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A list of the items won from the bloodscrip raffle at Duskruin in August 2016.

Item Special Abilities Winner Current Owner
an enruned veniom band traced with gold 12 setting gold ring holder Dank --
a thin golden whistle strung through a length of silver crate whistle Faelln --
a stone Lumnis bust self-mana Premonition (1220) Issalya --
a silvery spidersilk satchel woven with delicate threads of veniom weightless satchel Omrii --
a blank deathdagger a blank deathweapon Tanderick Eulogia
an old golvern sword with a mirror-blade finish self bless or summon custom spectral hawk familiar Kiel Berbels
a radiant mithril pauldron 1x DB pauldron Tanderick --
any one thing from the scrip shop Undead Bane certificate, used on a wavy-bladed grey coraesine flamberge Tanderick Kiel/Storsha
an alum skeleton key 1x/hour unlock a non-mithril/enruned/glyphed box Volmir Brinret