see an iron inlaid display case with some stuff on it, a rolaren traced table with some stuff on it, a gold work slab with some stuff on it and a corroded iron sign.
Obvious exits: east

Ceremonial Armors
All items are non-enchanted
Gold work slab - metal breastplate
Rolaren traced table - augmented breastplate
Inlaid display case - half plate
wall - full plate

On the work slab you see a burnished diamond-studded breastplate, a rhimar-edged white gold breastplate, a blackened kelyn-studded breastplate, a burnished razern-incised breastplate, a ceremonial silver-plated breastplate and an invar-leafed blackened gold breastplate. (50k, metal breastplate)

On the traced table you see some blackened silver-brushed platemail, some weathered razern-studded platemail, some light invar-traced platemail, some darkened jade-edged platemail, some dark rhimar-gilded platemail and some polished veniom-incised platemail. (55k, augmented breastplate)

On the inlaid display case you see some hammered golden half-plate, some alum-inset darkened half-plate, some polished crimson half-plate, some deep blue sapphire-dusted half-plate, some golden rhimar-etched half-plate and some blackened kelyn-edged half-plate. (60k, half plate)

On the wall you see some elegant razern-scored plate, some polished vaalin-edged plate, some dark veniom-etched plate, some gleaming vaalorn-brushed plate, some opaline gold-inset full plate and some filigreed invar-set full plate. (65k, full plate)

Cloud 9[]

[Cloud 9, Lobby]
This moderately spacious lobby provides a respite from the cramped corridors that snake throughout the vessel. The deck has been painted a light blue base interwoven with fields of white, a pattern that could be pleasing to the eye were it not for the semitransparent layer of grime that covers its surface. Noxious rushlights line the walls, emitting equal amounts of sooty smoke and illumination. A sour gnome curtly nods to each patron as they pass through a copper-foiled archway set into the far wall. You also see a rusty hatch.
Obvious exits: none

[Cloud 9, Prepared Foods]
A pungent combination of scents wafts through the area, ranging from exotic spices to roasted meats. Against the far wall stands an iron oven with a large copper platter resting on its surface. Atop the platter can be seen a variety of heated dishes. To the left of the oven rests a greasy metal table that showcases a variety of unheated delicacies.
Obvious exits: north

On the metal table you see a loaf of honey-kissed bread, some dried figs, a hearty cinnamon roll, a juicy fruit cocktail and some dried rolton jerky. (250)

On the copper platter you see a slice of succulent roast, some peppered whitefish, an herbed cockatrice wing, a tiny spicy sausage link and some garlic-rubbed scallops. (300)

[Cloud 9, Expensive Liquors]
This sparsely illuminated niche is devoid of any furnishings beyond a rusty metal shelf that rests against the far well. A variety of exotic liquors are displayed on this shelf, overseen by a salesclerk who appears to be slightly inebriated. None of the customers seem to mind his state, perhaps more concerned with purchasing his wares so they can share it instead.
Obvious exits: south

On the rusty shelf you see a bottle of cognac (7.5k), an ewer of blood red wine (10k), a bottle of golden applejack (7.5k), a bottle of murky absinthe (10k) and a bottle of pear brandy (7.5k).

[Cloud 9, Ale Bar]
A smooth metallic blue bar stands at the end of this alcove, surrounded by a throng of anxious customers. Behind the bar stands a rather haggard gnome who attempts to be fighting a losing battle in his attempt to keep up with his patrons' demands. His face is masked in a perpetual frown, though it appears it is a rather boisterous half-elf leaning against the left end of the bar that draws most of his ire. The strong scents of barley and hops permeate the air.
Obvious exits: south

It reads:

We have a wide assortment of ales available, so wide that I will choose which ale you receive - otherwise you'd be loitering by the bar all day! If you're interested in a draught of ale, just knock on the bar. Oh, and make sure you have 500 silvers handy.

[Cloud 9, Juice Bar]
Clusters of cantankerous gnomes bicker amongst each other, occasionally pausing to direct their ire towards the sampling of other races standing by the bar. The deck leading to a steel bar is stained with sticky patches of various liquid substances, causing one to step carefully lest he find himself standing in one such patch. An elderly gnome stands behind the bar serving the patrons patiently, though he can barely keep up with the demand.
Obvious exits: north

It reads:

I have a wide assortment of juices and cider available, each for the paltry sum of 250 silvers. If you would like a drink just ring the bell on the bar to get my attention - but bring your coins with you as I only deal in silvers!

[Cloud 9, Hard Liquors]
The pungent scent of whiskey lingers in the air around a rusty metal bar standing at the end of this tiny room. Adorning the wall behind the bar is a large rectangular mirror, its surface marred by grimy streaks that form a pattern almost resembling black bolts of lightning. A gangly gnome barkeeper politely caters to the wide variety of patrons that surrounds his bar.
Obvious exits: south

It reads:

Good day, welcome patrons. If you are in need of a strong drink then look no further - for the sum of 500 silvers I can provide you with that which you seek. Since such a wide variety of quality liquors are available, I will choose your drink for you. Worry not about my choices as I aim to please, though if for some odd reason you are unhappy there shall be no refunds. Just knock on the bar to express your interest in a drink.

[Cloud 9, Bakery]
A thin steel counter covered with pastry crumbs and flour stretches across the center of this room, from one wall to the other. Behind the counter lie various tables, their surfaces covered with finished pastries or clumps of dough and other baking ingredients. Rotund bakers hurriedly run from table to table, preparing a wide variety of pastries. One particularly round and sweaty gnome stands by a blackened iron oven, seemingly unconcerned about the thick black smoke that billows from its fiery depths.
Obvious exits: north

Cramped Quarters[]

[Dhu Gillywack, Cramped Quarters]
A scarcity of space in the small enclosure is made more cramped than it already is by a jungle of pipes snaking across its walls. Several larger ones stand from floor to ceiling like pillars. A few furnishings are stuffed into corners and between the tubular obstructions, such as a small rumpled bed and a couple of chairs. From several glass containers held in place on the walls by the lattice of pipes shines a greenish light, the only illumination in the chamber. You also see an old scratched cupboard, a rusty round hatch, a smudged and faded sign, an iron sign and a twisted wire column.
Obvious exits: north

It reads:

Sheths fur sal! (if yu don want a leezard, yu kin by a sheth her.)

It reads:

Leezards fur sal. 1 pur kustomar. Don fed them too much er theys wil di.

The column is a mass of twisted wire, some with long barbs. Arms extend off of it mimicking crooked gestures. A number of sheaths hang from these, swinging slowly as the airship succumbs to wind currents. You see a white fringed sheath, a tanned leather sheath, a thin hip sheath, a vultite-edged dagger sheath, and a dull grey metallic sheath. (NPC sold, scripted)

Creepy Crawlies[]

[Creepy Crawlies, Spawning]
The general outlines of what might once have been a small shop are visible through the cloaking drifts of cobwebs which now cling to every surface. Tightly-wrapped bundles are lashed to the walls, their dessicated contents unidentifiable with age. Even the slightest change in air currents causes the webs to shift and flutter hypnotically. Dangling from the vague grey mass of the ceiling is a half-open cocoon. You also see a service sign and a small hatch.
Obvious exits: northeast, southeast

It reads:

To insure you get the correct toy, please be sure to order by number. "ORDER TENTH SPIDER"

All items are 15k, scripted and weigh 1.

In the broken cocoon you see a striped black mechanical spider, a snowy white mechanical spider, a bright green mechanical spider and a rough brown mechanical spider.

In the half-open cocoon you see a copper banded mechanical spider, a silver-legged mechanical spider, a polished gold mechanical spider, a dull bronze mechanical spider, a violet edged mechanical spider, a glassy amber mechanical spider, a steel grey mechanical spider, a deep blue mechanical spider, a spotted red mechanical spider and a pale yellow mechanical spider.

[Creepy Crawlies, The Flame]
This was most likely a stockroom, judging by the rough metalic shelves and narrow aisles. Most of the room is inaccesible now due to the dusty curtains of spidersilk which fall from the low ceiling beams overhead. A splintered broom sags against a hammock of webbing. You also see a filament hammock.
Obvious exits: southeast, southwest

In the filament hammock you see a velvety black mechanical moth, a pale white mechanical moth, a rusty red mechanical moth, a grey spotted mechanical moth, a silvery blue mechanical moth, a pale golden mechanical moth, a tawny red mechanical moth, a mottled brown mechanical moth, an olive green mechanical moth and a dusky grey mechanical moth.

[Creepy Crawlies, The Escape]
The webs which fill this cramped washroom are in tatters. The floor is stained and gouged, with the remains of a wooden crate piled up like kindling in one corner. A pipe which runs along the ceiling and down one wall has rusted through and now hangs by a single loose bracket. You also see a cobwebbed sink.
Obvious exits: northwest, southwest

In the cobwebbed sink you see a mottled green mechanical grasshopper, a dusty brown mechanical grasshopper, a faded yellow mechanical grasshopper, a brick red mechanical grasshopper, a papery white mechanical grasshopper, a grey spotted mechanical grasshopper, a sandy brown mechanical grasshopper, a brassy gold mechanical grasshopper, a dark umber mechanical grasshopper and a deep orange mechanical grasshopper.

[Creepy Crawlies, Fly Trap]
Swayed in the center like an old mule, a large oak desk rests against the wall. Where the drawers once fit there are now whole spiderweb colonies. A sturdy strand of silk runs from the bent spindle on top of the desk all the way to the doorframe.
Obvious exits: northeast, northwest

On the silken strand you see a dusty black mechanical fly, a dark green mechanical fly, a silver-winged mechanical fly, a coppery brown mechanical fly, a midnight blue mechanical fly, a deep crimson mechanical fly, a blue-black mechanical fly, a greenish gold mechanical fly, a bottle green mechanical fly and a ghostly white mechanical fly.

Dellhia's Mystical Wares[]

[Dellhia's Mystical Wares]
Clingy black fabric covers the walls and drapes most of the visible surfaces in the room, leaving only an occasional glimpse of metal. The recurring noise of footsteps from people traversing the area is muffled by the thick, raven-hued rug. A large gargoyle perched near the ceiling grimly overlooks the room, creating a subtly ominous atmosphere. You also see a cracked mirror with some stuff on it, a display case, a black shelf with some stuff on it and a rust-covered hatch.
Obvious exits: north

On the cracked mirror you see an amber-preserved arachnid (2.5k, weighs 1), a brass-edged pentacle amulet (7k, crystal amulet, weighs 1), a silver-worked leather amulet pouch (12k, beltworn, holds small) and a salt-filled jar (1k).

In the display case you see a pewter rune pendant, a black enamel winged heart pendant, a mithril and onyx wraith bracelet, a ossuary linked chain bracelet, a miniature gargoyle figurine, a deep red garnet gargoyle brooch, a griffin talon pendant and a moon-clasped black velvet choker. (3k)

On the black shelf you see an unpolished malachite stone (weighs 1), a moss agate disc (weighs 1), a chunk of vibrant rose quartz (weighs 1), a large amethyst cluster, a polished lapis lazuli egg and an ebon obsidian egg. (2k, blank imbeddibles)

[Dellhia's Wares, Backroom]
Candles of various sizes have been lit in each corner of this room, their flickering flames casting odd shadows about the metal walls. A round table covered in wrinkled white linen is the only piece of furniture here.
Obvious exits: south

On the linen-covered table you see a hammered silver bell, a tarnished old bell, an engraved brass bell, a simple copper bell, a white ora-hilted knife, some dark mauve heather incense, some yellowish marigold incense, some violet elderberry incense, a delicate vaalin chain wristlet, a verdigris jar, an opal-topped jar, an opalescent glass bottle, a vaalin filigree bottle, a stained glaes jar, a scratched dark-colored bottle and a tarnished old bell. (bells 15k, not worn, scripted; incense 5k, scripted; all others 10k; bottles beltworn, holds liquids)

Djarr's Put'em Ins[]

[Djarr's Put'em Ins]
Oversized, sooty oil lamps illuminate this dingy shop from shelves jutting out from the walls. Three tiny stools, haphazardly crafted from shards of mithril, have been placed in a semi-circle around a soot-covered, rusty kettle stove. In a heap beside one of the stools is a half-finished leather satchel. You also see a rusted iron table with some stuff on it, a dirty shelf with some stuff on it and a gauge-covered hatch.
Obvious exits: northeast, northwest

On the rusted iron table you see a woven silk sundial-latched satchel, a silver-edged ivory gossamer satchel, a ruby-clasped soft leather satchel, a weathered drawstring satchel, an egg clasped spidersilk satchel, an opal-pinned veniom-threaded satchel and a gold buckled black suede hip satchel (50k, shoulderworn, weigh 5, scripted open and close)

On the dirty shelf you see a gold-piped sage green silk satchel, a rune-tooled black leather satchel, a silver-tooled white suede satchel, an opal-pinned lilac velvet satchel, a coral-clasped cerulean silk satchel and a jade-clasped ivy patterned satchel. (50k, shoulderworn, holds around 50, weighs 5, scripted: open, close)

[Djarr's Put'em Ins]
A large wrought iron worktable takes up one of the metal walls of this corner of the shop. Various spools of thread litter the tabletop along with scraps of various fabrics and leathers. An enormous oil lamp rests in one corner, nearly illuminating the entire room. Along one wall a row of brightly painted pegs hang an assortment of backpacks while another row of hooks displays the matching pouches.
Obvious exits: southwest

On the painted pegs you see a linen ivy-patterned backpack, a clasped slate grey backpack, an aquamarine pearl-clipped backpack, an opal-pinned veniom-threaded backpack, a brass buckled brushed leather backpack, an onyx-clasped white leather backpack, a brass snapped black leather backpack, a gold-tooled spidersilk backpack, a jade-clasped ivory silk backpack, a twig-clasped soft brown backpack (backworn) and a shell-clasped blue silk backpack. (50k, backworn, holds 100, weighs 8)

On the hooks you see a shell-clasped blue silk pouch, a twig-clasped soft brown pouch, a drawstring midnight black pouch, a linen ivy-patterned pouch, a simple slate grey pouch, an aquamarine pearl-clipped pouch, an opal-pinned veniom-threaded pouch, a brass buckled brushed leather pouch, an onyx-clasped white leather pouch, a brass snapped black leather pouch, a gold-tooled spidersilk pouch and a jade-clasped ivory silk pouch. (20k, scripted)

[Djarr's Put'em Ins]
It looks as if a tornado has recently been through this corner of the shop. Bolts of cloth lie strewn across the metal deck and hung crookedly on pegs and hooks. Atop a desk smaller than the one in the adjacent room are detailed designs for different backpacks. Carved into the desktop next to the designs is the name "Aruuma." On a wrought iron rack many different styles of pouches are hung while on a shelf of the same material are cases.
Obvious exits: southeast

On the wrought iron rack you see an ora-clipped leather ankle pouch, a dial-latched velvet belt pouch, a delicately clasped leather pouch, a worn leather invar clipped pouch, a silk-cinched dusky grey pouch, an acorn-sewn small leather pouch, a ruby clasped oversized neck pouch, a kelyn-clipped silk neck pouch, an opal-clasped gossamer wrist pouch, a silver-tooled gossamer wrist pouch and a buckled slim suede ankle pouch. (35k, closes, scripted)

On the wrought iron shelf you see an ink-spotted white leather case, a brushed gold topaz-clasped case, a ruby-clasped instrument case, a rune-etched small silver case, an intricately etched lockpick case, a tiny latched silver cigar case, an opal-clasped tooled leather case, a silver-chased glaes lockpick case (ankleworn, holds 3), a gold-chased glaes lockpick case, a rugged iron buckled case, a rich purple carrying case (ankleworn) and a twig-latched verdant green case (ankleworn). (8k, weigh 3, closes, scripted)

Dleria's Doodles[]

[Dleria's Doodles]
Rolls of parchment lie strewn across the shelves and cabinets of this pentagon-shaped room. Dirty charcoal fingerprints mar the once-varnished desktop set in the middle of the room. Light filters through the ceiling to barely illuminate the area. You also see a round hatch and a desk with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: east

On the desk you see a rough kobold contour drawing, a dark wolf print, a pretty butterfly print, a half-finished gremlin sketch, a blossoming rose sketch, a stylized drake sketch, a penciled glade sketch, a pair of embracing bears sketch, a colorful waterfall drawing, an enormous giantman drawing and a fluid sprite sketch. (1k, all have shows)

Dungie's Workshop[]

[Dungie's Workshop]
The sounds of clanking, pounding, and hammering of metal bounce off the walls of the tiny shop. Groups of gnomes clad in filthy garb hover over tiny fires working diligently on their toys. An occasional screech is heard followed by a flying scrap of metal. In the corner of the room lies a pile of deformed and marred metal pieces.
Obvious exits: west, northeast, northwest, up, out

[Dungie's Tavern]
Three-legged slanting tables, toppled and broken chairs, and a few wooden benches litter the small cramped space. A circular bar rests against the back wall, surrounded by a few patched chairs. Behind the counter, locked behind a vultite mesh cage, are bottles of liquor, each marked with a big "X" in different colors. In the far corner a drunken gnome talks to the wall. You also see an open wooden cabinet.
Obvious exits: south

In the wooden cabinet you see a tall glass of heavily spiced rum, a chilled glass of dark ale, some apple brandy liqueur and some thick foamy black ale. (20)

[Dungie's Parrots]
Twisted and deformed wrought iron birdcages filled with cackling parrots cover most of the floor space. Thin, barely visible wires run across the ceiling, where more mechanical parrots seem to be flying as they slowly slide back and forth. Boiling pots of various scents create puffy billows of white smoke that rise in columns to the ceiling, creating a heavy fog. You also see a wrought iron bird cage.
Obvious exits: north, east, northwest, southwest

In the iron bird cage you see a brushed brass toy parrot, a polished platinum toy parrot, a sterling silver toy parrot, a solid gold toy parrot, a veniom-winged painted toy parrot, a black-painted ora toy parrot, a bejeweled mithril toy parrot, a colorful glaes toy parrot, a red and blue vultite toy parrot and a rusted iron toy parrot. (100k, scripted)

[Dungie's Jewels]
A tarnished gold chest overflowing with exotic jewels rests teasingly on a pedestal that rests atop a small platform. A short set of very steep stairs lined with a torn and stained red carpet and a rusted railing leads up to the platform. Scattered around the room are more pedestals that stand tall and out of reach, displaying prized treasures. You also see a glass case.
Obvious exits: west

In the glass case you see a black velvet diamond-drop choker, a two-stranded pink pearl choker, a sea pearl choker, a black pearl choker, a braided silver choker, a gold braided choker, a two-stranded emerald choker, a diamond and ruby teardrop choker, a zircon stud, a starstone stud, a blue sapphire stud, a bear-shaped silver stud, a gold-trimmed opal stud, a round silver stud, a black pearl stud, a rose-cut ruby stud, an emerald stud and a star-shaped diamond stud. (25k)

[Dungie's Mice]
Atop the ceiling is a massive metal maze. Every few minutes four mechanical mice come out of the box at the start of the maze and work their way to the center. Having reached the center they drop off the ceiling into a large metal trash can. Two gnomes huddled in the corner appear to be feeding something through a pipe that leads to the ceiling. You also see a steel tray with some stuff on it and a metal trashcan.
Obvious exits: southeast, southwest

On the steel tray you see a nutty chocolate mouse, a cream-filled chocolate mouse and a chocolate mouse. (free)

In the metal trashcan you see a purple mithril toy mouse, a rusted iron toy mouse, a pink mithril toy mouse, a yellow vultite toy mouse, a solid gold toy mouse, a copper-plated toy mouse, a sterling silver toy mouse, a hand painted toy mouse, a black vaalin toy mouse and a frosty blue rhimar toy mouse. (50k, scripted)

[Dungie's Scrap]
Heaping piles of metal pieces climb upwards toward the ceiling. A couple of working gnomes rush in and out with wheelbarrows full of new scrap that they carefully pile on top of the other piles. Near the back of this warehouse-like room, more gnomes work at pulling out the scrap that is still saleable and placing it in barrels. You also see a bright blue barrel and a bright yellow barrel.
Obvious exits: south, northeast, southeast

In the blue barrel you see a steel crossbow pin, a bent platinum pipe pin and a warped gear pin. (5k)

In the yellow barrel you see a broken metal pipe, a stretched-out iron spring, a small shard of vultite, a lopsided iron wheel, a broken iron cylinder and a twisted nail. (1k)

[Dungie's Gauntlets]
Busy gnomes rush in and out of this crowded little storeroom, trying to keep up with the demand for items. The dim lighting doesn't hide much as there isn't really much to see. Broken barrels, wheelbarrows, and containers sit piled upon each other in the corner. You also see a painted sign and a steel bathtub on wheels.
Obvious exits: north, east

It reads:

All items are pocketed.

In the steel bathtub you see some dark glaes chain mail gauntlets, some rusted chain mail gauntlets, some warped chain mail gauntlets, some chain mail veniom-threaded gauntlets, some silver veniom mesh gauntlets, a pair of serpent-shaped bracers (also recorded: a pair of serpent shaped bracers), some embossed black mithril bracers, a pair of glaes vaalin-trimmed bracers, a pair of silver-tooled bracers and some rusted and scratched iron bracers. (25k, pocketed)


[Dunh's Entryway]
Rusted iron rods suspended from the ceiling are hung with old moth-eaten curtains in an attempt to cover the bare metal walls of this small room. A small woodburning stove sits in one corner, its feet shaped like a great cat's paws. Flanking the stove is an elegant yet sooty oak sideboard. You also see a large hatch leading out of the shop.
Obvious exits: northeast, southeast

On the elegant oak sideboard you see a rich chocolate brownie, a cup of hot chocolate and a glass of bourbon. (free)

[Dunh's Glitterings]
Odds and ends litter the floor and the few tables along the walls, the remnants of two broken chairs heaped beneath one of them. An old, warped cupboard is attached to a nearby wall, its paint flecked and peeling. You also see a small placard.
Obvious exits: southeast, southwest

It reads:

Great treasures! These shiny things are able to hold magic.

On the cupboard you see a gaudy pink ring, a shiny glass bubble, a sparkling green crystal, some large gold hoop earrings, a tarnished silver ring and a glass-bead necklace. (5k, imbeddible)

[Dunh's Storage]
Blue-tinted lanterns hanging from long chains bathe the area in a pale blue light. Stacks of large wooden crates arranged against the walls dominate most of the room. An open metal crate sits next to a door opening into a small room.
Obvious exits: northwest

In the metal crate you see a forest green vultite shield (40k), a spiked ora kite shield (30k), a battered ora helm (10k), a plumed vultite warhelm (7.5k), a horned skull helm (7.5k), a tarnished ora breastplate (200k) and some rusted rolaren chain mail (390k4x, chain mail).

[Dunh's Glittering Weapons]
Dusty weapon stands and racks are scattered throughout the room. Tools and stray pieces of unfinished wood litter the floor. Centered along one wall and flanked by two lanterns is a well-kept display case. You also see a large sign.
Obvious exits: northwest

In the display case you see a zorchar-edged rolaren scimitar (137.5k), a zorchar-edged vultite mattock (150k, 4x, THW, lightning flares), an eagle-hilted ora bastard sword (50k), a silver vultite war hammer (150k, ice flares), a ruby-hilted imflass scimitar (44k) and a gold-flecked imflass ball & chain (120k, fire flares).

Elsidda's Hideaway[]

[Elsidda's Hideaway]
Dark plank walls and an uneven floor combine to make this small room uninviting. On the far side, a door-shaped hole in the wall is framed by lumber fitted together to make an entryway. You also see a rickety table with some stuff on it and a damp oily hatch.
Obvious exits: none

On the rickety table you see a half-eaten cookie, a squashed bug and a mug of cold tea. (20)

[Elsidda's Fine Socks]
A hanging odor in this room suggests that the wares here are not all brand new. The grey metal deck is covered with open baskets and boxes filled with what look like rolled up lumps of wool and other, less discernible, materials. You also see a cracked wooden crate with some stuff on it, a small rectangular box with some stuff on it and a door-shaped hole.
Obvious exits: east

On the wooden crate you see some nubbly homespun leggings, some peculiar furry leggings, some run-down thick brown leggings, some shabby thick green leggings, some holey blue wool leggings, some thick green wool leggings, some foul dark yellow leggings, some dirty pea-green leggings, some filthy thick grey leggings and a pair of moth-eaten leggings. (5k)

On the rectangular box you see some filthy thick grey socks, some nubbly homespun socks, some peculiar furry socks, some run-down thick brown socks, some shabby thick green socks, some holey blue wool socks, some thick green wool socks, some foul dark yellow socks and some dirty pea-green socks. (3.5k)

[Elsidda's Elegant Fashions]
The walls are lined with shelves and hooks and the floor is covered with crates and bins. A tiny path winds through the clutter from an open doorway to a curtained arch. Moths periodically flutter up from one box on the floor and settle down into another. You also see a slatted crate with some stuff on it and a small table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: west

On the slatted crate you see a lacy dirty-white gown, a wrinkled faded green skirt, a long seedy-looking skirt, a frayed black silk vest and some faded black silk trousers. (10k)

On the small table you see a fringed mulberry scarf, an unraveled dirty-white shawl and a twisted black silk bowtie. (10k)

On the dirty shelf you see a shabby dirty-white shirt, a faded green lace-up bodice, an ill-used faded brown blouse and a befouled gray linen shirt. (10k)

On the metal hooks you see some baggy short pants, some flea-bitten breeks, some nubbly homespun trousers, a streaked homespun apron, a scratched leather apron and a grimy apron. (10k)

[Elsidda's Artistic Receptacles]
One long table sits in the center of the metal deck, piled high with sacks and satchels. Boxes, crates, and bins litter the room and make walking difficult. A rustling sound rises from one pile of dilapidated boxes, but the shadows cast by the clutter obscure its source. You also see a curtained arch and a long shelf with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: none

On the long shelf you see a stained drawstring backpack, a scratched brown leather backpack, a threadbare thin blue backpack, a scuffed ivory leather backpack, a ripped black leather backpack and a shabby red leather backpack. (55k, weigh 8, closable, holds 70+)

Emporium Vestibule[]

[Emporium Vestibule]
The walls here are covered with hammered sheets of metal patched together in an intricate pattern. The muffled hiss of steam and the encroaching rust in the seams are testament to the collection of pipes and cables running behind them. A wheeled serving tray with a complex array of drawers, knobs and levers for pulling out various surfaces, stands next to a small table and a studded steel chute. You also see a large painted hatch and an uneven iron-banded staircase.
Obvious exits: east, up, down

On the small table you see a wrinkled stained handkerchief, a damp thrak hide cloth, a moldy and musty cloth, a smelly rolton hide rag and a grimy rag. (500, scripted)

[Jejan's Footwear]
Several rounded rectangular frames pierce the metal covering of the walls in this room. Behind misted glass, pictures of boots and slippers can been seen. From time to time, a half-bald gnome lazily turns a wheel mounted on the wall and the pictures slowly roll forward to reveal new ones. The overall effect is one of great variety. A large square counter in the center of the room displays pairs of boots, slippers and a couple of odd-looking boxes.
Obvious exits: east, west

On the large square counter you see some soft leather shoes and some soft leather boots. (50k, footworn, no pockets, weighs 5, scripted: changes description)

[Jejan's Bowties]
The metal covered walls continue into this room but stop halfway, as if energy for the original idea just died out. Pipes and cables bristle from the uncovered areas. Rust specked silver mirrors stand at intervals on a metal counter, arranged for the convenience of prospective buyers. A scarlet bowtie cut into two pieces lies unceremoniously on the floor. A metal rack with many dangling hooks displays an assortment of bowties.
Obvious exits: west

On the metal rack you see a silver-edged black satin bowtie, a gold-trimmed ivory silk bowtie, a green-edged gold silk bowtie, a blue-trimmed gold silk bowtie, a purple-edged ivory silk bowtie, a red-trimmed green silk bowtie, a embroidered black silk bowtie, a frilly pink bowtie, a ragged brown wool bowtie, a tattered white linen bowtie and a smoke-stained white silk bowtie. (2.5k)

[Voikoth's Dispensary]
The walls here are lined with stacks of slim metal drawers. The patchwork metalwork continues in this room on the upper half of the walls. Next to the door, a round-faced gnome listens to a shopper's request for a moment and then unerringly tugs on one of the many levers that bristle from a metal stand. A dented metal drawer halfway down the wall slides open to display a neat row of vials.
Obvious exits: up, down

In the dented metal drawer you see a black powder-filled vial (25k), a blue powder-filled vial (15k), a murky brown powder-filled vial (25k) and a flaxen powder-filled vial (15k). (holds 4 doses of powder for brooches in case)

[Voikoth's Dispensary]
It is darker in here than in Voikoth's front room. Stacks of mangled metal drawers lean erratically against each other and dust has settled over everything. You also see a tarnished silver display case.
Obvious exits: down

In the silver display case you see a round-faced gnome head brooch, a grimy rusted metal brooch, a rusted helix gear brooch, a square-faced gnome head brooch, a greasy iron-shod brooch and a braided silver and ora brooch. (25k)

[Galley Cubbyhole]
This dark little room is low ceilinged, cramped and suffused with a faint sweet odor. There is cold air seeping up from below, indicating that you must be close to the bottom of the dirigible. A square metal box sits open and empty next to a large canvas sack on the plank floor. A careful arrangement of Y-shaped hooks is mounted on one wall underneath a precisely lettered note. You also see a large canvas sack and a stained canvas curtain.
Obvious exits: none

In the large canvas sack you see a metallic red tomato, a metallic shiny red apple, a metallic juicy-looking orange, a metallic fuzzy peach, a metallic bright purple plum, a metallic large strawberry, a metallic yellow and red pear, a metallic green tomato, a metallic black-skin avocado, a metallic orange tangerine, a metallic ruby red grapefruit and a metallic green-striped watermelon. (1k, scripts: tap, throw)

Enigma Shop[]

[Enigma Shop, Cubic Room]
This room is shaped like a near perfect cube. The walls are lined with shelves upon shelves of various knick-knacks. Scattered along the floor are sealed and packed boxes, crates, trunks and bins. In the center of the room, a large pillar stretches from floor to ceiling. Rusty metal shelves adorn the pillar with steel racks and glaes cases set nearby. One shelf bears a large sign. You also see a red hatch, an important notice, a steel rack with some stuff on it and a glaes case.
Obvious exits: southeast, southwest

It reads:

Within these gadgets, you will find -
A lil' magic, some peace of mind -
If you choose, and choose you wisely -
Special powers will come divinely.

It reads:

With each shape comes a surprise,
Some different majiks as one might surmise,
The secret is a special key,
Just don't try to ask me.

All pieces are 40k, scripted, have a puzzle to solve and hold magic.

On the steel rack you see a pearl and coral puzzle cube, a sunstone and gold puzzle cube and a starstone and opal puzzle cube.

On the modwir shelf you see a moonstone and ivory puzzle cube, a silver and gold puzzle cube, a topaz and pearl puzzle cube and an onyx and sapphire puzzle cube.

In the glaes case you see a ruby and emerald puzzle cube, an opal and silver puzzle cube and a peridot and citrine puzzle cube.

[Enigma Shop, Spherical Room]
Spiraling up along the walls of this room, tiny warped metal spheres are imbedded within the walls. The room is perfectly sphere-shaped save for the round floor, which dips downwards. Crates and bins contain a few odd-looking parts. You also see a glass display case and a dented metal bin.
Obvious exits: northwest, southwest

In the display case you see a ruby and gold puzzle sphere, an amethyst and emerald puzzle sphere, a firestone and diamond puzzle sphere, a copper and pearl puzzle sphere and a crystal and coral puzzle sphere.

In the metal bin you see a pearl and jade puzzle sphere, a jasper and onyx puzzle sphere, a crystal and ruby puzzle sphere, a garnet and ivory puzzle sphere and a moonstone and peridot puzzle sphere.

[Enigma Shop, Cylindrical Room]
Torches line the outside of this room casting flickering shadows along the rounded walls. The flattened deck and ceiling are tiled with odd shapes and patterns, colored with drab gemstone hues. You also see an iron-rimmed maoral bucket and a pitted steel chest.
Obvious exits: west, northeast

In the maoral bucket you see a jade and amethyst puzzle cylinder, a coral and crystal puzzle cylinder, a ruby and copper puzzle cylinder, a pearl and coral puzzle cylinder and a diamond and emerald puzzle cylinder.

In the steel chest you see a gold and silver puzzle cylinder, an emerald and jasper puzzle cylinder, a peridot and copper puzzle cylinder, an onyx and ivory puzzle cylinder and a diamond and ruby puzzle cylinder.

[Enigma Shop, Conical Room]
The floor of this room is in the shape of a circle. The walls of this room are angled upwards joining at the ceiling. The shelves of this room spiral upwards along the wall stopping short of the ceiling. You also see a large corroded steel cart with some stuff on it and a small mithril box.
Obvious exits: east, northwest

On the corroded steel cart you see a crystal and peridot puzzle cone, a silver and opal puzzle cone, a diamond and garnet puzzle cone, a ruby and pearl puzzle cone and a firestone and onyx puzzle cone.

In the mithril box you see a pearl and sapphire puzzle cone, a ruby and gold puzzle cone, an emerald and topaz puzzle cone, a silver and gold puzzle cone and a jasper and jade puzzle cone.

[Enigma Shop, Pyramidal Room]
Sloping inward from the square floor, the walls of this room form a point at the ceiling. More boxes are scattered about the floor of this room. Carts and bins contain a large variety of cogs, gears and other indecipherable items. You also see a rusted metal trunk and a corroded steel chest.
Obvious exits: northeast, southeast

In the metal trunk you see a ruby and onyx puzzle pyramid, a lapis and jade puzzle pyramid, a silver and crystal puzzle pyramid, a diamond and coral puzzle pyramid and a firestone and bronze puzzle pyramid.

In the steel chest you see a peridot and opal puzzle pyramid, a moonstone and pearl puzzle pyramid, a gold and emerald puzzle pyramid, a garnet and ruby puzzle pyramid and a copper and amethyst puzzle pyramid.

Eza's Trinkets[]

[Eza's Trinkets, Entryway]
The walls of this entryway are lined with a large assortment of oddly shaped candleholders. Comical illuminations of flickering light reflect off the oil-streaked walls. You also see a rusted cloak rack with some stuff on it, a row of metal hat hooks with some stuff on it and a circular hatch.
Obvious exits: west

On the cloak rack you see a hooded ermine-lined cloak, a burnished cobra skin cloak, a tattered salt-stained cassock, a ribboned infantry cassock, a deeply hooded baladrana, a wooly mammoth fur cloak, a black satin cassock and a grey wool cassock. (cassocks 15k, all others 20k)

On the metal hat hooks you see an ermine-lined leather hood, a cobra skin hood (3k), a wooly mammoth fur hood, a weathered salt-stained cap, a black satin snood and a grey wool cap. (10k unless noted)

[Eza's Aprons, Passageway]
This long passageway is filled with an oily scent from the odd-looking machine operating in the corner. Bundles of drying pelts hang overhead, occasionally brushing the head of a tall patron. Soot covered lamps hung from rusted hooks cast a hazy light on the merchandise. You also see a dark wooden table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: east, west

On the wooden table you see a reinforced leather forging apron (pinworn, holds small, weighs 3), a soot-stained blacksmith's apron, an oil-stained apron, a smudged baker's apron, a forest green foraging apron, a soft doeskin apron, a cotton floral-print apron, a sturdy copper-buckled apron, a patchwork homespun apron, a wine-stained apron and a dark leather apron. (15k)

[Eza's Supplies]
The thick, oily air in this room makes it difficult to breathe. Beads of moisture drip from the wood-slatted ceiling, forming small oily pools on the floor. A small metal stairway leads to a tiny overhead alcove. An elderly gnome woman sits in the corner keeping an eye on browsing patrons. You also see a banded wooden barrel and a large metal shelf with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: east, west, up

In the wooden barrel you see a rusted length of pipe (5k, weigh less than 2), a tarnished counterfeit coin (5k), a shabby rag doll (10k), a stuffed calico toy cat (2k), a velnalin hoof tobacco box (15k), a paint-stained smock (15k), a steel measuring stick (8k, weigh less than 2), a broken slate drawing board (8k), a tuning fork (8k), a steel thimble (8k), a pin cushion (8k), a coil of wire (5k), a ball of string (5k), some fuzzy socks (2k, weigh less than 2) and an oily rag (5k).

On the metal shelf you see a tooled leather lockpick-case, a pocketed tool pouch, a scuffed leather tool-belt, a thrakskin totem bag, a drawstring coin purse, an invar studded leather tool-belt, a canvas tool pouch, a patchwork coin pouch, an oilskin tool pouch and an oiled leather ditty bag. (10k)

[Eza's Pantry]
A flour-dusted gnome attempts to polish a tarnished display case filled with fragrant gnomish delicacies. The mouth-watering aroma of soups, sandwiches and an enticing assortment of sweets draws a large crowd of hungry patrons.
Obvious exits: east, west

In the tarnished case you see a lump of dark chocolate, a small chocolate hammer, a sugar candy gnome's tooth, some pickled fenvaok eggs, a juicy red apple, a small chocolate gnome, a large orange, a thick pickle sandwich, a bowl of goblin stew, a cinnamon apple cookie, a slice of hot mincemeat pie, some spider-leg soup, a gooey carmel apple and some crispy fried frog-legs. (100)

[Eza's Cartography]
Warm oily air streams in from an overhead flue, rippling a large map on the far wall. The tattered and soiled parchment is littered with small silver spikes which mark off specific locations. A jar of arrow-tipped needles is surrounded by an assortment of springs, dials and metal compass cases scattered on a wooden tabletop. You also see a slatted wooden door.
Obvious exits: east.

On the wooden table you see a rose embossed vaalin compass, an ivory-faced ora compass, a polished silver compass case, a velvet compass pouch, a engraved gold compass case, a tarnished silver compass case, a sleek black compass case, an ivory inlaid compass case, an onyx and jade compass case, a dark leather compass case, a copper-rivit compass case, a midnight blue compass case, a doeskin compass case, an ice blue laje compass, a tarnished silver compass, a green tinged copper compass, an antique engraved silver compass, an engraved veniom banded compass, a leatherbound kelyn compass, a coin-sized silver compass and an engraved eonake compass. (compasses 25k, scripted; cases 8k, beltworn, holds 1 small item, weighs 3, closes)

[Eza's Trinkets, Nook]
A row of rusty iron pipes lines the walls of this small nook. Vibrations from the pipes fill the area with a low-pitched hum that is almost soothing. A large assortment of jewelry fills a soot covered display case.
Obvious exits: down

In the display case you see an invar hammer earring (5k), a green tinged copper earring (5k), a tarnished serpentine waistchain (20k, waistworn, weighs less than 2), a sturdy vaalin waistchain (20k), a thick tarnished chain (8k), a tarnished gnome charm (8k), a braided copper-veniom bracelet (10k), a mangled invar-link bracelet (10k), a silver goblin charm (5k), an engraved eonake locket (20k), a tarnished copper locket (20k), an antique silver locket (20k), an onyx locket (20k) and a jade locket (20k).

The Flying Egg[]

[The Flying Egg]
The deeply padded floor of this strange ovoid room has not prevented too many accidents, judging by the sticky patches here and there. Crushed eggshells painted in pastel shades are arranged in abstract mosaics on the walls. A prominent shelf displays a gleaming brass trophy with a small placard. You also see a straw nest, a round hatch and an egg carton. Obvious exits: none

Trophy: Shaped like a large egg precariously balanced on one fingertip, this trophy commemorates the winner of the Elanthian Egg Toss.

Items are 5k and scripted: throw

In the straw nest you see a lumpy malformed egg, a large oblong egg, a smudged grey egg, a speckled pink egg, a splotchy red-brown egg, a misshapen white egg, a stenciled cockatrice egg, a spotted yellow egg, a pale green egg and an ivory goose egg.

In the egg carton you see a multicolored egg, a large duck egg, a tiny speckled egg, a light brown egg, a small blue and green egg, a bright turquoise egg, an intricately decorated egg, a small white duck egg and a small blue egg.

Frumpleguts' Workroom[]

[Frumpleguts' Workroom]
The walls are adorned with thread, material and patterns that any tailor would feel at home with. A large table stands in the back corner of the room, bearing some partially finished items. A few assistants wander throughout the shop restocking thread and materials. Metal shelves containing some finished products adorn the walls near the entrance, and steel racks and glass cases are aligned in a maze-like pattern. You also see a small sign, a long metal shelf with some stuff on it and a rusty hatch.
Obvious exits: northeast, northwest

All the items in this shop,
Have a secret place in mind,
If you seek very hard,
A big surprise you may find.

Items have a secret compartment, hold 1 small item, close

On the long metal shelf you see some golden rat skin boots, some ora-edged black doeskin boots, some green silver-tipped boots, some black cobra skin boots and some stylish vruul skin boots. (25k, footworn)

On the steel rack you see some fur-lined brown leather boots, some ivory gold buckled boots, some thigh-high silver laced boots and some weathered soft doeskin boots. (25k, footworn)

In the glass case you see some fringed tan leather boots and some wolf-hide silver-tipped boots. (25k, footworn)

[Frumpleguts' Storage Room]
This unorganized storage room contains crates, bins and boxes of completed stock that have not yet been set out. A small mouse perches on one of the crates, nibbling on what appears to be the side of a boot. A mithril chest and fel trunk are set out in the middle of the room, full of stock waiting to be brought out.
Obvious exits: southeast

In the mithril chest you see a pair of oily snake skin gloves, a pair of ivory gold-buttoned gloves, some lace-edged spidersilk gloves, some white and black leather gloves, some camouflage cobra skin gloves and some wool-lined green leather gloves. (20k, pinworn, weighs 4)

In the fel trunk you see some tooth fringed leather gloves, some silver and black leather gloves, some ruby-inset black leather gloves, some weathered leather gloves, some wrist-tied ivory gloves and some frayed black leather gloves. (20k, pinworn, weighs 4)

[Frumpleguts' Private Chambers]
A small bed and a maoral dresser are the only clues that these might be private chambers. Piles of unfinished and faulty items are scattered about the floor, some with thread and needle carelessly left in them. A brown spidersilk curtain is hung from the wall adjacent to the bed, over the entry to what appears to be a small closet. A stack of clothing is piled next to the dresser, helping to holding it up.
Obvious exits: southwest

In the junk pile you see some camouflage riding trousers, some gold-edged black leather pants, some baggy canvas trousers, some fitted oilskin pants, a silver skull buckled leather belt, an amber-inlaid lizard skin belt, a golden falcon buckled silk belt, a silver buckled leather belt, a delicate silver belt, an ivory buckled leather belt and a silver ruby-studded belt. (pants and trousers 50k; belts 20k, waistworn, weigh 2)

In the stack you see a braided leather belt, a chain-linked mithril belt, a silver-edged braided leather belt, a furry white belt, a leaf-green cinched belt, a knotted gold rope belt and a dagger clasped leather belt. (20k, waistworn, weighs 2)

[Frumpleguts' Closet]
The room seems deeper than most closets, with room for a bench and worktable set in the back. Neatly stacked next to the table are some exquisite patterns for the various clothing items sold within the shop.
Obvious exits: none

On the worktable you see a honey-colored supple kidskin vest, a buff-colored tooled doeskin vest (also recorded: a buff-colored doeskin vest), a royal blue chambray vest, an elaborate celadon vest, a cranberry silver-buttoned vest, a glyph-trimmed spidersilk vest (holds 35, scripted: pull, push), a fitted claret velvet vest and an embroidered velvet vest. (35k, pinworn, weighs 2)

On the bench you see an alum-trimmed fitted vest, a laje-buttoned black vest, a particolored linen vest, a tapestry lined leather vest, a black worm skin vest, an embroidered green silk vest, a flower-gilded white silk vest and an ivory-lined grey leather vest. (35k, pinworn, weighs 2)

G & E's Armory[]

[G & E's Armory]
Armor and shields are displayed haphazardly along the walls of this large steamy room. A metal sign reading "Gerome and Emoreg's Armory" swings from the ceiling. A large iron table strewn with items for sale is bolted to the floor. Greasy pipes crisscross the walls in a seemingly random pattern. You also see an iron hatch.
Obvious exits: northeast, northwest

On the metal table you see some thick ora plated gauntlets (16k), some heavy vultite spiked gauntlets (16k, weigh 7), some dark rolaren studded brigandine (275k), some rolaren banded leather armor (160k, cuirbouilli leather), a mithril-edged hard leather breastplate (250k), some imflass studded double leather (210k), some ora studded full leather (130k), some vultite banded leather armor (180k), some invar studded leather armor (125k) and some vaalorn buckled light leather (205k).

[G & E's Armory]
Poorly filled iron sconces sputter and spit, sending out a low dim light throughout the room. Centered against the back wall is a large mithril table covered with assorted armory goods. Metal holes in the wall vent steam throughout the room every so often, creating a thick mist. You also see a black curtained opening.
Obvious exits: southeast

On the mithril table you see some black alloy chain mail (85k), some triple linked rolaren chain (195k), some glaes banded chain armor (95k), some vultite banded chain hauberk (220k), an invar banded imflass breastplate (95k), an ora-plated augmented breastplate (205k), some heavy ora studded full plate (310k), some veniom studded battle robes (110k, +18, robe armor), some thickened rolaren leg greaves (35k, weigh 6, 25/200), some thickened rolaren arm greaves (35k), some imflass spiked ora leg greaves (40k), some imflass spiked ora arm greaves (40k) and some rolaren reinforced half plate (240k).

[G & E's Armory]
A grumpy apprentice gnome works on the floor here, sweeping up bits of leather and metal under a large box in the corner. Iron sconces hold bright torches which give this room a bright glare. A few large holes vent steam towards the ceiling, causing the torches to flicker at times. Across the back wall a metal shelf holds assorted armor goods.
Obvious exits: southwest

On the metal shelf you see a glaes-spiked black vultite shield (130k), a veniom spiked imflass aventail (45k), a krodera banded ora aventail (35k), an invar-plated mithril aventail (25k), a invar-inlaid mithril alloy warhelm (70k), a golvern-bound imflass tower shield (125k) and a vaalin-banded white ora shield (100k).

[G & E's Toy Gladiators, Shop]
Loud raucous laughter and yells emanate from the four colored arches in this dimly lit room. Large metal bins fill this octagonal area making it tough to move around. A small iron portal against the far wall leads even further back into the shop. You also see a large list, a tinker gnome, a blue arch, a white arch, a red arch, a black arch, a small metal door, a large sign and a tournament banner.
Obvious exits: none

Welcome to Gerome and Emoreg's Toy Gladiator Shop! Gladiator Toys are in the eight different colored bins (black, orange, yellow, purple, red, green, white and brown) inside this room, 1 bin for each race. Each gladiator toy costs 25,000 silver. Go through one of the colored arches into the pit rooms and see the signs there for more information. NO REFUNDS! Gerome and Emoreg.
A Toy Gladiator tournament will be held on Restday the 1st of Olaesta at 5 PM Elven Time. The cost to enter the tournament is 50,000 silver per person. Awards will be determined at the end of the tournament with prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Tournament signups are limited on a first come first serve basis. Check back here at tournament time for more information. Emoreg and Gerome.

All toys are 25k, weigh 2 and are used in special pits to fight. Each toy has a show with its record in the fighting pits.

In the black bin you see a toy human rogue, a toy human ranger, a toy human sorcerer, a toy human empath, a toy human bard, a toy human wizard, a toy human warrior and a toy human cleric.

In the orange bin you see a toy giantkin bard, a toy giantkin wizard, a toy giantkin empath, a toy giantkin sorcerer, a toy giantkin ranger, a toy giantkin warrior, a toy giantkin rogue and a toy giantkin cleric.

In the yellow bin you see a toy elf cleric, a toy elf rogue, a toy elf warrior, a toy elf ranger, a toy elf sorcerer, a toy elf empath, a toy elf wizard and a toy elf bard.

In the purple bin you see a toy half-elf cleric, a toy half-elf rogue, a toy half-elf warrior, a toy half-elf ranger, a toy half-elf sorcerer, a toy half-elf empath, a toy half-elf wizard and a toy half-elf bard.

In the red bin you see a toy dwarf rogue, a toy dwarf cleric, a toy dwarf warrior, a toy dwarf ranger, a toy dwarf sorcerer, a toy dwarf empath, a toy dwarf wizard and a toy dwarf bard.

In the green bin you see a toy sylvankind rogue, a toy sylvankind cleric, a toy sylvankind warrior, a toy sylvankind ranger, a toy sylvankind sorcerer, a toy sylvankind empath, a toy sylvankind wizard and a toy sylvankind bard.

In the white bin you see a toy dark elf cleric, a toy dark elf rogue, a toy dark elf warrior, a toy dark elf ranger, a toy dark elf sorcerer, a toy dark elf empath, a toy dark elf wizard and a toy dark elf bard.

In the brown bin you see a toy halfling warrior, a toy halfling cleric, a toy halfling rogue, a toy halfling ranger, a toy halfling sorcerer, a toy halfling empath, a toy halfling wizard and a toy halfling bard.

A Gathering Spot[]

[A Gathering Spot]
The metal walls and ceiling of this room are covered with drifts of damp, faded silk, and the haonwood floors are scuffed and stained. Noises from surrounding rooms join here in a small symphony of sound. Hissing steam and the low hum of spinning wheels are punctuated by the loud staccato tap of the silversmith's hammer. An occasional shrill whistle can be heard above it all. Deep, cushioned chairs have been placed in small groupings around the room, and patrons are gathered for tea and conversation. You also see an oblong hatch, a wheeled silver tea cart with some stuff on it, an arch, a threadbare tapestry and a tarnished silver door.
Obvious exits: none

On the silver tea cart you see a cup of acantha leaf tea, a cup of hot honey-laced tea, a golden brown walnut scone, a slice of warm pound cake and a small cherry-filled tart. (free)

[Zounds! Sounds!]
An occasional burst of steam emanates from behind thickly woven tapestries hung from twisted pipes high on the walls of this small room. A young gnome sits alone on a rickety three-legged stool in the corner, blowing quietly on her toy whistle now and again. She seems oblivious to your presence. You also see a small cloth-covered table with some stuff on it, a threadbare tapestry and a suede-covered sales counter with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: none

On the cloth-covered table you see a ruby-eyed golden bird whistle, a silver and bronze bird whistle and a sapphire and silver bird whistle. (15k, weighs 1, scripted)

On the sales counter you see a green mithril-trimmed whistle (12k), a silver-capped crystalline whistle (15k), a slender twisted bronze whistle (12k), an etched copper whistle (10k), a silver-inlaid modwir whistle (12k), a silver-tipped ebonwood whistle (10k), a gleaming silver whistle (10k), a gold-tipped mithril whistle (15k), a twisted gold and silver whistle (11.5k) and a thick knurled gold whistle (12k). (weighs 1, scripted)

[The Needle's Eye]
Several middle-aged gnomish women sit at the far end of the room, each spinning deftly at her wheel while chatting amiably with her companions. Nearby, others are busy at two large looms, so unlike ordinary looms that you know instantly they must be of gnomish design. The sounds of whirring wheels and clacking shuttles fill the room, making it difficult to hear anything else. You also see an old wall placard, a hammered silver door and an arch.
Obvious exits: none

It reads:

Fancy stitching on fabric and leather only. Prices according to intricacy of the design, temperament of the seamstress, and manners of the customer.

[The Smithy]
A low, marble-topped work table covered with silver drippings and strewn with the tools of the smithing trade stands at the center of the room. Behind it, in a corner, a small burner blazes brightly, night and day, adding warmth to this small space. Sturdy chairs of mithril-inlaid felwood have been arranged along two walls for customers who wish to wait for their orders. A small framed certificate hangs on the wall above the chairs. You also see an engraved sign, a tarnished silver door, a heavy tapestry curtain, a hammered silver door and a triple-shelf felwood display case.
Obvious exits: none

I'm a silversmith! I work on jewelry and small metal items only! No swords! No shields! No blunt instruments of destruction! Gem setting: You provide the gem you want, I set it in the piece we're working on. Cost: 1 gem equal to the gem I am setting for you. Engraving: Same rules about what I work on ... charges are 1000 silver per letter. Since I am the artisan, I will be the sole judge as to how many letters I can scribe on any given piece.

In the felwood display case you see a polished silver armband (7k), a gleaming silver and ruby armband (5k), a braided silver armband (3k), a silver and sapphire bracelet (5k), a silver and sapphire necklace (5k), a delicate silver chain anklet (1.5k), a simple silver anklet (1.5k), some gold and emerald earrings (5k), some silver and lapis earrings (4.5k), some delicate silver earrings (2.5k), a narrow silver ring (1.5k), a dainty silver ring (1.5k), a braided silver ring (1.5k), a plain silver band (1.5k), a thin silver medallion (3k), a simple onyx and silver circlet (5k), a pair of ornate silver haircombs (3k, headworn, no pockets, weighs less than 2), a twisted silver and jade stickpin (3k), a silver and amber pin (3.5k) and a heavy silver torc (7k).

[Inner Space]
(go curtain) This sparsely furnished room is lined with polished wooden shelves and boasts a display counter along one wall. Periodically a mechanical arm pops out from a vent, running a dust cloth across the empty shelves and leaving them spotless before snapping back inside the vent. You also see a heavy tapestry curtain and a swinging door.
Obvious exits: none

On the display counter you see an ebony and silver flask (25k), a polished silver flask (25k), a gold-rimmed silver bowl (3k), a small silver cup (10k), a silver trinket box (5k) and a bronze and silver box. (5k)

On the wooden shelves you see a gold-banded cowrie shell box, a bronze-hinged clam shell box, a silver-banded pink clam shell box, a silver-lidded ruby glass jar, a silver-banded amber glass jar, a gold-lidded green glass jar and an aquamarine lidded glass jar. (boxes 2k, jars 4k)

(Gathering Spot)[Storage]
Dusty and full of cobwebs, this cluttered room gives the appearance of being all but forgotten. Who knows what unremembered gadgets and treasures one might find if one took the time to poke around in the boxes and dark corners! You also see a black enameled trunk, a long work table with a row of small tin containers on it, some sturdy wooden barrels, a tall brass-hinged crate, a modwir packing crate, a splintered oak packing box with another packing box on it and a swinging door.
Obvious exits: none

In the black enameled trunk you see a slender silver statuette. (1k)

In the small tin containers you see an elegant silver spoon (1k), an elegant silver fork (1k), a plain silver spoon (500), a plain silver fork (500) and a silver-bladed knife (5k).

In the sturdy wooden barrels you see a silver-hilted dagger (5k).

Geodd's Workroom[]

[Geodd's Workroom]
A thick, hot and dry atmosphere bottles this room up tightly within its grasp. Small metallic shards lie skewed about floor accompanied by numerous small oil slicks. A large circular table sitting in the center of the room takes up a majority of the open space. Nestled in the darkest corner of the room, a tiny alcove leads deeper into the shop. You also see a small glaes door and a rusty hatch.
Obvious exits: north

On the large circular table you see a crystalline serpent figurine, a crystalline gold-trimmed stone, a crystalline gold-trimmed crown, a crystalline priest figurine, a crystalline drake figurine, a crystalline rolton figurine, a crystalline miniature watchtower, a crystalline steed figurine, a crystalline checkered board and a crystalline kobold figurine. (3.5k)

[A Tiny Alcove]
The ongoing hubbub outside seems to be muffled by the walls in this alcove. A collection of foliage in the alcove contrasts the all-metal construction of the surrounding rooms. Two small sized trees sit in clay pots, which are situated on either side of a large metal bench. Directly in front of the bench is a two-foot high table that could be mistaken for a footrest if it was not so large.
Obvious exits: out

On the table you see a veniom-mesh ditty bag, a red and black oilskin ditty bag, a royal blue oilskin ditty bag, a silver-edged ditty bag, a gold-trimmed ditty bag, a weatherbeaten canvas ditty bag, a threadbare cotton ditty bag, a marmot hide ditty bag, a red sapphire encrusted ditty bag and an onyx studded ditty bag. (10k)

[Display Area]
This area of the shop is highly more illuminated than the surrounding rooms with several oil lamps scattered all around. Mirrors hung upon the wall and ceiling serve to reflect the ambient light all around the room. Several display cases are hung in open spots on the wall not occupied by mirrors. You also see a gold display table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: south, east, west

On the gold display table you see a veniom-edged mammoth fur cape, a veniom-edged dark satin cape, a veniom-edged fine silk cape, a veniom-edged dark velvet cape, a veniom-edged dark leather cape, a veniom-edged tweed cape, a veniom-edged dark cotton cape, a veniom-edged dark canvas cape, a veniom-edged dark spidersilk cape and a veniom-edged dark oilskin cape. (32k)

[Geodd's Metalworks]
Metal shavings cover the entire floor in a blanket of metallic underbrush. A large steel workbench takes up the bulk of the center of the room with several metal stools surrounding it. A collection of large drums sits in one corner of the room emitting a strong, putrid odor.
Obvious exits: west

On the large steel workbench you see a pair of bent platinum spectacles, a tiny iron monocle (5k), a pair of white gold eyeglasses, a pair of cracked brass spectacles and a pair of copper-lined eyeglasses. (10k unless noted)

In the cast iron drum you see a pockmarked tangerine, a perforated olive-green leek, an ocher-skinned banana, a large hard-boiled egg, a dented honeydew melon, some pieces of crushed broccoli, a partially gnawed avocado, a head of bronzed cauliflower, a fuzz-covered ear of corn, a piece of withered asparagus, a mashed head of cabbage, a bumpy nectarine, some spotted blue cheese, a half-peeled grapefruit, a slice of slimy watermelon, a decaying bunch of raspberries, a stringy wedge of pumpkin, a spotted mango, a dirt-covered potato and a pickled stuffed sour pepper. (1k, 716)

In the cast iron drum you see a tiny brown apple, a slightly-green turnip, a soft tawny zucchini, a gnarled yellow carrot, a fuzzy mauve eggplant, a green-flecked orange, a mushy acorn squash, a piece of blanched dark chocolate, some shriveled azure berries, a large ocherous pepper, a wrinkled puce plum, a purplish half-head of lettuce, a partially mold-covered strawberry, a stick of yellow celery, a withered grey pear, a bruised peach, a glossy green apple, a sticky bunch of grapes, a brown-speckled tomato and a half-eaten violet beet. (1k, 716)

[Geodd's Treasures]
The far wall is composed entirely out of glass, from the ceiling to the floor. A thick iron chain is connected to a series of iron posts, forming walkway that people may traverse in order to look into the glass wall. An assortment of small tables sits behind the iron chain with various items upon them. An ironclad guard stands in the center of the room with a pike in hand, watching carefully over anyone who enters the room. You also see an ironclad guard.
Obvious exits: east

Wall: You look in the glass wall and see a countless number of worn down pieces of junk and fragmented metal. All the objects lay on long metals shelves with small metal cards sitting in front of each piece indicating the date the item was acquired. A multitude of precious gems sit amongst the collection of junk

On the steel table you see a snow white beaded belt (25049), a blue-black beaded belt (25037), a vermilion beaded belt (25025), a lemon yellow beaded belt (25015) and a cobalt beaded belt (25001). (waistworn, weigh 1, no pockets, scripted: shifts colors between 5 shades)

On the wooden table you see a pale white beaded armband (25.05k), a sable beaded armband (25038), a carmine red beaded armband (25026), a gold beaded armband (25016) and an indigo beaded armband (25002). (armworn, weighs 1, no pockets, scripted: shifts colors between 5 shades)

On the glaes table you see a chalky white beaded headband (25051), a puce beaded headband (25039), a crimson beaded headband (25027), an amber orange beaded headband (25017) and an azure beaded headband (25003). (scripted: shifts colors between 5 shades)

[Jewelry Shop]
A large crystal orb suspended from a thick invar pipe casts a soft blue glow throughout the shop. The unmistakable odor of methane lingers in the otherwise stale air. Several glass cases form a rectangular box in the middle of the room, which are topped with velvet-lined oaken boxes. You also see a small glaes door.
Obvious exits: none

In the darkened oak box you see a polished vaalin ring, a polished invar ring, a polished gold ring, a polished gold band, a polished invar band and a polished vaalin band (fingerworn, imbeddible, holds 39 mana, not crumbly, weighs half a pound, not reimbeddible or rechargable). (1.5k)

In the white oak box you see a twisted iron stud earring, a carved mammoth tooth earring, a carved flower coral earring, a carved conch shell earring, a twisted copper stud earring and a twisted brass stud earring. (50k, scripted: turn)

In the plain oak box you see a decorative vaalin tiara (5k), a ruby-inlaid carved glaes crown (6k), an intricate gold and silver diadem (5.5k) and a thin veniom-plated coronet (6.5k).

In the polished oak box you see a golden fire pearl clasp, an ora-plated deathstone clasp, a sigil-etched glass clasp, an opal-inlaid ironwood clasp, a steel rhimar-flecked clasp and a sparkling diamond clasp. (7.5k)

[Geodd's Limited Wares]
A small amount of light creeps in from an overhead panel revealing the absolute emptiness of this hideaway. In the middle of the room, an equal distance away from all the walls, sits a lone stool in front of an ironwood workbench. You also see a small lever.
Obvious exits: none

On the ironwood workbench you see a diamond trinket, a bloodjewel trinket, an agate trinket, a firestone trinket, a moonstone trinket, a tigerfang trinket, a frost opal trinket and a dragonmist trinket. (100k)

The items for the ladies are: a dragonmist trinket, a frost opal trinket, a tigerfang trinket, and a moonstone trinket.

The more gentlemen like items are: a firestone trinket, an agate trinket, a bloodjewel trinket and a diamond trinket.

Ghenfur's Hunting Supplies[]

[Ghenfur's Hunting Supplies]
This poorly-kept foyer is in dire need of repair. The hinges of the doors are lying loosely against their frames, and the doors themselves are missing. There are several different alcoves leading to other parts of this shop.
Obvious exits: north, south, west, northwest, southwest, out

[Ghenfur's Armor]
Scrap pieces of metal and leather litter this little work area. In one corner, a torso, lacking arms and legs, has been mounted on a rod. In another, a stone furnace sits silently, apparently unused in some time. There is a broken window in the east corner. You also see a large wooden table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: south

On the wooden table you see some soft black casting leathers (650k), some ora crested hunting leathers (650k), some polished imflass full plate (650k), a dwarven forged vultite hauberk (650k), some silvery glaes studded armor (650k), a polished bronze torc (10k), a hawk crested aventail (10k), a rune etched vultite shield (75k, 4x, weighs 6, 60/195), a ruby-studded silver winged helm (20k), some silver trimmed leg greaves (2.5k) and some polished vultite arm greaves (2.5k).

[Ghenfur's Bait and Tackle]
Metal shavings lie loosely on the floor of this ill-kept shop. A large stone wheel sits in its frame with a large wooden pedal at its base. Broken hilts of all shapes and sizes fill two barrels in the southwest corner. You also see a large wooden table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: north

On the wooden table you see a silver skinning knife (15k, weighs 1), a beige skinning sack (1k, beltworn, weighs 5, holds 20+), a green tackle box, a blue tackle box, a black tackle box, a roll of fishing line, a grey fishing hook, a silver fishing hook, a glass lure, a golden lure, a beige lure and a silvery lure. (500 unless noted)

[Ghenfur's, Supplies]
Several tall piles of scrap material, in all shapes and sizes, have been stacked in the four corners of this shop. To the east sits a rack that is full of spools of thread. High atop a shelf are several small boxes with various labels marked on their sides. You also see a large wooden table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: east.

On the wooden table you see a puma hide quiver, a thrak hide quiver, a manticore skin quiver, a vvrael skin quiver, an orc hide quiver, a pair of dark khaki pants, a pair of dark green pants, a cockatrice down vest, a cockatrice down coat, a dark green coat and a dark green vest. (quivers and pants 2k; vests and coats 5k)

[Ghenfur's Arms]
Oily rags and towels litter the corners of this poorly lit room. Off in the northern corner sits an iron forge that is obviously very old. A large bucket of water rests just to the left of the forge, wisps of steam rising from its surface. The water inside the bucket is pale red in color. You also see a large wooden table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: southeast

On the wooden table you see a heavy black claidhmore (185k), a wicked looking stilletto (15k, 3x, edged, dagger base), an enruned ancient eonake mace (500k, 4x, blunt, sancted, lightning flares, weighs 6, 99/310), an engraved glaes dagger (15k), a deadly serrated-edged broadsword (188k), a ruby-hilted black rolaren longsword (125k), a polished red glaes maul (75k), a silver-plated glaes war hammer (60k) and an ivory hafted imflass morning star (50k).

[Ghenfur's Bows and Arrows]
Piles of dust surround a sawhorse resting behind a table in this shop. Neatly stacked logs of wood are piled in the corner. Broken pieces of wood litter the open floor between the doorway and six barrels sitting against the far wall. You also see a large wooden table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: northeast

On the wooden table you see an ora studded modwir long bow (40k), a mithril bound oak composite bow (30k), a pearl-stocked vultite inlaid crossbow (60k), a glaes studded fel heavy crossbow (75k), some feras-tipped arrows (2.5k), some feras-tipped bolts (2.5k), some frost-tipped arrows (2.5k), some frost-tipped bolts (2.5k), some acid-tipped bolts (2.5k) and some acid-tipped arrows (2.5k).

Giggler's Boxes of Magic[]

[Giggler's Boxes of Magic]
(a pair of hatches set low) This small room is completely cluttered with small boxes, springs, tools, and other oddities. A small battered workbench sits in the center of the room with an open book atop it. Streaks of soot mar the walls and ceiling here and the floor is covered with a dark oily substance. You also see a small hatch, an important notice, a badly tilted table with some stuff on it and an oily display case.
Obvious exits: northeast, northwest

Welcome to Giggler's workshop. I, Giggler, intrepid creator of things mechanical and magical have imbued these boxes with powerful magics! Sadly, my apprentice mislabled them while travelling and I am not sure which box contains which spell, so USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!
- Giggler

On the tilted table you see a shell-inlaid scrimshaw box, an antiquated silver box, a carved monir box, an emerald rune-covered box, a dazzling opal-inlaid box and a curiously carved red box. (25k)

In the oily display case you see a scratched thanot box, a lopsided invar box, a rust-spotted iron box, a pitted silver alloy box, a warped monir box and a burnished haon box. (25k)

[Giggler's, Workshop]
Piles of clutter lie in every corner of this workshop, leaving a trail of gears, gizmos, and other items spilling over through the doorways. An iron firebox crackles over in one corner, with a shelf nearby. You also see a dented metal bin, a dusty thanot box and a scorched workbench with some tattered notes on it.
Obvious exits: west, southeast

It reads:

"Glass, when formed rods or, increases ... dens... of the material ... g.v.s the ability ... store relat..ely harmless "lightning charge". When one s..fic..ntly the rod w.t. materials such as furs or pe..s, this charge is cr..ted and the ... sto..s it. ..... discharg. the rod by wav..........." The rest of the notes are unreadable.

On the shelf you see a sack, a pair of iron tongs, a short hollow pipe and a small bellows. (not for sale)

In the dented metal bin you see a translucent carved glass rod, a twisted glass rod, a chipped blue glass rod, a jade-tipped glass rod, a swirled rainbow glass rod and a rune-etched smokey glass rod. (10k, weighs 2, scripted, rub with animal pelt to build up static and shock people)

In the dusty thanot box you see a milky-white carved glass rod, a ruby-flecked smooth glass rod, a cracked glass rod, a gold-flecked clear glass rod and a ruby-tipped green glass rod. (10k, weighs 2, scripted, rub with animal pelt to build up static and shock people)

[Giggler's, Backroom]
The trail of debris, dented cogs, and broken glass continues in here along with an overflowing barrel of blackened, cracked, and split pieces of wood. A small workbench is strewn with crude woodworking tools and half finished talismans. A large rack stands off to one side, with a small chest beneath it. You also see a scrawled sign.
Obvious exits: east

Attention big people! Be very careful with the talismans! You rarely appreciate quality, and these are it. The magic, while limited, can be changed with a simple flick of the wrist. Though I don't have much faith you will figure it out.
- Giggler

In the small chest you see a tooled leather case (12k), a slim tanik gold-lined case (9k) and a small ragged brown leather satchel (9.5k). (closes)

On the large rack you see a hazy crystalline talisman (35k), an enruned haon talisman (38k), a tooth-inset tanik talisman (38k, 101 and 406), a twisted fel talisman (40k), a carved haon talisman (40k), a solid forked talisman (35k) and a white thanot talisman (45k). (weighs 1, turn to switch spell)

Gilmargan's Observatory[]

[Gilmargan's, Observatory]
Weather charts adorn nearly every square inch of wall space. Strewn along many benches are crude astrological guides and maps of the stars. Flickering candles in brass tapers rest in each quarter of the room. You also see a rusty hatch, a long bench with some stuff on it and a wide table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: northeast, northwest

On the long bench you see a pair of antique silver runestones, a pair of branded fel runestones, a pair of granite runestones and a pair of bone-inlaid runestones. (20k, weighs 1, scripted)

On the wide table you see a bronzed antique case, a rune-inset modwir case, a small beaded linen bag and a drawstring cinched canvas bag. (3k, closes)

[Gilmargan's, Supplies]
A smoking brass thurble sits on a table surrounded by bunches of incense. Crates and boxes are strewn haphazardly all all over. Next to a pewter bowl on the table, one of the crates has been opened and its contents spread all over the table. A display of ornamental daggers hangs in a rack over the table. You also see a dented metal bin and a wide table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: southwest

In the pewter bowl you see a broiled thrak tail, a crispy fried ogre ear, a boiled gak ear, some pickled salamander toes and a candied rolton eye. (free)

In the metal bin you see some lavender wild lilac incense, some golden apple incense, some green musk incense, some black sulphur incense, some dark blue elder incense and some crimson rose incense. (3k, scripted)

On the wide table you see a pewter incense burner, a copper incense thurible and an emerald-set white bone thurible. (6k)

[Gilmargan's Candelabra]
The stench of scented wax pervades the air. Attendants bustle about, restocking various crates with merchandise and displaying new wares on the pipework overhead. A scorched curio stands off to the side of the table. You also see an oily metal trunk, a scorched steel chest and a wide lopsided table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: southeast

In the metal trunk you see a red ceremonial candle, a black ceremonial candle, a white ceremonial candle, a green ceremonial candle and a blue ceremonial candle. (4k)

In the steel chest you see a strawberry scented candle, a raspberry scented candle, a twisted black and gold candle, a pine scented green candle and a stubby black candle. (4k)

On the lopsided table you see a clenched silver fist candleholder, a sword-shaped mithril candelabra, a heart-shaped gold wire candleholder, a narrow jade candlestick, a silver plated metal candelabra, a black and gold metal candleholder and a spiral silver candleholder. (5k)

The Gong Shop[]

[The Gong Shop]
The walls, floor and ceiling of this alcove are composed of dented gongs. All shapes and sizes of gongs are connected together in strange patterns that do not seem to have any purpose. A very large gong sits on its side in the center of the room held up by several old crates, creating a makeshift table. You also see a small bronze chair with some stuff on it, a large brass mold with some stuff on it, a large wooden sign and a bright yellow hatch.
Obvious exits: east

All items 25k and scripted.

On the bronze chair you see a hand-held etched brass gong, a square-shaped steel gong, a misshapen pewter gong, a miniature rose-shaped gong, a petite ruby-edged gong and a bevel-edged silver alloy gong.

On the brass mold you see a comical kobold-etched gong, a tiny vaalin-edged gong, a tiny steel orc-emblazoned gong, a rainbow glaes-edged gong, a small white ora-inlaid gong, a tiny silver fish-shaped gong and a miniature ivy-patterned gong.

On the makeshift table you see a small engraved brass gong, a small brass gong, a small black iron gong, a small vultite-edged gong (also on record: a small vultite edged gong), a small blue steel gong, a small red steel gong, a small haon-framed gong and a small fel-framed gong.

[The Gong Shop]
Like the adjoining room, this space is created almost entirely of old gongs that are interconnected. Strange shapes on the walls, unlike any you have seen before, are made entirely out of used gong mallets. In the center of the room a gong laid on its side, supported by several mallets stood on end, forms a makeshift table. You also see a modwir table with some stuff on it, a haon workbench with some stuff on it, a large wooden sign and a modwir bench with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: west

On the modwir table you see a jade-inlaid polished silver gong, a polished mithril gong, a discolored copper gong, a small eonake-edged gong, a small veniom-bound gong and an opal-inlaid sterling silver gong.

On the haon workbench you see a verdigris stained copper gong, a miniature silver-plated gong, a silver etched mithril alloy gong, a bright pink enameled gong, a miniature veil-iron gong, a small tarnished iron gong and a rune-etched ceremonial gong.

On the modwir bench you see a small gold gong, a small silver gong, a small golden ora gong, a small aqua imflass gong, a small green fel-framed gong, a small steel fel-framed gong, a small steel haon-framed gong, a small brass haon-framed gong and a small brass fel-framed gong.

Grenal's Gadgets[]

[Grenal's Gadgets]
Formed from the remains of broken machines, two gnome-like statues stand guard over the shop's wares. A table has been formed from the steel door of a large hatch and four lengths of twisted pipe. You also see a rusty hatch and a rusted steel display case.
Obvious exits: northeast, northwest

In the steel display case you see a pair of oddly-shaped spectacles, a pair of square-lensed spectacles, a pair of oval-shaped spectacles, a pair of half-lensed spectacles and a pair of large round spectacles. (25k, scripted)

On the table you see a tall black hat, a wide red square hat, a tall gold-wrapped hat, a wide blue square hat and a tall silver-edged hat. (15k, headworn, scripted)

[Grenal's, Storage]
Piles of strongboxes, coffers and trunks are scattered throughout the room. All appear to have been forced open, forgotten after being plundered. Trunks standing on end have been topped with a wooden plank to form a wobbly table. You also see an oily steel rack with some stuff on it and a jagged steel bench with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: east, southeast

On the oily steel rack you see a black mithril mesh sack, a large steel mesh sack and a large mithril mesh sack (holds medium). (25k, beltworn, closes, scripted: auto-closes)

On the steel bench you see a black rolaren mesh pouch, a blue veniom mesh pouch (holds small), a golden imflass mesh pouch and a purple mithril mesh pouch. (15k, beltworn, weighs 4, closes, scripted: auto-closes)

Grub and Grog[]

[Dhu Gillywack, Grub and Grog]
A circular chamber squats at the foot of an iron staircase. Rivulets of water slowly run down the steps, fed by bursts of steam higher up the elevation that can be heard though not seen. Opposite the stairs, a series of alcoves perch at the foot of small portholes, allowing beams of light to fall over the tables within them. You also see Gravey the bartender who is lying down, a flight of stairs and a long rusty bar with an iron top and a sign over it.
Obvious exits: north, south, west

Order menu: a slice of grilled grub (100), a freshly cut slab of grub (150), a slice of charred grub (100), some sauteed rock grub (150), a hunk of frosted creme grub (150), a tasty bite of cocoa-dipped grub (50), a shot of citrus-flavored grog (150), a mug of thick green grog (150), a stein of hearty brown grog (150) a crock of rum-flavored grog (150), a mug of bubbly red grog (150), a mug of thick black grog (150), a cup of brown-flecked water (5).

Grumlund's Glitterbrights[]

[Grumlund's Glitterbrights]
This smallish room has four oddly shaped openings set within the wall opposite the main door. Faint rays of colorful light streak from each of the openings and dance across the dirty floor. A small metallic contraption stands forlornly in the corner. You also see a golden framed opening, a crooked opening, a dark opening, a narrow opening, a small round hatch and a handwritten sales sign.
Obvious exits: none

It reads:

My shop has discovered a good way to get lights and colors from gemstones. All of my items are the best around, so buy lots! If you break your item, it wasn't my fault!

[Grumlund's Fine Jewelry]
Small cases line the walls, and the glitter of shiny metals and gems shines forth in the ambient light. These cases are sturdily attached to the floor by large ornate padlocks, keeping them secure against wandering fingers. The glitter of the room almost manages to distract you from the predominant rust color along the walls and floor. You also see a golden framed opening, a gilded metallic case and a large ornate case.
Obvious exits: none

Items here appear to be color-changing, except those in the metallic case

In the metallic case you see a pale blue mithril chain (15k), a saggy teddybear musicbox (10k, wearable, 509), a frowning gnome musicbox (10k, wearable, 102), a pale blue rolaren starburst (10k), a pale blue mithril circlet (7k), a pale blue banded torc (10k) and a pale blue linked bracelet (15k).

In the ornate case you see a pale blue mithril ear stud (6k), some pale blue dangling earrings (6k), some pale blue large hoop earrings (10k), some pale blue dagger-shaped earrings (10k) and a pale blue bone haircomb (6k).

[Grumlund's Fine Fashions]
This room is covered in strips of cloth, which stream across the walls from ceiling to floor. Various clothing pieces lie in large piles which litter the dirty floor. A half-eaten sandwich lies forgotten on top of the largest pile of fabric. You also see a crooked opening, a tall crumpled pile with some stuff on it and a large dishevelled pile with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: none

On the crumpled pile you see a ruby red luxurious gown (8k), a ruby red silk cape (75k), a ruby red silk shirt (6k), a ruby red linen cloak (85k) a ruby red finely tailored surcoat (75k), a ruby red layered silk greatcloak (85k), a ruby red plaid kilt (8k), a ruby red heavy wool greatkilt (8k, weighs 8, no pockets), a ruby red pleated skirt (8k) and a ruby red petite pinafore (6k).

On the dishevelled pile you see a ruby red bow-tied bonnet, a ruby red silken top hat, a ruby red wide brimmed hat, a ruby red mithril skullcap and a ruby red steel greathelm, a ruby red floppy brimmed hat, a ruby red woolen stocking-cap, a ruby red horned leather greathelm and a ruby red silk beret. (5k)

[Boots is Boots]
The cluttered walls of this room are covered with various pieces of footwear. A small form sits forlornly in the corner, discarded or lost beneath a pile of shoes. You also see a dark opening, a row of boot horns with some stuff on it, a badly leaning shoe rack with some stuff on it and a small boot form.
Obvious exits: none

On the row of boot horns you see some deep green leather boots, some deep green mithril studded boots and some deep green hobnailed boots. (5k)

On the leaning shoe rack you see some deep green silk slippers, some deep green leather work boots, some deep green high heeled slippers and some deep green wooden soled sandals. (5k)

[Grumlund's Armor Shop]
This tiny room is pitifully cluttered and a terrible mess. Piles of different armor pieces have been set against the walls, and a couple of huge stacks of assorted metallic armor and weapons stand in the center of the room. You also see a narrow opening, a toppled stack with some stuff on it, a teetering stack with some stuff on it, a tangled pile and a large pile.
Obvious exits: none

On the toppled stack you see a golden mithril hafted hammer (15k), a golden rolaren hollow mace (150k, blunt mace base) and a golden mithril morning star (160k).

On the teetering stack you see a golden spiked glaes mace (45k), a golden vultite war mattock (150k) and a golden rolaren war hammer (187.5k, 4x, blunt, war hammer base, acid flares).

In the tangled pile you see some golden gem encrusted arm-greaves and some golden gem encrusted leg-greaves. (7.5k)

In the large pile you see some golden mithril studded leather (15k), a golden rolaren breastplate (500k), a golden mithril chain hauberk (55k) and some golden brigandine armor (450k).

Gwingwen's Gathering[]

[Gwingwen's Gathering, Front]
A slight opening in the heavily-curtained booth located at the center of the shop offers a slim glimpse inside, revealing a worktable cluttered with metals, gems, and various tools. Merchandise displays split off on both sides, leading towards the back where there appears to be a small recess. You also see an encrusted old tin case.
Obvious exits: south, northeast

In the old tin case you see a triangular purple rolaren tin, a rectangular enruned bronze tin, a cylindrical polished copper tin, a thin silver filigree tin, a square etched gold tin, a flat black golvern tin, an oval white ora tin, a short crimson vaalin tin, a round green faenor tin and a small blue mithril tin. (100k, not worn, weighs 2, closes, makes chocolate once a week)

[Gwingwen's Gathering, East Loop]
More of Gwingwen's goods have been set out, with a couple of samples on prominent display, encouraging the closer examination of her handiwork. You also see a rusty rack of large iron hooks with some stuff on it and a scratched grey golvern shelf with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: northwest, southwest

On the large iron hooks you see a raven black keepsake pouch, an earthy brown keepsake pouch, a royal purple keepsake pouch, a pale pink keepsake pouch, a snow white keepsake pouch, a storm grey keepsake pouch, a verdant green keepsake pouch, a sunflower yellow keepsake pouch, a flame red keepsake pouch and a celestial blue keepsake pouch. (10k, beltworn, holds 5 small items, weighs 3, closes, scripted)

On the grey golvern shelf you see an iridescent milky glaes orb, a mist-filled smoky topaz orb, a fog-filled crystal clear orb, a smoke-filled clear glass orb, a luminous transparent orb, a mist-filled rose quartz orb, a haze-filled pink tourmaline orb, a steam-filled blue diamond orb, a mica-filled grey moonstone orb and a nebula-filled isinglass orb. (50k, weighs 2, script: touch)

[Gwingwen's Gathering, West Loop]
Crude curved displays have been hastily assembled to encircle a curtained booth in the center of the shop, ringing Gwingwen's secluded work area. Occassionally, a small *clink* or tiny clatter of noise emits from the small shelter. You also see a cracked glaes display.
Obvious exits: northeast, southeast

In the cracked glaes display you see an emerald-set ebonwood music box, an amethyst-set maoral music box, an onyx-trimmed pale haon music box, an ivory-inlaid rosewood music box, an ora-edged monir music box, a gold-trimmed linden music box, a starstone-set felwood music box, a lapis-inlaid thanot music box, a ruby-dusted hazelwood music box and a sapphire-set tanik music box. (50k, scripted)


[Hanama's Helms]
A gigantic copper bin has been bolted to the wood plank floor of this room. The bin's sides are streaked green and black, evidence of the oily moisture that thickens the air, making it difficult to breathe. A large piece of frayed black rope has been wound around the bottom of the bin, making it appear like some sort of twisted beehive. A black wood table rests along the far wall, its top strewn with helms of all types. You also see a black wood table with some stuff on it and a gigantic copper bin.
Obvious exits: west

On the wood table you see a twin-strapped boiled leather helm (30k), a supple black leather helm (15k), an iron riveted helm (25k), a gem-inset golden visored helm (25k), a gem-inset silver visored helm (25k), a triple-link chain mail coif (33k), a reinforced silver chain coif (27.5k), a single-hinged black visored greathelm (25k), an inky black leather cowl (14.3k) and a hardened brown leather skullcap (15k).

[Hanama's Holders]
Sheaths of every type and size line the walls of this small room. A close examination reveals that the sheaths actually make up the walls here, ingeniously sewn together in such a way as to provide support for this section of the dirigible. A variety of sheaths lie on a table in the center of the room, perhaps as spare parts for the dirigible walls. You also see a stout wood table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: east

On the wood table you see a fur-lined iron-banded sheath, a rusty iron-mesh sheath, a sturdy white leather sheath, a tooled silver-chased sheath, a jade-inlaid bright silver sheath, a turquoise inset mithril harness, an iron-banded leather weapon harness, a jade-inlaid deerskin weapon harness (shoulderworn, holds medium), a soft black leather weapon harness and a dark imflass mesh weapon harness. (sheaths 1k; harnesses 30k, shoulderworn, weigh 5)

[Hanama's Guards]
The air in here is humid, and water has beaded on the canvas ceiling, falling in small measured drops onto a large table that dominates the room. Stacks of arm and leg guards line the table, resting in small pools of oily liquid. A lone window has been set into the far wall of the room, its glass so streaked with oil that any light coming through it is refracted into a murky rainbow of colors. You also see a black wood table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: southwest

On the wood table you see some enruned spidersilk leg greaves (15k), some veniom etched silver greaves (10k), a set of blued mithril arm greaves (25k), a set of blued mithril leg greaves (25k), a set of stout gold arm guards (10k), a set of stout gold leg guards (10k), some enruned spidersilk bracers (150k) and some veniom etched silver bracers (100k).

[Hanama's Suspensions]
Belts of every shape and size hang from a large rusted iron rack in this room. Several of the belts have been used to suspend oil lamps from the ceiling girders, while others appear to support the very floor you are standing on, looping around the floor planks and passing through eyelets in the wall and ceiling beams. You also see a rusted iron rack with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: southeast

On the iron rack you see a jade-inlaid thin silver belt, a narrow silver-buckled belt, a wide brass-buckled belt, a finely linked imflass belt, an engraved mithril-plated belt, a rusty iron-link belt, a fine silver mesh belt, a tooled deerskin belt, a black glaes-link belt and a sturdy black leather belt. (5k)

High Fortunes[]

[High Fortunes]
A large steel contraption rests against a wall in this humid room, towering over all but the tallest giantkin. Occasionally furious gusts of steam are released from an unknown source atop the contraption, creating a steady layer of condensation on the mass of tangled pipes that spreads across the ceiling. Each time too much condensation collects in any given spot a warm droplet of water detaches itself from the pipe and splashes against either the floor or the head of an unfortunate passerby. You also see a water-stained sign and an insulated hatch.

It reads:

This brilliant contraption will create a pair of dice for the low sum of 1,000 silvers - all you need to do to get started is make sure you have 1,000 silver coins on your person and pull the lever. Every once in a while the machine may create dice with a slight scratch or imperfection, but such is the price of progress. No refunds!

[High Fortunes]
Thin metallic pipes spread across the surface of the ceiling like a metallic spider web, collecting at each corner where they snake down the length of the wall and disappear under the surface of the deck. No manner of adornment has been used in this cramped room -- its sole contents are a wizened old gnome, a heavy steel trunk and a silver-edged sign. The tiny gnome watches greedily as guests drop expensive gems into the depths of the trunk, rewarding each donation with a single coin.
Obvious exits: east

It reads:

Welcome gamblers, I have on my person a variety of special coins allegedly blessed by high priests of Cholen...or was it Jastev? At any rate, I will part with them for one paltry diamond, ruby or emerald. If you would like one of these coins, just return with one of those gems and DROP <gem> IN TRUNK.

Coin types: a smooth gold coin, a smooth brass coin, a tarnished brass coin, a gleaming brass coin, a smooth bronze coin, a smooth bronze coin, a tarnished bronze coin, a tarnished gold coin, a smooth bronze coin, a polished bronze coin, a smooth silver coin, a shiny copper coin, a bent brass coin, a scratched copper coin, a smooth gold coin, a tarnished steel coin, a shiny brass coin, a dirty copper coin, a tarnished copper coin, a smooth silver coin, a polished brass coin, a dirty brass coin and a dirty copper coin. (show, script: flip?)

Kalutza's Nutcrackers[]

[Kalutza's Nutcrackers, Showroom]
The deck is littered with broken nutshells and bits of unidentifiable fluff. Laquered metal shelves run along three walls, providing plenty of display space. A gigantic uniformed nutcracker stands sentry in the middle, his paint wearing thin in spots from years of being rubbed for good luck. You also see a wheel-covered hatch.
Obvious exits: northeast, northwest

On the laquered shelf you see a gold crowned king nutcracker, a bejewelled queen nutcracker, a flaxen-haired princess nutcracker, a regal young prince nutcracker, a velvet-robed courtier nutcracker, a uniformed soldier nutcracker, an aproned cobbler nutcracker, a flour-covered baker nutcracker, an ink-stained scribe nutcracker, a muddy gardener nutcracker, a peg-legged pirate nutcracker and a mustachioed brigand nutcracker. (30k, scripted)

[Kalutza's, Wood Shop]
Planks of wood are stacked up to the ceiling, slowly drying and curing. There are bins full of dowels and drifts of wood shavings in the corners. Metal hooks on the wall hold saws and drills at the ready. You also see a low metalic worktable with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: northwest, southwest

On the metalic worktable you see a furry-toed halfling nutcracker, a bearded dwarf nutcracker, a muscular giantman nutcracker, a lithe sylvan nutcracker, a glowering dark elf nutcracker, a jaunty human nutcracker, a bright-eyed half-elf nutcracker and a stately elf nutcracker. (15k, scripted)

[Kalutza's, Paint Shop ]
Layers of old paint spills form a complex pattern on the floor. Messy tins of brushes rest on every available surface, save those reserved for drying nutcracker parts. The smell of turpentine is almost overwhelming. You also see a paint mixing table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: west, southeast

On the paint mixing table you see a wooly black rolton nutcracker, a blushing kobold nutcracker, a frothing troll king nutcracker, a grasping zombie nutcracker, a gauzy sea nymph nutcracker, a pale white skeleton nutcracker, a sleek snowcat nutcracker, a coal-eyed snowman nutcracker, a pointy-eared wolverine nutcracker, a shaggy polar bear nutcracker, a sharp-taloned arch wight nutcracker and a grubby hobgoblin nutcracker. (15k, scripted)

[Kalutza's, Trimmings]
Barrels of feathers, crates of fabric, and boxes of fur surround you on all sides. A pot of glue rests precariously on a pile of sequins and paste stones, near a teetering stack of colorful threads. You also see an open packing crate.
Obvious exits: east, southwest

In the packing crate you see a singing bard nutcracker, a bandaged empath nutcracker, a foraging ranger nutcracker, a winking rogue nutcracker, a praying cleric nutcracker, a bellowing warrior nutcracker, a haughty sorcerer nutcracker and a wind-swept wizard nutcracker. (15k, scripted)

[Kalutza's, Shell Shop]
Laid out on a long glass counter are trays and trays of nuts. The metal walls now have a slight oil and dust film over the once brightly painted botanical illustrations of the trees and plants that produce these treats. Wicker baskets half-filled with empty shells line the walls near small wrought-iron tables and chairs.
Obvious exits: northeast, southeast

On the glass counter you see a walnut, a pecan, a hazelnut, an acorn, a macadamia, a peanut, an almond, a chestnut, a brown paper sack (1k), a pistachio and a hickory-nut. (nuts are 50, scripted)

Karisana's Bells[]

[Karisana's Bells, Dressing Room]
Smudged mirrors set haphazardly throughout the room reflect and enhance the meager light to illuminate the shop. Strewn across the floor are the remnants of bells and pieces of metals used to make the bracelets piled high on a warped iron shelf. The faint smell of something rotting nearby catches your attention. You also see a small notice, a terribly warped fel arch, a tattered canvas curtain and a rusty hatch.
Obvious exits: north

~~Welcome to Karisana's Bells~~
The many items for sale in my shop are simply incredible! If you touch, wave or turn them, the pretty bells make noises!

If items are touched, waved or turned, the bells make noise. All items 20k and weigh 1.

On the iron shelf you see a silver and opal chime wristlet, a filigreed bell-lined wristlet, a silver-belled opaline bracelet, an opal-inlaid silver bell bracelet, a twisted gold alum-belled bracelet, a sturdy invar onyx-belled bracelet, a silvery belled bracelet, a delicate silver-belled bracelet, a delicate emerald-belled bracelet and a thin gold-belled bracelet.

[Karisana's Bells, Office]
Large, leaky pipes hanging low from the ceiling and sticking out from the moist walls make movement in this room very treacherous. In one corner a desk has been haphazardly erected out of old pipes and wood. The faint light reflected from the dirty mirrors glints on the pile of rings covering the desk. You also see a small notice and a tattered canvas curtain.
Obvious exits: none

On the wood and pipe desk you see a rose-shaped bell ring, a thin gold-belled ring, a fiery red bell-lined ring, a tiny bell-inlaid ring, a tiny ruby belled gold ring, a tiny crystal bell ring, a tiny belled ring and a delicate emerald-belled ring.

[Karisana's Bells, Storage Room]
The air here is dank and very heavy with humidity. In one corner is an enormous water tank, covered in rust and leaking onto the already stained metal deck. A warped board has been laid over a rusty pipe and a plethora of different anklets have been tossed on top of it. You also see a small iron table with some stuff on it, a small notice and a terribly warped fel arch.
Obvious exits: none

On the iron table you see an onyx and silver belled anklet, a jade and crystal belled anklet, a jade-inlaid belled anklet, a ruby-belled gold filigree anklet, a brilliant diamond bell anklet, an golden belled kelyn anklet and a thin rolaren pearl-belled anklet.

On the warped board you see a silver-etched jade belled anklet, a twisted gold alum-belled anklet, a sturdy invar onyx-belled anklet, a silvery belled anklet, a delicate silver-belled anklet and a filigreed bell-lined anklet.

[Karisana's Bells, Showroom]
Somewhere in the background the unnervingly rhythmic sound of a dripping pipe can be heard. Tattered bits of what may have once been blue silk hang from the ceiling, now covered in dirt and oil. A set of tall, sinuous spires crafted from different types of wire twisted together rise up from mein shards set into the floor. Each sharp wire is adorned with a glittering necklace. You also see a small notice.
Obvious exits: south

On the tall sinuous spire you see a delicate emerald-belled necklace, a filigreed bell-lined choker (neckworn, no pockets), a delicate silver-belled necklace, a silvery belled necklace, a sturdy invar onyx-belled choker, a twisted gold alum-belled choker, a belled silver opal-etched choker, an opal-inlaid silver bell necklace and a silver-belled opaline necklace.


[Labrinthe's Alcove]
Spiralling metal tubes wind their way haphazardly about this cramped room, some running clear up into the ceiling, while others descend into the floor. Several of the metal pipes are capped with heavy metal tops, most of which are beginning to foul with rust. Amidst the jumble of steel is a low wooden shelf, evidently placed there as an afterthought. You also see an etched metal door and a rusty hatch.
Obvious exits: north, south, east, west

[Labrinthe's Potionworks]
A huge bulbous contraption bearing vague resemblance to a massive glass octupus rests smack dab in the center of this odd chamber. Each of the eight 'arms' of the device are filled with a different colored substance. Large vials set upon a black tray catch the colorful potions as they slowly drip into the containers.
Obvious exits: south

On the black tray you see a pitted jade glass vial (3k, 105), a pear-shaped stained glass vial (2.5k, 104), a golden celestial-runed flask (5k, 107), a tiny silver rune-etched flask (2.5k, 107), a small metallic cylinder (2.5k, 403), a small crystalline cylinder (2.5k, 404), a flask of murky grey fluid (3k, 406) and a vial of aquamarine liquid (2.5k, 401).

[Labrinthe's Beltworks]
Water drips from the ceiling of this room onto a tiny slate of wood, causing it to seesaw with each new drop. As the small board moves up and down, it tugs on slender spidersilk threads attached to either side. The lines, in turn, are attached to a huge leather bellows that opens and closes depending upon the position of the tiny wooden plank. The hot air emitted by the device powers a revolving rack of belts that orbit the room. You also see a metal sliding door.
Obvious exits: north

On the revolving rack you see a metal-clasped crimson leather belt (2.5k), an elegant mirror-buckled belt (2.5k), a tri-colored pocketed silk belt (7.5k), a slender rose-etched belt (2.5k), a skull-buckled grey leather belt (2.5k), a slender white silk-trimmed belt (2.5k), an iron-spiked thick leather belt (2.5k), a gem-studded black leather belt (2.5k) and a twisted azure leather belt (2.5k).

[Labrinthe's Kennel]
Hundreds of mechanical dogs wander about the chamber, the gnomish canines almost completely filling the area. Luckily, they are considerably cleaner than the average pet, or your boots would be in grave danger! You also see a huge steel cage.
Obvious exits: west, up

In the steel cage you see a small metallic beagle, a stout metallic wolfhound, a mean-looking metallic bull terrier, a gleaming metallic collie, a polished metallic terrier, a slender metallic greyhound, a plump metallic pooch, a sad-looking metallic puppy and a shiny metallic hound. (25k, scripted)

[Labrinthe's Kennel]
A tangle of mechanical metal kittens traverses the stairway that leads into this chamber, each of the felines mewling pitifully. Most of the toys seem to be content to bang their heads into the wall, but a few have fallen over and they can't get up! You also see a large wire bin.
Obvious exits: down

In the wire bin you see a black-nosed metallic kitten, a ruby-eyed metallic cat, an onyx-eyed metallic bobcat, a badly rusted metallic cheetah, a gleaming golden metallic lion, a hammered silver metallic lynx, a small black metallic panther, a patchwork metallic calico cat and a pearlized white metallic tiger. (25k, scripted)

[Labrinthe's Chamber]
Set into the walls of this chamber is a mad conglomeration of spoked wheels, steel levers and rusted iron handles. Near one particularly large valve is a tiny water-filled glass window. The liquid inside is churning and bubbling at an alarming rate, perhaps a signal of some malfunction. You also see a tin toy crate, a huge tin bucket and a slatted metallic panel.
Obvious exits: east

In the toy crate you see a dashing silver-cloaked toy bard, an armored sword-wielding toy warrior, a serene silk-cloaked toy cleric and a frazzled silver-haired toy wizard. (65k, scripted)

In the tin bucket you see a malevolent spell-casting toy sorceror, a sneaky black-booted toy rogue, a doe-eyed white-robed toy empath, a green-eyed bow-wielding toy ranger and a furry green-vested toy monkey. (65k, scripted)

Lodda's Posables[]

[Lodda's Posables, Salon]
A pipe along the back wall has been reinforced with metal straps that fail to stop the high-pitched hiss of escaping steam and resulting humid heat that blankets this room. Covered with dark blue felt, a small table and a glass case are lit by overhead oil lamps whose metal shades concentrate the light downward on the displayed wares. You also see an alcove, a narrow pitted hatch and a rusty hatch.
Obvious exits: southeast

All items weigh 1, not imbeddible, scripted.

On the small table you see a jointed imflass monkey pin (12.5k), a jointed steel kobold pin (10.5k), a jointed iron puma clasp (9k), a jointed silver snowcat pin (12k) and a jointed mithril kitten pin (12k).

In the glass case you see a jointed silver mouse pin (12k), a jointed mithril rat clasp (12k), a jointed gold tiger pin (13.5k), a jointed steel golem pin (9.5k) and a jointed ora hound clasp (12k).

[Lodda's Posables, Parlor]
Strips of grimy mirrored tiles decorate a central column that rises from the floor nearly to the ceiling, at which point the pipes and cables hidden within branch out into view. The effect resembles a strange tree, its limbs twisting and stretching out through the upper walls to adjoining rooms. A rough modwir bench circles the column, providing seating. More strips of grime-clouded mirrored tiles form a frame around a display panel and edge a narrow table, both covered in dark blue felt.
Obvious exits: northwest

On the narrow table you see a jointed ora caribou clasp, a jointed vultite centaur pin, a jointed mithril gnoll pin, a jointed ora boar clasp and a jointed steel hobgoblin pin (9k). (12k unless noted)

On the display panel you see a jointed vultite cougar clasp (12k), a jointed copper fire cat pin (12k), a jointed bronze bear clasp (10.5k), a jointed silver marmot pin (10.5k) and a jointed gold coyote clasp (12k).

[Lodda's Posables, Alcove]
Stale air wafts into this tiny alcove from a vent overhead, making the cramped space seem more comfortable compared to the cloying humidity of the room beyond. A slanted shelf juts out from the wall beneath a few carefully drawn ink diagrams.
Obvious exits: out

On the slanted shelf you see a jointed copper gak pin (10.5k), a jointed ora wolverine pin (12k), a jointed silver velnalin pin (12k), a jointed gold leaper clasp (13k) and a jointed imflass ogre clasp (12k).

Paelina's Skirts[]

[Paelina's Skirts]
Skirts in colorful hues line the racks of this alcove. Light filtered through a row of small portholes casts a colorful glow upon the floor and walls. You also see a golden clothes rack with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: south, east, west

On the clothes rack you see a silver-edged emerald green skirt, a blue suede diamond-dusted skirt, an embroidered sunny yellow skirt, a white velvet jade-buttoned skirt, a flowing deep violet skirt, an ivy-trimmed white gossamer skirt (7.5k), an opal-dusted pale blue skirt and a gold-edged ruby red skirt. (10k unless noted, pocketed)

[Paelina's Bodices]
Mangy furs cover the floor in a patchwork of earthy tones. The eastern end is mounded slightly higher than the rest, and appears rather lumpy as well. Jutting out from the wall is a crude plaster shelf, grimy with handprints and assorted smudges.
Obvious exits: west

On the shelf you see a tight-laced deep violet bodice, a ivy-laced white silk bodice, an opal-trimmed pale blue bodice, a ruby-dusted golden silk bodice, a silver-edged emerald silk bodice, a jade-trimmed white velvet bodice, a back-laced sunny yellow bodice and a front-laced blue suede bodice. (5k, pinworn, no pockets, weighs 2)

[Paelina's Shoes]
A large number of empty boxes and barrels line the walls and fill the corners. The ceiling above is cluttered with a tangle of pipes and fixtures of various sizes and shapes. You also see a large metal slab with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: north

On the metal slab you see a pair of golden ankle boots, a pair of crystal-heeled slippers (footworn, no pockets, weighs 2), a pair of jade-clasped slippers, a pair of blue satin slippers, a pair of silver-clasped slippers, some violet ankle-tie slippers and a pair of yellow silk slippers. (1k)

Pantherra's Exotics[]

[Pantherra's Exotics, Entry]
Flickering candles illuminate metal walls that have been draped with earth-toned gauze to soften their appearance. Large, overstuffed pillows covered in various types of fur are strewn about on the floor, providing comfortable seating for Pantherra's customers. Occasional wisps of smoke rise from the incense burner in one corner, filling the room with a pleasant sandalwood scent. An enormous tigerskin rug covers most of the cherrywood floor. You also see a rusty hatch and a carved cherrywood table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: north

On the cherrywood table you see an orange aperitif, a cup of spiced tea, a piece of candied orange peel, a grilled banana slice, a sugared date and a candied violet. (free)

[Pantherra's Exotics, Clothing]
Rich sable-toned velvet covers the dingy metal walls in soft folds, complemented by the deep mahogany floor. Tall stoneware pottery etched with primitive designs graces one corner, while a lush climbing vine in a brass pot inhabits another. The steam pipes above have been left as is, and an occasional puff of steam escapes with a small hiss. You also see the Tayvin disk, an ebonwood shelf with some stuff on it, a tall brass rack with some stuff on it and an elegant mahogany table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: south, east, west

On the ebonwood shelf you see a pair of tigerskin boots, a pair of panther hide boots, some silver boarskin boots and a pair of snowcat hide boots. (30k, footworn, holds 1 small item, weighs 1, closes)

On the brass rack you see a sleek tigerskin cloak, a silky black panther hide cloak, a pale silver boarskin cloak and a luxurious snowcat hide cloak. (80k, cloakworn, weighs 8, closes)

On the mahogany table you see a silky raven feather trimmed skirt, a deep green leaf-patterned skirt, a snakeskin embellished skirt, a slim tiger-striped skirt and a crystal-edged white velvet skirt. (3k)

[Pantherra's Exotics, Jewelry]
Delicate cinnamon-colored netting is draped from the ceiling to create a tent-like effect, effectively disguising the pipes snaking through the room. Small lights wink on and off above, and upon closer inspection you can make out luminescent insects sitting quite still above the netting. Lush tropical foliage in large brass pots obscures the walls, lending the impression you are in the heart of a jungle. You also see the Tayvin disk, a brass shelf with some stuff on it and a round mahogany table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: west

On the brass shelf you see a delicate ivory snowcat pendant (weighs 2), a graceful ebony panther pendant and an eerie obsidian snake necklace. (1k)

On the mahogany table you see a twisted obsidian band, a mysterious carved wooden ring, an engraved ebony signet ring and an antiqued silver filigree ring. (5k)

[Pantherra's Exotics, Unusuals]
A heavy mist permeates the room, possibly from the steam pipes overhead, making it next to impossible to see the floor. Moss-draped branches reach out from high on the walls, hung with blackened lanterns to provide light. The sound of running water adds to the already eerie atmosphere. You also see a polished glass case, a blackened iron shelf with some stuff on it and a rough wood table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: east

In the glass case you see an oblong midnight blue stone (6k, 107), a glistening pale blue stone (5k, 101), a delicate pale scarab (12k, wearable, 113), a pearly pink cube (10k, 202) and a small opalescent pyramid (8k, 103).

On the blackened iron shelf you see a small bronze tiger figurine (10k, 509), a tiny obsidian dagger charm (8k, wearable, 604) and a miniature stone leaf (5k, wearable, 603).

On the rough wood table you see a twisted black twig (10k, 403), a pale silvery shield charm (6k, wearable, 401), an ominous ivory fang (7k, pinworn, 114) and a fuzzy squirrel tail (8k, 503).

Potter's Place[]

[Potter's Place]
Extraneous movement here is dangerous as small pieces of rock litter the floor, making for very precarious footing. A pile of rocks and boulders rests in between the two entrances to the area. The pile appears to be some sort of display, as indicated by the metallic flowers resting on one of the boulders. You also see an important notice and a rusty hatch.
Obvious exits: southeast, southwest

~~Potter's Place~~
All these flowers are unique in that they only function for the original buyer.

Please keep this in mind before purchasing one.

All items weigh 1, scripted and attuned to the original buyer.

On the silver-veined boulder you see an intricate silver daisy, an intricate silver iris, an intricate silver tulip, an intricate silver carnation, an intricate silver tiger lily, an intricate silver sunflower, an intricate silver alstromeria, an intricate silver chrysanthemum, an intricate silver rose and an intricate silver freesia. (97k)

[Potter's Place]
A pair of oil lamps set over the rock display cast a dim glow into the room. The floor is not as precarious as the one in the room to the north, and the rock display seems less rugged. Rays of reflected light glint off of something metallic on the stones, the faint flashes barely visible in the flickering lamplight. You also see an important notice.
Obvious exits: west, northwest

On the stones you see an intricate rhimar chamomile, an intricate ora daisy, an intricate vaalin rose, an intricate imflass chrysanthemum, an intricate eonake iris, an intricate mithril tulip, an intricate laje carnation, an intricate veniom tiger lily, an intricate bronze sunflower and an intricate eahnor freesia. (97k)

[Potter's Place]
Obscuring your view to the northeast, a sheer face of the rock display rises almost to the ceiling. An iron ladder lies against the rock, providing access to the top. Resting on a small ledge on the otherwise smooth stone wall, delicate golden flowers lend a warm look to the cold rock. You also see an important notice.
Obvious exits: east, northeast

On the tiny ledge you see an intricate gold chrysanthemum, an intricate gold alstroemeria, an intricate gold sunflower, an intricate gold tiger lily, an intricate gold carnation, an intricate gold tulip, an intricate gold iris, an intricate gold daisy, an intricate gold rose and an intricate gold freesia. (105k)


[Repository, Narrow Corridor]
Only barely wide enough to walk through, this corridor is further crowded by a long row of coarse woolen robes hanging on metal hooks. Dust clings thickly to the austere garments, and several of them appear to be housing animal life of some sort. A strangely regular series of tears run along the length of the deck. You also see a rusty vent and a dusty note.
Obvious exits: northeast, northwest

It reads:

Poisons of little or no toxic effect for those faint of heart.

In the coarse robe you see an oak splinter, a barrel cactus spine, a thin saguaro spine, a prickly pear spine, a long cactus spine, a tapered ocotillo spine, a knobby tree thorn, a short crabapple thorn, a honey locust thorn and a blackberry thorn. (3k, little or no toxicity)

[Repository, Trophy Room]
A series of grisly hunting trophies line the walls, inexpert taxidermy lending them an air of consternation rather than ferociousness. Lying on its side in the middle of the floor is a three-legged footstool, curiously abandoned. Directly above it is a dark recess in the ceiling, something metallic and sharp glinting from within. You also see a taxidermy label.
Obvious exits: northwest, southwest

It reads:

Scratched on the backside of the label you are able to see a small, hand-written note: "These poisons contain increased strength toxins. Also, the metallic needles will last longer due to their increased strength."

On the caribou trophy you see a sanded ash splinter, a tapered ironwood splinter, a sharpened bloodwood splinter, a dark maoral splinter, a discolored spruce sliver, a rough haon sliver, a thin monir sliver, a stained thanot sliver, a rusty iron needle and a sharp oak sliver. (6.5k, medium toxicity)

[Repository, Storage Closet]
Dangling directly above the door is a large anvil. The tremendous weight is supported by a slender twisted rope which threads through a pulley and disappears into the wall. Several chairs have been stacked atop one another and a pile of rolled rugs covers most of the floor.
Obvious exits: southeast, southwest

It reads:

If you really want to discourage theft, try one of these devices! The poison on them is very strong. If you're lucky, the metallic ones might work more than once.

Under the cane chair you see a clear glass splinter, a sharp marble sliver, a tapered wire needle, a smooth fishbone sliver, a polished shell needle, a mottled horn sliver, a slender crystal sliver, a long ivory splinter, a sharpened bone needle and a bright kelyn needle. (9.5k, strong toxicity)

[Repository, Gallery]
Hazy oil paintings of rugged landscapes and rotund nobles hang in no particular order on the metal walls. An assortment of statuary litters the deck, many with missing noses or limbs. An imperious marble bust at the eastern end has dark, shadowy eyes, and a circular pattern of small holes perforates its pedestal.
Obvious exits: northeast, southeast

It reads:

The poisons used on these items are of the strongest possible nature. These are almost guaranteed to kill anyone silly enough to get poked by one. Handle with extreme caution once the wax is removed.

Behind the tilted painting you see a pointed whale bone splinter, a slender abalone needle, a pointed glaes sliver, a sharp iron sliver, a narrow laje sliver, a buffed invar sliver, a shiny steel sliver, a tarnished brass needle, a long mithril needle and a thin steel needle. (13k, extreme toxicity, tipped with wax)

Scrap Iron Cabin[]

[Scrap Iron Cabin, Imbeddibles]
A pile of barely recognizable food scraps and other unidentifiable organic matter occupies an alarmingly large portion of the room. Adjacent to this foul mess is a long bare metal table lined with small round metal seats shined smooth by the fidgeting of generations of dining gnomes. You also see an overturned ale barrel with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: south, east, west

On the ale barrel you see an onyx-inlaid platinum ring (15.7k), an onyx-inlaid mithril ring (9.7k), an onyx-inlaid pewter ring (5.7k), an onyx-inlaid brass ring (3.7k), an onyx-inlaid copper ring (2.7k), a copper-banded obsidian ring (900), a iron-banded obsidian ring (500), a gold-banded obsidian ring (2.9k), a silver-banded obsidian ring (1.3k) and an onyx-inlaid iron ring (1.7k).

[Scrap Iron Cabin, Weapons]
The clink and whir of metal gears and pulleys is punctuated now and again by a stifled Gnomish curse as a finger or foot finds itself too close to a heavy moving part. A metallic hiccough frequently follows as the offending digit is drawn into the works. You also see a rusted iron chest.
Obvious exits: east, west

In the iron chest you see a spiked grey vultite mace (177k), a spiked white mithril mace (15.1k), a spiked white glaes mace (97k), a spiked black imflass mace (54.3k) and a silver spiked ora mace (28.9k).

[Scrap Iron Cabin, Armor]
Climbing nearly to the ceiling here is a heap of metal parts that could be an homage to some dark god created by the machinations of a twisted gnomish mind. Or it could be a pile of junk. You also see an iron-banded wooden chest and a corroded iron trunk.
Obvious exits: west

In the wooden chest you see a vultite chain mail shirt (993k), an imflass chain mail shirt (396k), a glaes chain mail shirt (649k), an ora chain mail shirt (267k), a mithril chain mail shirt (135k), some gold mesh vultite double chain (977k), some gold mesh glaes double chain (591k), some gold mesh imflass double chain (485k), some gold mesh ora double chain (326k) and some gold mesh mithril double chain (157k).

In the iron trunk you see an iron-banded black glaes buckler (31.2k), an iron-banded grey imflass buckler (22.3k), an iron-banded silver ora buckler (17k), an iron-banded white mithril buckler (5.2k) and an iron-banded black vultite buckler (63k).

[Scrap Iron Cabin]
Lining the walls are bits of assembled metal contraptions with no discernible function. A large, roughly oval oil slick, brown and furry with years of accumulated rust-laden dust, could almost be confused with a rug were it not for the hundreds of overlapping footprints upon it. You also see the Darkbox with an ornate sign on it.
Obvious exits: north

The Darkbox holds gems and jewelry within its black depths. It also holds worthless junk and writhing creatures with sharp teeth and claws. When you take a chance at the Darkbox you might end up with a glittering bauble in your hand, or a piece of junk, or you might end up with less than you started with.
It costs 100 silvers per try at the Darkbox. Simply PLAY DARKBOX to take a chance at the box.

Serranade's Songbirds[]

[Serranade's Songbirds]
Pipes and bulkheads jut out of the walls and ceiling here in precarious places, making movement a strategic plan. The whistling of steam as it spurts from the pipes echos the trill of the songbirds suspended on greasy wires from the ceiling. You also see a makeshift perch with some stuff on it, a fingerprint smudged sign and a rusty hatch.
Obvious exits: east

A whistle, a warble, a lilting trill
In each lark, finch and nightingale
So buy my pretties, love them right
And a song they shall sing to delight!
Please enjoy my creations.
You'll find them VERY special.

All items 50k, weigh 5, scripted.

On the makeshift perch you see a blown glass sapphire-winged finch, a grey steel mourning dove, a dull black onyx-inlaid ovenbird, a red-winged rhimar mockingbird, a perky obsidian chickadee, a rose-breasted onyx and glaes robin, a silver-etched black steel warbler and a multicolored laje and alum warbler.

On the greasy wires you see an onyx-eyed brushed silver sparrow, a mottled vultite finch, a silver-tail mithril blue jay, a white ora winter wren, a feathered golden alum sparrow, a beady-eyed dark razern shrike, a feathered colored vaalin robin, a yellow-eyed etched silver finch, a clear glass ruby-eyed cardinal and an antique sapphire-chip bluebird.

[Serranade's Songbirds]
A large mithril wheel has been flipped onto its side to act as a table taking up half of the floorspace here. Upon it half-finshed birds of every make warble and teeter clumsily in a sympathetic display. More of the finished songbirds have been lined up along the greasy pipes in a haphazard manner. You also see a rusted bulkhead with some stuff on it and a fingerprint smudged sign.
Obvious exits: east, west

On the rusted bulkhead you see a half-sized burnished hummingbird, a gem-inlaid brushed silver swallow, an ivory-beaked etched silver meadowlark, a gilded fiery red mithril lark, a polished silver alloy lark and a colorful steel lark.

On the greasy pipes you see a rakish mottled veniom mockingbird, a ruby throated silver chickadee, a ruby-throated coraesine robin, a diamond-eyed dark steel starling, an onyx-inset brushed mithril blackbird and a ruby-beaked white kelyn dove.

On the mithril wheel you see a multi-colored glaes meadowlark, a beribboned etched silver dove, a diamond-eyed white gold starling, a delicate ruby glaes hummingbird, a sharp-tailed mithril grouse and a sparkling lapis-inlaid bluebird.

[Serranade's Songbirds]
The remains of a once intricate mobile now hangs from the ceiling in a tattered mess of twisted wire and jagged steel. The faintest breeze from the opening of the door in the next room or spurt of steam from the leaky pipes sends the mobile creaking and groaning as it turns around on its axis. Large mithril crates lie strewn across the battered oak floor on which the most extravagant of all the songbirds rest. You also see a thin rusty pipe with some stuff on it and a fingerprint smudged sign.
Obvious exits: west

On the rusty pipe you see a delicate ruby glaes nightingale, a colorful painted glaes nightingale, a beautiful faceted crystal nightingale, a delicate indigo imflass nightingale, a gilded platinum nightingale and an intricate emerald-winged nightingale.

On the mithril crates you see a graceful rhimar-winged nightingale, an opulent diamond-studded nightingale, a black-etched gold vaalin nightingale, an ora-incised silvery eahnor nightingale, an opal-eyed gilded steel nightingale and a black and white steel lark.

Shalandral's Fashion Show[]

[Shalandral's Fashion Show]
Scraps of fabric and matted snarls of thread make the footing treacherous in this small workroom. The long cutting table has a box of pins shoved under one leg to keep it level on the warped floor. Scissors and shears hang on the wall, each pair larger and sharper than the last. A selection of needles sprouts like silvery hairs from a stuffed burlap mouse. You also see a gaily painted hatch, a quilted sign, a metal clothing rack with some stuff on it and a gnomish mannequin with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: none

It reads:

All of these items can be altered with a more detailed name not once but twice by any merchant who is willing. When they are altered twice, you can then reverse it to give two totally different color combinations. But the item name must remain the same. Enjoy.

On the clothing rack you see a reversible bodice (15k, pinworn, weighs 1, no pockets), a reversible skirt (15k), a pair of reversible slippers (10k), a reversible gown (20k) and some reversible leggings (10k, chestworn? weighs 3, no pockets).

On the gnomish mannequin you see a reversible hat (10k), a reversible scarf (10k, neckworn, weighs 1, no pockets), a reversible tabard (10k), a reversible shirt (12k, chestworn, weighs 2, no pockets), a pair of reversible pants (15k, legworn, weighs 3, no pockets), a reversible belt (10k, waistworn, weighs 1, no pockets) and some reversible boots (13k).

Sia's Toy Emporium[]

[Sia's Toy Emporium, Toy Bin]
Bright yellow walls are covered with shelves of adorable stuffed animals and toys, most appearing to be unique, no two exactly alike. Colorful mobiles dangle from the pipes along the ceiling, swaying in a light breeze. Several bins of stuffed toys are lined against one wall. You also see a rusty hatch, a white toy bin, a blue toy bin, a red toy bin and a purple shelf with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: west

All items are 5k.

In the white toy bin you see a stuffed toy warrior, a stuffed toy empath, a stuffed toy sorcerer, a stuffed toy cleric, a stuffed toy wizard, a stuffed toy bard, a stuffed toy rogue and a stuffed toy ranger.

In the blue toy bin you see a stuffed toy dragon, a stuffed toy rolton, a stuffed toy banshee, a stuffed toy pooka, a stuffed toy wraith and a stuffed toy sand devil.

In the red toy bin you see a stuffed toy dog, a stuffed toy cat, a stuffed toy monkey, a stuffed toy bear, a stuffed toy snake and a stuffed toy horse.

On the purple shelf you see a small gold wire pet cage and a small silver wire pet cage.

[Sia's Toy Emporium, Workshop]
Several work tables are strewn with bits of fabric, stuffing, tools, and wires. Bare metal walls and steam pipes overhead tend to amplify sounds in the room, making it a bit difficult to hear at times. You also see a dented metal sign, a tarnished metal box, a battered oak table with some stuff on it, a simple wooden chest and a dye-stained bench with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: east

It reads:

I can make your toy unique by adding some of the things you see laying around the shop here, but I have final say. ~ Sia ~

In the metal box you see some blue glass eyes, some green glass eyes, some brown glass eyes, some black glass eyes, some red glass eyes, some hazel glass eyes and some blue-green glass eyes. (not for sale)

On the battered oak table you see a studded silver collar, a gold chain collar, an engraveable collar, a miniature bridle, a tattered leather collar and a tangled rope collar. (not for sale)

In the wooden chest you see some tiny silver horseshoes, some tiny gold horseshoes, a tiny stuffed banana, a customizable miniature weapon, a customizable miniature cloak, a pair of miniature boots, a customizable set of armor and a customizable miniature shield. (not for sale)

On the dye-stained bench you see a small palette and a hair selection. (not for sale)

Spidersilk Threads[]

[Spidersilk Threads]
A knotted rope curtain hangs from the ceiling and puddles on the floor. Several ragged half-barrels covered with planks are lined up to form a crude counter along one wall. Fluffy balls of dust in every corner indicate that cleanliness is not the highest priority here. You also see a wire-fronted hatch and a dirty sign.
Obvious exits: none

I took the extra time to fold these here cloaks and I don't want you fingering through them messing them up!
I'll list here what they'll look like after ya buy them:
a soft deep red spidersilk cloak edged with grey silk trim
a soft dark blue spidersilk cloak edged with silver velvet trim
a soft white spidersilk cloak edged with golden silk trim
a soft crimson spidersilk cloak edged with black velvet trim
a soft jet black spidersilk cloak edged with silver silk trim
Make sure you get the one you want. No refunds!

Cloaks are 200k, cloakworn, holds 100, weighs 5, closes. Heavily scripted (known as spider cloaks for swarms of spiders in scripts), attunes to wearer, kills person who wears if attuned to someone else, raise to remove attunement. Has spider-shaped clasp of different colors, listen clasp for magic 8 ball-style fortunes.

On the crude counter you see a crimson spidersilk cloak, a jet black spidersilk cloak, a white spidersilk cloak, a dark blue spidersilk cloak and a deep red spidersilk cloak.

Taikko's Planetarium[]

[Taikko's Planetarium, Entrance]
Little more than a hallway, this cramped space has been pressed into service as a sort of lobby. Tucked into one corner are two dusty gnome mannequins, each posed with a hand at its forehead as though peering into the distance. You also see a circular hatch, a tall mannequin with some stuff on it and a short mannequin with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: northeast, northwest

On the tall mannequin you see a soft black combed cotton tunic (10k, pinworn, no pockets, weighs 2), a pair of black fur-lined boots (10k), a wide-brimmed silvery fur hat (5k), a flannel-lined celestial blue cloak (50k), a tasseled celestial blue belt (3k) and some thick black woolen pants (5k).

On the short mannequin you see a pair of soft sueded leather boots (14k), some quilted moonlight blue gloves (5k), a fur-trimmed moonlight blue bodice (40k), a heavy black felted wool cloak (50k), a black wool hemstitched skirt (5k), a crescent moon embroidered satchel (10k) and a crocheted moonlight-blue scarf (5k).

[Planetarium, Stellar Wing]
The only light in this room seems to be coming from a large vitrine on a low stand. Inside the case is a detailed diorama illustrating the formation and parts of a comet. One entire wall has been given over to a mural painting of the purple nebula found in the constellation of The First. The mural has a light film of oil and dust upon it. You also see a small round table with some stuff on it and a shallow reed basket.
Obvious exits: northwest, southwest

On the small round table you see a creased and torn star chart and an etched brass astrolabe. (25k, scripted)

In the reed basket you see a knotted jute astrolabe pouch, a silk-lined lace astrolabe pouch, a ribbon-stripe satin astrolabe pouch, a beaded suede astrolabe pouch, a padded wool astrolabe pouch, a green felt astrolabe pouch, a pin-tucked linen astrolabe pouch and a quilted silk astrolabe pouch. (5k)

[Planetarium, Terrestrial Wing]
A massive iron meteorite sits directly on the floor and probably weighs as much as a herd of roltons. The constant touch of visitors to the meteorite has caused some gravel to fall around it. Beautifully detailed globes are lined up along a shelf, each one in front of a painting done to scale. You also see a glass shelf with some stuff on it and a scalloped ledge with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: south, southeast, southwest

On the glass shelf you see a polished ruby Tlilok globe, an inlaid obsidian Lornon globe, a pitted moonstone Liabo globe, a blue enamel celestial globe and a painted copper Elanthia globe. (30k, weighs 1, show, scripts: rub, push, pull, turn, tap)

On the scalloped ledge you see a copper-edged padded teak box, a ruby-inlaid padded ebony box, an opal-studded padded walnut box, a silver-bound padded mahogany box and a pearl-clasped padded brass box. (10k, not worn, holds 1 small item, weighs 2, closes)

[Planetarium, Lunar Wing]
The muttering of metal gears pervades this room and draws attention to the large orbitational model which whirrs overhead. In the very center of the ceiling a hammered metal version of Elanthia rests calmly while a handful of moons circle it on steel tracks in complex patterns. A once-gilded display stand and a slatted bin have been set off to the side.
Obvious exits: northeast, southeast

On the display stand you see a delicate moon mobile (weighs 1, show, script: push) and a finely-inked lunar calendar (show, scripts: turn, rub, touch). (20k)

In the slatted bin you see an antique ivory chart case, a blackened steel chart case, a star-clasped gold chart case, a star-etched silver chart case, a lacquered bamboo chart case, a corrugated kelyn chart case, a birdseye maple chart case and a polished bloodwood chart case. (15k, closes)


[Tinktalin's, Nexus]
(A round hatch sits in the middle of the rusty confusion.) This wide room could almost pass as clean compared to the others in this sprawling workshop. Narrow openings leading in various directions line the walls of the room, surrounding a broken display case in the center. A maze of dirty metal pipes, some rusted and sagging, crisscross the ceiling and a constant dripping sound fills the air. You also see a round hatch.
Obvious exits: north, east, west

Case: The case is crafted of smooth steel topped with a thick glass panel. Inside, a sample of wares can be seen including a mechanical spider, a miniature catapult, and an odd-looking handheld cannon of some sort.

[Tinktalin's Toys]
The tight quarters of this cramped showroom leaves little in the way of maneuvering room. A narrow aisle runs down the center, flanked by a long table one one side and a display case on the other. You also see a display case with some stuff on it and a rusty table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: south

On the rusty table you see a mechanical toy raven, a mechanical toy snake, a mechanical toy dwarf and a mechanical toy spider. (12k, weighs 5, scripted, break if dropped)

On the display case you see a mechanical toy puppy, a mechanical toy cat, a mechanical toy monkey, a mechanical toy turtle and a mechanical toy dragon. (12k, weighs 5, scripted, break if dropped)

[Tinktalin's Miniatures]
A small workbench occupies one corner of the room with an assortment of trays atop it containing several small knives, files, and paintbrushes. Near the trays, a crude device with small clips to hold works in progress awaits its next project. Wood shavings and metal filings blanket the floor around the lone stool situated in front of the bench. You also see a battered metal display case.
Obvious exits: east, west

In the metal display case you see a miniature replica inn, a miniature wooden toy ship, a miniature toy catapult and a miniature toy wagon. (15k, scripted)

Unaeng's Shop[]

[Unaeng's Shop, Entry]
Standing at this portal, a trickle of water running down the far wall is very noticeable, and has created a rusty stain as it moves downward to collect in a square tin basin. Off to the side and in the center of a small circle of stones, several candles of various sizes and heights flicker weakly, their light barely reaching the corners of the room. You also see a pipe-covered hatch.
Obvious exits: north

[Unaeng's Shop, North]
Droplets disturb the still surface of the water in the half-full square tin basin, creating a gentle rippling effect. Streaks of rust and mildew mar the water-stained wall. Beside the shallow pool is a thick bear hide, providing a comfortable resting spot and covering most of the grimy floor. You also see an old wooden doll rack with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: south

On the wooden doll rack you see a squishy clerk doll, a squishy bartender doll, a squishy guild trainer doll, a squishy bank teller doll, a squishy monster doll, a squishy constable doll, a squishy runner doll, a squishy gypsy doll, a squishy merchant doll and a squishy mystic doll. (20k, scripted)

[Unaeng's Shop, East]
Austere metal walls and overhead piping dominate this dimly lit side of the shop, bare but for a display of wares and a curious circle of river stones. Round and smooth from constant pummeling by the elements, the stones have been arranged in a loose circle around a collection of candles, their earthen hues a warm contrast to the pale beeswax and cold surroundings. You also see a rack of tiny iron hooks with some stuff on it and a round copper bowl.
Obvious exits: west

In the copper bowl you see some smooth glaes worry stones, some smooth lapis worry stones, some smooth citrine worry stones, some smooth quartz worry stones, some smooth onyx worry stones, some smooth malachite worry stones, some smooth jade worry stones, some smooth topaz worry stones, some smooth crystal worry stones and some smooth garnet worry stones. (10k, weighs 2, scripted)

On the tiny iron hooks you see an onyx-beaded white suede pouch, a garnet-beaded black suede pouch, a silver-edged blue suede pouch, a glaes-trimmed green suede pouch and a crystal-set crimson suede pouch. (10k)

[Unaeng's Shop, West]
Spartan metal bulwark overshadows a pile of large doeskin and nubby linen cushions set next to a pale haon bench. Serving as a work surface, the benchtop is covered with bowls of ground pigment and coils of wire paired with some cutting utensils and sable brushes. Behind them, a wooden crate overflows with scraps of fabric. You also see a battered oak toy box.
Obvious exits: east

In the oak toy box you see a spherical rolaren wire worry-toy, a spherical brass wire worry-toy, a spherical silver wire worry-toy, a spherical gold wire worry-toy, a spherical mithril wire worry-toy, a spherical copper wire worry-toy, a spherical polished wire worry-toy, a spherical tarnished wire worry-toy, a spherical beaded wire worry-toy and a spherical blackened wire worry-toy. (20k, scripted)

Vorane's Portraits[]

[Vorane's Portraits, Entry]
(a wire-covered hatch) Elegant midnight blue and silver striped draperies frame the entrance to this fine portrait studio. Various paintings are hung along the walls, each spotlighted with artfully placed lanterns. The walls have been painted a deep blue, but the metal rivets holding everything together have been left the original silvery color. The upholstered effect is quite attractive. A thick midnight blue rug shot through with silver threads helps muffle the sounds of foot traffic. You also see a wire-covered hatch and a large elegantly lettered sign.

It reads:

Random selections will be made of subjects to pose for my miniature portraits. Please be patient! One per customer.

[Vorane's Portraits, Main Room]
Half-finished paintings are scattered throughout the room in an unorganized mess, quite the contrast to the elegant entry you were just in. All pipes and trappings have been left bare, and you can see puffs of steam escaping occasionally. A table holds many tubes of different colors of paints and types of brushes. An easel is set up in one corner, holding a blank miniature canvas. You also see a hastily written note, a black silk-draped table with some stuff on it, an eye sign, a hair sign and a face sign.
Obvious exits: south

Your eyes can be painted on the portrait in the following manners: Bright, Beautiful, Big, Small, Squinty, Tired, Suspicious, Weary, Sparkling.
Your hair can be painted on the portrait in the following manners: Lustrous, Thick, Shiny, Greasy, Lank, Dirty, Filthy.
Your face can be painted on the portrait in the following manners: Happy, Smiling, Beaming, Wistful, Sad, Depressed, Angry, Pinched, All-knowing, Tired.