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There are many ways to help the wiki. Our primary goal is to document everything Platinum oriented as much as possible. Editors are free to do anything that they find interesting. If see something that needs to be fixed, just click on the edit tab and fix it. If you're looking for something that needs to be done, please check the project page. Below are a general listing of things you can do to help out!

General Page Improvement[]

This section explains the many useful general ways to contribute to

Getting Started[]

Cleaning Up Articles[]

As the site continues to grow, there will be will be (unfortunately) articles that do not meet the site's style. Some common problems with articles include:

  • Incorrect spelling or grammar.
  • Incorrect usage of infoboxes on Profiles.
  • Pages that do not include proper wiki formatting.

Expanding Articles[]

Plenty of articles on the site can be expanded. Depending on the page, this may vary. Profile pages should not really be touched outside helping with cleaning up various grammar and incorrectly used wiki commands. Outside that, most pages can use extra input, more data, expanded summaries, etc. As always, use the discussion pages to talk amongst other editors to see who is working on what and what might be good for each page.


When deciding to help out with a project, keep in mind what is being asked on the projects page. Try not to stray from what is being asked, as some of the criteria may be strict in what is wanted.

When working on a page in the projects listing, please state somewhere that you are working on that page so your information is not lost or edited over. Simply put something like '*This page is being worked on by' ~~~~ either on the actual page or in the discussion page. This will help most confusion.