GSGuide Wiki
Item Special Abilities Cost - Room Buyer Current Owner
a harp-shaped silver music stand adorned with painted indigo dragonflies possessed with the spirit of a puppy, follows the owner, attunes and holds 1 small item. loresong. 84.7k - silvers room Saturday Dyan Dyan
a set of burnished adamantine brigandine embossed with fleur-de-lis just under 4x, +8 TD, adamantine properties and level restriction to use. token room - Saturday Taeghan Myriamie
a carved faewood runestaff 6x grants knowledge of holy bolt, said to be created by a sylvan cleric and blessed by Imaera token room - Saturday Tshana
an ancient yellow rolaren lance capped with a fist-shaped green eostone 4x, grants knowledge of tremors, mana recovery, stamina recovery, and max health. token room - Saturday Faloon
a twisted iron earcuff allows one to understand another language-believe it was set to Sylvan token room - Saturday Buu
some scarlet eahnor full plate enchanted a tad over 7x, unbalance flares 2.75M silvers room - Saturday Ravendra
a lacquered illthorn scepter with an intricate green topaz cap 5x returning runestaff, returns to your hand when disarmed. 50k silver room - Saturday Anatae
a ruby obelisk suspended from a twisted chain Obelisk of knowledge. Portable AI crystal. 3x every 8 hours. token room - Saturday Yyn
a pair of icy silver-blue wings They can cast major elemental wave wonce a day, ice patch five times a day, and they also may produce feathers with similar properties. 170500 Silvers room - Saturday Isanae
a braided copper wire and gear necklace 2x DB item token room - Saturday Kimli
a carved glowbark runestaff +32 grants knowledge of 904. token room - Saturday Saska
a silver-trimmed certificate minor sanct tattoo token room - Saturday Myriamie Taeghan
a rich burgundy cloak grants knowledge of 503, cycles through various looks. 5.5M silvers room - Saturday Brinret
a mistwood and blued mithril mirror scrying mirror token room - Saturday Rahsh
a solid brass earcuff allows one to understand another language-Winner bidder chose Sylvan. 80k Silvers room - Saturday Mithogras
a scratched razern fetter +8 DB item 2M silvers room - Saturday Aedion
a pale grey property deed Misted Cottage token room - Saturday Nixxi
a storm grey witchwood crook 3x grants knowledge of death cloud 100k silvers room - Saturday Folanar
a gold certificate 2 custom verbs, custom log-on 50k silvers room - Saturday Adlai
a powder blue suede bandolier 5x daggers, disintigrate flares token room - Saturday Baelhar
a slender mossbark long bow laminated with strips of yew heartwood slightly over 4x sighting of +18 points 60k silvers room - Saturday Cyrias
some sepia-hued leather gloves They will add to ones harness power skill, mana recovery, and spirit recovery. token room - Saturday Fintan
a pair of pale blue suede gloves branded with silvery wing symbols along the palms Upon any outgoing attack, they have a small chance to cause a squall to flare up around their bearer, hastening his movements for that particular attack. When worn with the Boots of Tonis, the chance is increased. Once an hour, the gloves may be activated to create a call wind effect. The gloves also grant 20 ranks of enhancive Pickpocketing. token room - Saturday Pain
a shadowy grey crystal When its magic is activated, a glamour will be cast upon you, changing your visage to one much more intimidating and mysterious. 2M silvers room - Saturday Zone
a glaesine phial of potion fix stat potion 300k silvers room - Saturday Haej
a gold-inlaid illthorn shield 6x +10TD greatshield token room - Saturday Crumbles
a crimson-edged property deed Custom Property in Solhaven token room - Saturday Roslyn
a pair of winged silver boots Boots of Tonis Elihu for 22 mil - Saturday Elihu
a pair of pale blue gauntlets Gloves of Tonis Brunhilde for 23 mil - Sunday Elihu
an engraved silver box magical Dachre cards Eulogia for 200k - Sunday Eulogia
a billowy cloak of shadows 1x/day Cloak of Shadows, 1x/day auto-hide, +10 hiding ranks, scripted Philistine by token - Sunday Eulogia
a silver-trimmed certificate 6x/day 1606 (Dauntless) tattoo Rinya by token - Sunday Redeemed by Eulogia
a silver-bound golvern gauntlet 6x/day encumbrance reducer, heavily scripted Adlai for 50k - Sunday Jaired