Prizes from the Ebon Gate festival can be found by digging, playing carnival games, riding the carousel, or searching the swamp. The following list is a work in progress. Feel free to update items as necessary.

Tap for Treasure Items Edit

a hollowed tree branch a large piece of sandstone a withered black rose
a yellowed glass jar a solid clod of dirt a large clump of barnacles
an ashy lump of charcoal a putrid pile of muck a large petrified root
a slimy thick-shelled carapace a hunk of rotting flesh a hardened clump of sand
a foul pile of excrement a large crumbly rock a thick clump of debris

Weapons Edit

Item Abilities Sellable
a rose-etched scarlet ora falchion with a carved vine hilt 4x dagger-hilt Yes
a twisted white warlance scripted Yes
a sard-pommeled dark vultite scramasax (T3) 4x, show  Yes
a twisted white miner's axe Scripted Yes
a twisted white ridgemace (T4) Scripted Yes
a mottled black kelyn waraxe (T4) 4x, scripted Yes
an onyx-handled mithril dagger (T4) 1x, scripted Yes
a twisted drakar talon sword (T4) 4x, fire flares, makes smoke, scripted, sancted NO
a rowan runestaff (T3) 1x Yes
a twisted kakore staff capped with an onyx orb runestaff, scripted Yes
an enruned steel-barbed paingrip (T3) 4x Yes
an enruned steel-studded cestus Yes
an enruned steel-bladed razorpaw Yes
a polished drake skinning knife Yes
a mithril sai Yes
an iron sai (T3) 2x Yes
a bone-hilted mithril rapier set with a cracked yellow zircon in the hilt (T3) 1x Yes
a shoddy steel dagger Yes
a slender silver steel garrote Yes
a flimsy bullwhip blunt Yes
a spike-tipped cat'o nine-tails 1x blunt Yes
a polished ruic long bow with a suede leather grip (T4) Scripted, Locked, 4x Yes
a silvery ruic lacquered longbow, a green-hued burnished ruic longbow Wand bow Yes

Jewelry Edit

Item Abilities Sellable
a gold-flecked pale crystal amulet Crystal amulet Pawn
a jam-stained crystal amulet Crystal amulet No
a pair of emerald chandelier earrings (T3) Jewelry Yes
an opalescent azure vaalin band Crystal holder Yes
a fine-boned lizard skeleton bracelet 705 - Disintegrate Pawn
an elaborate tiered emerald necklace Touch, rub, pull Yes
a pair of tiny dangling seashell earrings Jewelry Yes
a silver-strung necklace hung with colorful seashells Touch, rub, pull jewelry Yes
a faceted viridian crystal pendant strung on braided vaalin wire Scripted Yes
a pair of golden daffodil earrings (T3) Jewelry Yes
a golden daffodil choker Jewelry Yes
a carved invar warrior medallion (T3) Constellation jewelry  Yes
a conjoined invar circle amulet (T3) Constellation jewelry Yes
a topaz and invar sunburst amulet (T3) Constellation jewelry Yes
a thin black invar pendant (T3) Constellation jewelry Yes
an eostone and invar dragonfly pendant (T3) Constellation jewelry Yes
a black invar jackal's head pendant (T3) Constellation jewelry Yes
a white oak and invar shield talisman (T3) Constellation jewelry Yes
a ruby-eyed invar maiden medallion (T3) Constellation jewelry Yes
a four-spoked invar wheel amulet (T3) Constellation jewelry Yes
 an amber-eyed black invar bat medallion (T3) Constellation jewelry Yes
a hammered invar pendant (T3) Constellation jewelry Yes
a golden invar sheaf of grain pendant (T3) Constellation jewelry Yes
a crystal and white invar talisman (T3) Constellation jewelry Yes
an eight-point grey invar star amulet (T3) Constellation jewelry Yes
a six-taloned invar claw medallion (T3) Constellation jewelry Yes
a silver and invar spire pendant (T3) Constellation jewelry Yes
a gold-winged invar gryphon medallion (T3) Constellation jewelry Yes
a coral and invar trident talisman (T3) Constellation jewelry Yes
an invar cat's head pendant (T3) Constellation jewelry Yes
a pearl and invar unicorn medallion (T3) Constellation jewelry Yes
a gilded ebon invar gate amulet (T3) Constellation jewelry Yes
a matte black deathstone skull brooch with faceted ruby eyes

Ebon Gate Special Edition messaging (ethereal black mist when teleporting)

Gold ring holder Yes
some irregular pearl cluster earrings (T3) Jewelry Yes
an elaborate tiered emerald necklace (T3) Jewelry Yes 
a tiny glass bead spider constructed of red and black beads (T3) Wearable, not jewelry Pawn
a braided copper and gold necklace (T3) Gold ring holder Yes
a carved ivory bracelet of linked skeletal hands Shake, rub, pull jewelry Yes
a dried black mournbloom pendant Rub (scented) Pawn
an ovate rose gold pomander Shake (scented) Pawn
a gopher-shaped brown quartz brooch 406 - EDII Yes
an enruned iron and bronze amulet 601 - Natural Colors Pawn
a greyed swamp snake skeleton bracelet 702 - Mana Disruption Pawn
a fine baby beaver skeleton bracelet 907 - Major Cold Yes
a pair of gold-runed bronze wristcuffs 1701 - Arcane Decoy Pawn
a gold-runed pale leather bracer (T3) 1701 - rechargeable Pawn
a rune-carved plain steel ring 1701 - Arcane Decoy (rechargeable) Pawn
a silver-runed ruby flame talisman 1701 - Arcane Decoy (rechargeable) Yes
a rune-burned kakore wrist cuff 1701 - Arcane Decoy (rechargeable) Yes
a dirty leopard quartz pendant 1604 - Consecrate Pawn; Gemshop
a pink-eyed black rat pin Scripted EG keepsake Pawn
a black leather chain adorned with a silver spider (T2) Pawn
a sharp-fanged black viper pin Scripted EG keepsake Pawn
an ebon-winged furry bat pin Scripted EG keepsake Pawn
a puffy white-feathered owl pin Scripted EG keepsake Pawn
a thick brass locket, a thin silver locket, a diamond inset gold locket Scripted Pawn
a slender emerald spike Piercing jewelry (flip for location) Pawn
a polished platinum band inset with a cluster of perfect blue diamonds (T4) In the Common language, it reads: Together forever, your beloved. Pawn
a pair of string-tied earrings Pawn
a string of tiny yellow bones Ankle-worn Pawn
a brushed gold promise ring set with a large solitary diamond Scripted Pawn
a open-worked lustrous vaalin pomander suspended from a thin silver chain Scripted Pawn
a corroded iron anklet Pawn
a circular hammered iron brooch Pawn
a rotted yew clasp Pawn
a rusted brass locket Pawn

Instruments Edit

Item Abilities Sellable
a slender lavender haon flute inscribed with silver-traced golden glyphs Instrument Yes
a warped reed flute with a tattered silk tassle. Instrument Yes
a spiral-etched faewood flute inlaid with silvery green emeralds (T2) Instrument Yes
a thin-ridged ebonwood flute washed in a limpid black lacquer Instrument Yes
a scratched pine mandolin with a wobbly neck Instrument Yes
some tarnished tin cymbals with dirt-stained finger loops Instrument rub/exhale Yes
a grimy oak cornett with dark stains on the bell Scripted instrument Yes
a sinew-laced leather flute case with a roughly hewn latch Contains:a polished femur bone flute (instrument) Yes
a gut-stitched hide instrument case with a crude bone toggle Contains:  a cat-skin and tigerwood tambourine Yes
a cord-stitched suede mandolin case with an oak toggle latch Contains: a gold-accented ebonwood mandolin Yes
an emboidered silk instrument case with a circular latch Contains: a striped tigerwood psaltery Yes
a bronze-ringed white monir flute lightly carved with a trio of stars Instrument Yes
a splintered maoral harp with worn gut strings Instrument Yes

Clothing and Containers Edit

Item Abilities Sellable
a corseted niveous silk gown with rose organza skirts Yes
a black leather belt draped with silver spiderwebs (T2) VS 1 item Yes
a pair of black leather gloves draped with silver spiderwebs (T2) VS 1 item Yes
a white leather belt with a large gold buckle (T3) Pull/unlatch/poke Yes
a wide notched leather belt (T3) Pull/unlatch/poke Yes
a weathered dark leather belt (T3) Pull/unlatch/poke Yes
some heavy burlap robes 4x Yes
some silver threaded double leathers (T4) 4x Yes
a bloodstained leather survival kit (T4) Contains large roll of cotton Yes
a narrow supple leather wrist sheath (T4) VSA couple, hidden, scripted Yes
a pair of ratty leather handwraps with fraying edges (T3) UAC 2x Yes
a pair of supple knee-high boots fastened with steel hooks (T4) ? Dance boots?
a pair of golden oilcloth boots with narrow faenor buckles (T4) VSA, latch, unlatch, shake Yes
some pebbled eahnor leather boots with a trio of drakar buckles (T4) UAC, 4x, fire flaring, scripted Yes
some leather black-buttoned boots (T3) 112 - Water Walking (5 charges), VSA, couple Yes
a pair of thin leather gloves with narrow cuffs (T4) 404 - Disarm Enhancement, great many charges (31+) Yes
a tattered white linen greatcloak stained with russet splotches of blood Enhancive: 5 max health, 2 health recovery Yes
a vivid purple spidersilk pack adorned with silver beadwork (T2) Med (20-39), backworn Yes
a green and white plaid greatcloak fastened by a gold brooch Enhancive: survival Yes
a scuffed leather backpack adorned with bright orange silk jack-o-lanterns (T3) Exceptional (120-139), 9lbs, backworn Yes
a black silk gown patterned with intricate silver brocade Rub/tap/pull/turn/wave Yes
a pale niveous linen pack with argent embroidery (T2) Medium, any number, 3lbs, backworn Yes
a spiked steel-plated pauldron draped with mithril chainmail Scripted Yes
a rust-colored wool coat (T3) Fairly large (50-59), In the Common language, it reads: ur p  ow  Min ng   m any Yes
an earth tone-hued cloak of kidskin in shades of brown with bone toggles (T3) VLA (80-99), shoulder worn Yes
a cuff of matted roots (T3) Wrist-worn, ??
a hard leather case (T3) MA, only holds potions and magical consumables, beltworn, 3lbs Yes
a horn-inlaid black mithril case Ranger imbue box Yes
a steel-ringed chainmail gauntlet with mithril-plated knuckles Handworn, scripted Yes
a vibrant parchment hat made from an old poster Scripted No
a mottled black canvas cloak clasped with a dark steel chain +5 stalking & hiding bonus enhancive, VLA, shoulder-worn Yes
a plush leopard coat spotted with large black rosettes VLA, very zesty, shoulder- & neck-worn Yes
an iron-buckled heavy burlap knapsack Backworn VLA Yes
a silver-traced dark grey sheath (T3) Scipted Yes
a weathered leather baldric Dual weapon displayer Yes
some silver viper skin slippers lofted on thick gold heels Dancing shoes Yes
a layered gown of crimped ecru linen Chestworn, no scripts Yes
a black leather vest covered with numerous runes Frontworn, small amount, scripted Yes
a pastel pink satin pelisse with circular diamond buttons Shoulder, large amount Yes
a fine white damask shawl You can try to PULL, RUB, NUDGE, WEAR, and REMOVE the shawl. Yes
some wrinkled cotton robes splattered with mud 3x Yes
some tall pale brown boots with black toes 303 - Prayer of Protection
a black leather vest covered with numerous runes SA/very small size, touch/read Yes
a threadbare dark cloth belt pouch SA, open/close scripts Yes
a feathered silver boa adorned with gold moon charms scripted (wave) Yes
a salt-stained leather pouch VSA 1 item, comfort script*
a skull-buckled dark leather swordbelt notched along the edge (T4) 2 OHE holder, scripted, waist-worn, long & show descriptions Yes
a braided navy leather collar Animal companion collar Yes
some rainbow suspenders (T3) Pinworn, turn/pull Yes
a rectangular brass and suede case MA, scripted Yes
a distressed russet leather toolkit Locksmith's toolkit Yes
a dirty white cloak LA Yes
a pair of plain jade silk slippers Yes
a pebbled dark leather bag fastened with modwir buttons (T2) MA, backwornFo Yes
 a pebbled ebon leather tool belt with brushed steel fittings (T3) VSA, pull, unlatch, poke Yes
a dagged crimson skirt Yes
a crimson leather belt with an orange pumpkin-shaped buckle (T3) Pull, unlatch, poke Yes
 a faded crimson leather belt Pull, unlatch, poke Yes
a worn leather belt Pull, unlatch, poke No
a wide black leather belt (T3) VSA, couple items, very scripted, locked Yes
a frayed leather belt Pull, unlatch, poke No
a wide black leather belt with a ruby buckle Pull, unlatch, poke Yes
a black leather money belt with a shiny pewter buckle (T3) VSA, 1 item, belt-worm Yes
a wide-brimmed black leather hat Wave, touch, tap Yes
a pair of silver-buttoned white kidskin boots 202 - Spirit Shield, VSA couple items, scripted Yes
a supple black leather belt studded with polished brass (T3) Medium, any of small size Yes
a lustrous blue tanik baldric throated with a shard of alexandrite Identifying sheath Yes
a slouched russet leather bag MA, beltworn Yes
a black leather lockpick kit (T2) Lockpick kit Yes
cuffed leather boots with black laces UAC 1x Yes
some pewter leather folded knee boots buckled with polished black-alloy UAC, scripted, 4x, acid-flaring Yes
a pale green silk pouch tied with braided leather drawstrings,  a blue suede pouch tied with coral-tipped drawstrings, a small black oilcloth pouch tied with silver drawstrings Open/close scripts, small pocket No

Toys Edit

Mech Set Edit

Number Item Abilities Sellable?
1 a mechanical toy puppy scripted Yes
2 a mechanical toy cat scripted Yes
3 a mechanical toy penguin scripted Yes
4 a mechanical toy monkey scripted Yes
5 a mechanical toy turtle scripted Yes
6 a mechanical toy dragon scripted Yes
7 a mechanical toy snake scripted Yes
8 a mechanical toy dwarf scripted Yes
9 a mechanical toy spider scripted Yes

Ulrug Set (T4) Edit

Number Item Abilities Sellable?
1 a wailing toy banshee scripted/causes injuries Yes
2 a grinning toy seeker scripted/causes injuries Yes
3 a toy skeletal warhorse scripted/causes injuries Yes
4 a decaying toy bog wight scripted/causes injuries


5 a pale toy ghost scripted/causes injuries Yes
6 a hairy toy spider scripted/causes injuries Yes
7 a winged toy vruul scripted/causes injuries Yes
8 a stained toy skeletal lord scripted/causes injuries Yes
9 a tattered toy ghostly pooka scripted/causes injuries Yes
11 a stained toy bone golem scripted/causes injuries yes
11 a filthy toy skeletal giant scripted/causes injuries Yes
12 a grinning toy skeleton scripted/causes injuries


13 a scrawny toy zombie rolton scripted/causes injures Yes
14 a slouching toy skeletal soldier scripted/causes injures Yes
15 a rotting toy zombie scripted/causes injuries Yes
16 a glaring toy stone troll scripted/causes injuries Yes
17 a scowling toy firecat scripted/causes injuries Yes
18 a gnarled toy tree spirit scripted/causes injuries Yes
19 a pale toy nedum vereri scripted/causes injuries Yes
20 a stubby toy werebear scripted/causes injuries Yes


a carved toy soul golem scripted/causes injuries Yes
22 a dirty toy rotting woodsman scripted/causes injuries Yes

Other Toys Edit


Abilities Sellable
a rotund toy canary Scripted Yes
a bug-eyed swamp troll doll Hug Yes
a round-eyed burlap doll with yarn hair Hug Yes
a plush toy water moccasin My name is Fluffy Yes
a tattered black cloth toy bat (T3) Pinworn, scripted Yes
an off-white stuffed toy rolton Scripted Yes
a mold-covered cloth raven Wearable/scripted Yes
 a winged mechanical abryan'sa Scripted Yes
a wolly mechanical rolton Scripted Yes
a red-eyed mechanical monster Scripted Yes
a sinuous mechanical dragon Scripted Yes
a hemp-bound straw doll Scripted  No
a costumed bard marionette (T4) Scripted Yes
a horned pudgy toy dwarven centaur (T3, s/b T5) The top half of this centaur toy is oddly

dwarven, its face obscured by an oversized
moustache and beard that trails nearly to its
feet. Atop its head is a rotund mithglin
helm adorned with a single spiraling mithril
spike tied at the point with shimmering ribbons.  Scratched onto the bottom of one of the hooves
is the warning, "BEWARD THE DWARFICORN!"

Don't You DARE!

Other Edit

Magical Edit

Item Abilities Sellable
a thin oak and leather tome embossed with gold 401, 406, 414, 503, 507, 508 Yes
a white wind wraith figurine 102 - Spirit Barrier Yes (Gem)
a clear blue glass orb 107 - Spirit Warding II Yes
a coiled black snake figurine 114 - Unpoison Yes (Gem)
a blue glass orb 203 - Manna Yes
a milky white glass orb (T3) 204 - Unpresence Yes
a translucent golden glass orb 205 - Light Yes
a glossy black orb 206 - Darkness Yes
a ruby-eyed dark crystal skeleton 206 - Darkness Yes
a rotten and reeking tongue Eat: 210 - Silence No
a pristine white monir flagon (T3) 211 - Bravery Yes
a red glass orb 303 - Prayer of Protection Yes
an opalescent glass phial 305 - Preservation Yes
a crooked sigil-carved rod 305 - Preservation No
a moss-covered ear Eat: 402 - Presence No
a large ornate pewter key (T3) 407 - Unlock (wave) few Yes 
a wild-eyed zombie figurine 506 - Haste Yes
a translucent crimson glass orb (T3) 509 - Strength Yes
a pale blue tanik gourd (T3) 511 - Floating Disk Yes
an oblong silver sphere (T3) 511 - Floating Disk Yes
a small disk of bright blue candy 511 - Floating Disk
a translucent green glass orb (T3) 601 - Natural Colors Yes
a petrified multihued flower (T3) 601 - Natural Colors Yes
a rotted orc tongue, a split-tipped putrid green tongue, a pallid slimy tongue Eat: 605 - Whispering Willow Yes
a knotted soot black wand cracked up the middle (T3) 716 - Disease Yes
a green carved willow wand (T3) 1707 - Minor Steam Yes
a clouded glass wand (T3) 706 - Mind Jolt Yes
a slim crimson wand wrapped with a spiral of azure (T3) 709 - Quake Yes
a misshapen black and blue wand (T3) 1709 - Minor Cold  Yes
a carved birch wand (T3) 1207 - Force Projection Yes
a small shadowy black crystal sphere (T3) Throw: 916 - Invisibility Yes
some translucent spun sugar candy (T3) eat: 916 - Invisibility Yes
a dried clump of grass Eat: 1105 - Organ Repair
an oblong piece of amber

Trapped within the amber, you see a perfectly preserved mosquito.

Rub:1101 - Heal No
a decaying severed finger Eat: 1102 - Limb Repair No
a shard of dark crimson rock candy 1107 - Adrenal Surge Yes
a luminous green crystal (T3) 1107 - Adrenal Surge Yes
an alabaster granite sliver (T3) 1201 - Force Orb No
a rusty iron dragon figurine (T3) 1202 - Iron Skin Yes
a faceted silver-streaked crystal (T3) 1204 - Foresight Yes
a gold-streaked pale violet crystal (T3) 1205 - Soothing Word Yes
a pale copper-flecked crystal (T3) 1208 - Mindward Yes
a translucent green-sheened crystal (T3) 1209 - Dragonclaw Yes
a dull yellow glass orb (T3) 1604 - Purify Yes
a bright green glass orb (T3) 1607 - Rejuvenation Yes
a varnished light haon canteen (T3) 1711 - Mystic Focus Yes
a donut-shaped stone statue (T3) Rub: 1712 - Spirit Guard Yes
a dehydrated heart (T2) Health/10 bites No
a squishy yellow eyeball (T2) Eye Repair/1 bite No
a rancid black liver Yes
a frosted glass orb (T3) 211 - Bravery Yes

Other Edit

Item Abilities Sellable
some polished moonstone prayerbeads WAVE, HOLD, CLUTCH, RAISE, TOSS, and TOUCH:  Yes
a crimson-shot jet chaplet Scripted prayer beads: WAVE, HOLD, CLUTCH, RAISE, TOSS, and TOUCH:  Yes
a folded black canvas tent (T4) stand/go/fold Yes
a blue-swirled glaes candy jar with a silver lid (T4) Self-filling candy jar Yes
a slender veniom hook dangling a cluster of crimson rubies (T4) Earworn scripted lockpick (shake, rub, pull) Yes
an ornate floral-motif rose gold mirror inset with tiny white moonstone dew drops (T4) Compliment mirror, heavily scripted Yes
a square silver compass with a thin gold pointer (T4) Scripted rub/turn Yes
a square golden imflass compass (T4) Scripted turn/touch Yes

a star-shaped soft ebon nightshade (T4)

Five ovoid-shaped, velvety soft petals stand out from a slender stem wrapped in silvery ribbons.  Deep plum veins trail across the delicate petals to create a pool of inky violet where the petals meet at the bright yellow iris.

Scripted Yes
a salt-stained parchment map (T3) Scripted Yes
a glaes-eyed wad of fur (T3) Perches on shoulder Yes
a sapphire and silver bird whistle Scripted kiss/push/pull Yes
a bent iron hook with a molded leather handguard Hand-worn, feature-altering Yes
an orange glass pumpkin perfume bottle  the scent of cinnamon and cloves mingled with that of roasted pumpkin Yes
a large silver center-punched coin "luck" rune (spirit) No
a smooth oblong marble runestone painted with an erupting geyser "geyser" rune (spirit) No
a small matte black stone carved with triangular runes Yes
sleeping/grimacing/snorting/frowning/etc hobgoblin/clown mask (T3) Tap to change adjective Yes
a silver-inlaid rough white stone Yes
a long white swan feather fan bound by silver wire Scripted fan Yes
a dirt-caked rotted willow pegleg wearable/feature changing No
a thin oak and leather folio (T3) Blank alchemy book Yes
a mithril-bound boiled leather codex (T3) Blank alchemy book Yes
a gold-cornered thick leather volume (T3) Blank alchemy book Yes
a small leather-bound book (T3) Blank alchemy book Yes
a miniature crystal goblin (T2) wave Yes
a small crystal wisp wave Yes
a garnet-horned red crystal satyr (T3) wave Yes
 a tiny crystal skunk wave Yes
a star-etched silver tube (T3) Scripted kaleidoscope Yes
some large red quartz dice/some black toadstool dice (T3) Dice Yes
a cloudy glass swamp globe Scripted EG keepsake No
a glossy black ash cane with a silver tip Scripted
a pumpkin-shaped mug (T3) holds liquids? Yes
a blue-spotted toadstool mug with a scantily clad pixie handle (T3) Yes 
a strip of <description> leather (or cotton, linen, fleece, fur, sharkskin, silk, spidersilk, wire)

A strip of thin parchment covers the reverse side of a strip of <description> leather. You spot what might be a few drops of glue glistening from underneath.

Can be applied to weapons to change their description. Yes
a salve of pale grey cream (T3) Tattoo concealer(?) Yes
a ribbon-tied pure white rose bouquet,  a ribbon-tied crimson rose bouquet Touch/turn/pluck Yes
a hollow wooden latticework sphere Comfort script* Yes
an irregularly carved agate disk Comfort script* Yes
a silver-inlaid rough white stone Comfort script* Yes
 a rune-carved smooth black stone Comfort script* Yes
a cinnabar crystal prism Comfort script* Yes
a dried hazel twig Comfort script* Yes
a sinew-bound dried crow's foot Comfort script* Yes
a black iron fishhook Comfort script* Yes
a copper-caged rough cedar splinter Comfort script* Yes
a tiny enruned mithril warding charm Comfort script* Yes
a fake orc/hobgoblin/ogre/rat/kobold nose Scripted Yes
some fake orc/hobgoblin/ogre/rat/kobold ears Scripted Yes
a fake dirt-caked grey goatee Feature altering Yes
a piece of gritty paper Rub (w/arrow) Yes
a flat blue-grey stone carved with numerous small runes Yes
a tapered stick fixed with a ball of cotton at the point (T3) Tap it on something? Yes
a sliver of yellowed bone Yes
a tiny crystal skunk Yes
a jagged obsidian disc Yes
a large spotted snail shell Yes
a fossilized talon Yes
an invar-edged thick modwir ruler, a rusted metal chisel, a haon-handled grey mithril chisel, a small red invar wrench,  an ebon-handled silver screwturner (T2) Turn/toss/tilt Yes
a tarnished silver coffin nail Lockpick Yes
a white vaalin feather-etched hairpin Hair-worn lockpick Yes
a miniature smoky blue vaalin arrow Under-tongue lockpick Yes
a shadowy vultite-scaled shard (T3) Under-tongue lockpick Yes
a bent mithril nail Under-tongue lockpick Yes
a rust-colored laje spoke Under-tongue lockpick Yes
a diamond-crested ivory vaalin hairpin Under-tongue lockpick Yes
a narrow veniom-coiled spring (T4) Under-tongue lockpick Yes
a bleached bone key blank Yes
a narrow-eyed copper sewing needle Yes
an enruned crimson vaalin bracer (T3) VSA, 1 item, scripted Yes, Gem
a riveted iron clasp (T3) Yes
a pair of various knitting needles with various tips (T3) Push/press Yes
a spool of glossy white thread, a skein of bright yellow yarn, a skein of frayed jute twine, a tiny spool of gold-threaded silk Turn/pull No
some broken metal shears Yes
a loop of rotting string Yes
a carved maple hunting horn

You slowly lift your maple hunting horn and blow into it sounding one long mournful wail that rises and falls in intensity.

Kiss, worn Yes
a crystal comb Pull/pluck Yes
a moon-etched glass Yes
an onyx-traced silver crystal vial Open/close/raise/sprinkle neckworn Yes
a faded painted steel can (T3) Scripted-rub, open, close Yes
a pale parchment card Writeable card Yes
a dented bronze chain hauberk. +4 Yes
some warped bronze full plate -5 Yes
a gnarled wyrmwood toothpick Scripted Yes
 a phial of blood fluid, a phial of dark red liquid, a vial of glowing blue ether, a flagon of brackish water, a chalice of sanguine liquid, a crystal flask of ichor (various tiers)

You hold a phial of dark red liquid at arm's length and tilt it slightly, and a thin trail of dark red trickles steadily forth from it. You let it pour around you as you turn around around slowly, and are soon bordered by a circle of dark red.

Scripted: drink, tilt, turn Yes
a jagged obsidian disc Yes
an elaborate knot Yes
a chipped porcelain teacup Yes
a corroded iron fastener Yes
a skull-shaped silver belt buckle Worn anywhere Yes
a cracked brass-framed lens Yes
a string of yellowed teeth Yes
 two iron bars Yes
 a long bloodstained string Yes
some broken metal shears Yes
a golden-edged black mournbloom Wearable Yes
various makeup (lipstick pot, warpaint, eyeshadow) (T3) Wear Yes
a flaking blood red paper charm, a paper spider web-painted charm (T3) Runestaff charm No
a moss-covered black willow buckle Not wearable Yes
a bat-shaped tamarind treat Food Yes
a vibrant blue toadstool lollipop Food
an ivory-toothed cypress crocodile nutcracker

peanut, hazelnut, walnut, pistachio

Opens nuts - push, punish, tap, rub, wave, tilt, and load



a gleaming brass lantern with clear-paned glass Raise/turn Yes
cracked green glass jug coated with muck Beltworn, scripted: rub, exhale Yes
 a silver-hued short glass oil lamp Scripted - turn, light, extinguish Yes
various scented lamp oil For use in scripted lamps Yes
various blank runestones Yes
various coins Flip No

various mirrors (T3)

Peer Yes
 a carved maple hunting horn ? Worn, kiss/rub/wave Yes
a burnished dark ruic horn inlaid with ivory triangles (T4) ? Worn, kiss/rub/wave Yes

Weavables (T2) Edit

a long snowy white egret feather an iridescent fishscale a chipped sepia arrowhead
a dark green rose petal a long glossy vulture feather a spotted chicken feather
a piece of algae-stained driftwood a yellow-orange leaf a violet nightshade cluster
a chipped porcelain bead a heavily patinaed copper bead a dried blood red rosebud

Unsellable Junk Edit

a pair of hole-ridden socks a human skull encased in glaes a tarnished buckle
a deformed skull bearing the symbol of Imaera a pair of mud-splattered boots a sharpened  incisor
a length of partially melted iron chain a silk rainbow-colored banner a jar of teeth
a charred femur covered in jagged glyphs a hollow beetle carapace a torn dirty blue blanket.
some heavy rusted chains a neatly tied bow a broken shovel handle
a length of rotted rope a dirty oil-stained rag a rusted mining pan
a cracked small sluice box a cracked axe haft a broken brass pin
  • Comfort script: rub/wave/kiss/turn/push/press/clench