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The Mithril Juggernaut appeared in 2000 to offer an array of wares to tempt all adventurers.  Combining information from Cattriona, the EWS and Vyrshkana, a list of items for sale can be found here.

The Artist's Brush[]

Crests 10k; may be painted on shields, worn or imbedded

On the shield display you see a wooden shield (10), a mithril shield (1k), an imflass shield (4k) and a vultite shield (10k).

On the beige wall you see a silver crest, a violet crest, a green crest, a frost white crest, a camouflage crest, a tan crest, a black crest, a gold crest and a blue crest.

On the green wall you see a setting sun crest, a bright moon crest, a pink rose crest, a rising sun crest, a red rose crest, a blood red crest, a sunburst crest, a white crest and a yellow rose crest.

On the red wall you see a tiger head crest, a jet black crest, a bear head crest, a heart crest, a spider crest, a rolton crest, a cross crest, a lion head crest and a wolf head crest.

On the blue wall you see a flaming star crest, a diamond crest, a lightning crest, a bright flame crest, a pure white crest, a black rose crest, a white rose crest, a flaming rose crest and a bloody heart crest.

On the black wall you see a pole axe crest, a crowbill crest, a gold box crest, a glaive crest, a bloody dirk crest, a talon sword crest, a skull crest (weighs less than 2), a gold chest crest and a halberd crest.

On the white wall you see a crossed pike crest, a war hammer crest, a claidhmore crest, an awl-pike crest, a yataghan crest, a cudgel crest, a studded mace crest and a composite bow crest.

On the dark wall you see a V'tull crest, an Andelas crest, a Sheru crest, a Marlu crest, a Mularos crest, an Onar crest, a Fash'lo'nae crest, an Ivas crest and a Luukos crest.

On the light wall you see a Charl crest, a Koar crest, a Kai crest, an Oleani crest, a Ronan crest, a Voln crest, an Imaera crest, a Phoen crest and a Lorminstra crest.

On the shaded wall you see an Eorgina crest, an Eonak crest, a Jastev crest, a Tonis crest and a Cholen crest.

On the azure wall you see a scythe crest, a dagger crest, a short bow crest, a handaxe crest, a long bow crest, a bloody blade crest, a crossbow crest, a javelin crest and an arrow crest.

On the silver wall you see a backsword crest, a lock and key crest, a white mace crest, a scimitar crest, a crystal wand crest, a gold wand crest, an assassin crest and a silver wand crest.

On the gold wall you see a spiked mace crest, a spiked flail crest, a cutlass crest, a falchion crest, a demon rum crest, a battleaxe crest, a broadsword crest, a short sword crest and a trident crest.

On the tan wall you see an empath crest, a ranger crest, a warrior crest, a bard crest, a sorcerer crest, a cleric crest, a rogue crest and a wizard crest.

On the yellow wall you see a blue scarab crest, a red scarab crest, a war club crest, a lockpick crest, a golden scarab crest, a white scarab crest, a black scarab crest, a gold trunk crest and a silver scarab crest.

On the brown wall you see a griffin crest, a cobra head crest, an arachnid crest, a tiger eye crest, a warcat crest, a fire rat crest, a fire cat crest, a tiger claw crest and a spider web crest.

On the rough wall you see a bone golem crest, an ice troll crest, a troll crest, a golem crest, a kobold crest, a greater orc crest, a bear claw crest, a dark orc crest and a war troll crest.

On the smooth wall you see a myklian crest, a dark vysan crest, a wolverine crest, a darkwoode crest, a shelfae crest, a draken hound crest, a velnalin crest, a krovlin crest and a steel golem crest.

On the textured wall you see an viper crest, a crocodile crest, a lizard crest, a sand devil crest, a giant rat crest, a snowcat crest, a pyrothag crest and a storm giant crest.

On the blueberry wall you see a yellow note crest, an ivory dagger crest, a black widow crest, a purple snake crest, a silver star crest, a silver sickle crest, a crescent moon crest, a golden scroll crest, a black star crest and a pierced heart crest.

On the cranberry wall you see a broken skull crest, a silver fist crest, a golden crown crest, a green trident crest, a black sword crest, a golden sheaf crest, a brown doe crest, a golden key crest, a budding heart crest, a crimson lute crest, a red flame crest, a golden anvil crest and a crystal ball crest.

On the strawberry wall you see a white feather crest, a pegasus crest, a white lily crest, a gold leaf crest, a jet scimitar crest, a black jackal crest, a jackal's head crest, a black cat crest, a cat's head crest and a yellow eye crest.

On the elven lore mural you see an Illistim crest, a Loenthra crest, an Ashrim crest, an Ardenai crest, a Nalfein crest, a Vaalor crest and a Faendryl crest.

On the giant lore mural you see a Vaikalimara crest, a fallen trunk crest, a Maeramil crest, an Araime crest, a battle hammer crest, a Grot'karesh crest, a ruby ogre crest, an Issimir crest, a dark wolf crest, a Grishknel crest, a wendigo crest, a Wsalamir crest, a black bear crest and a T'Kirem crest.

On the immortal mural you see a Kuon crest, a Voaris crest, a Laethe crest, an Aeia crest, a Lumnis crest, a Zelia crest, a Gosaena crest, a Huntress crest, an Amasalen crest, an Arachne crest, a Niima crest, a Leya crest, a Tilamaire crest and a Jaston crest.

On the dolphin wall you see a polar bear crest, an arctic fox crest, a ptarmigan crest, a penguin crest, a green serpent crest and a grey dolphin crest.

On the rose wall you see a ladybug crest, a butterfly crest, a bloodhound crest, a bulldog crest, a burly reiver crest, a red bear crest, a gyrefalcon crest, a blue wolf crest, a soaring hawk crest, a grey wolf crest, a horned owl crest and a green wisp crest.

On the aqua divider you see a black eagle crest, a blood eagle crest, a troglodyte crest, a manticore crest, a running thrak crest, a ghostly pooka crest, a shadow steed crest, a night hound crest, a zombie crest and a firephantom crest.

On the landscape screen you see a weasel crest, a sable fox crest, a raccoon crest, a caterpillar crest, a porcupine crest, a tarantula crest, a scorpion crest, a flying bat crest, an ocelot crest and a pheasant crest.

On the sunset wall you see a scarlet macaw crest, a vulture crest, a spotted deer crest, an ostrich crest, a tortoise crest, a spider monkey crest, a charging bull crest, a bobcat crest, a warthog crest, a hummingbird crest, a dancing pig crest and a sleeping cow crest.

On the fern wall you see a chameleon crest, a grey mouse crest, a field mouse crest, a calico cat crest, a grey owl crest, a perched raven crest, a diving falcon crest, a white cat crest, a snowy owl crest, a squirrel crest and a magpie crest.

Balouga's Designs[]

On the wooden rack you see some embossed midnight blue leathers (40k, 2x), some sculpted burgandy leathers (40k, 2x), some handmade raw hide leathers (40k, 2x), some blackened veniom-edged leathers (225k, 4x), some tooled soft brown leathers (225k, 4x) and some white opal-trimmed leathers (225k, 4x).

On the grey rack you see a wire-wrapped gold-handled broadsword (125k), a silver-etched black steel longsword (127k) and an embossed maple-handled halberd (105k). (acid flares)

On the blue rack you see a engraved brass-hilted broadsword (125k), an engraved antique longsword (127k, 4x, edged, longsword base, enchanter's glyph, weighs 4, 80/200) and a single-bladed emerald-handled axe (120k). (cold flares)

On the red rack you see a bat-winged silver-hilted longsword (127k), a sterling basket-hilted broadsword (125k) and an engraved ivory-handled dagger (20k). (fire flares)

Benison's Best[]

On the clerical mannequin you see a pale flaxen surplice (3k), a snow white finely woven cassock (10k), a braided red satin cincture (7k), some silver tasseled satin slippers (20), a pierced spherical ora censer (15k), a silver-corded scarlet satin satchel (40k), some filigreed silver and ruby prayerbeads (14k), a resplendent jeweled miter (25k) and a ceremonial jeweled eonake crosier (25k).

On the section of ironwood you see an ora-edged eonake bardiche (325k, 4x, polearm, halberd base, sancted, 45/205, weighs 8), an engraved eonake carp's tongue (315k, 4x, edged, broadsword base, sancted, vibe flares, 95/215, weighs 4), a basket-hilted eonake espadon (615k), a double-edged eonake taper (315k, 4x, edged, handaxe base, 90/215, weighs 4), an ivory-hilted eonake khopesh (325k, 4x, edged, falchion base), an ash-hafted eonake framea (500k), a thin handled twisted eonake misericord (100k), a silver chased eonake bodkin (100k), a veniom-hilted eonake tabar (410k), a wire-hilted eonake foil (195k), a gold-hilted eonake braquemar (175k), a finely forged eonake kaskara (375k) and a onyx-hilted eonake battlesword (500k, THW, twohanded sword base).

On the weapon rack you see a long-handled eonake spiked mace (320k), a massive eonake maul (390k, THW, war mattock base), an imflass linked eonake mace and chain (295k, blunt, ball and chain base), a stout oak eonake-toothed truncheon (225k), a leather eonake-barbed bullwhip (250k), a haon-hafted eonake war hammer (320k), a bone-hafted eonake binnol (295k) and a gilded eonake quadrelle (300k).

On the table you see a burnished eonake heater (195k), a silver limned eonake targe (185k), a veniom-chased eonake buckler (250k), a rolaren banded eonake shield (195k), a crystal-set eonake shield (200k) and a bronze bossed eonake kite shield (350k).

On the shelf you see a silver and eonake mesh coif (25k), a gaping eonake fish-mouthed helm (30k), a drake-winged eonake helm (29k), a crimson plumed eonake helmet (31k), some velvet lined eonake thighguards (19k), a peaked visored eonake greathelm (25k) and some velvet lined eonake vambraces (19k).

On the ironwood rack you see some rugged eonake-studded leathers (295k), some eonake trimmed casting leathers (170k), a double-linked eonake hauberk (285k) and some hammered eonake half plate (325k).

Bilge Hold[]

In the metal crate you see some thick grey leather gloves, some heavy leather padded gloves, a thick black canvas apron, a heavy steel grey helmet (2.5k), a badly soiled blue canvas apron, a pocketed black canvas apron (4k), a burnished tan leather toolbelt (5k), a pair of twine-tied workboots, a sturdy black leather toolbelt, a thick leather toolbelt, a pair of dirty leather workboots and a small black ankle sheath (2.5k). (3.5k unless noted)

In the open locker you see a spool of thick white twine, a spool of slender black wire, a small opal-hilted chisel (2.5k), a small steel chisel, a rusted iron chisel, a sturdy rawhide mallet and a small fel-hafted mallet (2.5k). (5k unless noted)

Blarth's Weapons[]

On the silvery iron table you see a glaes-studded pink mithril takouba (45k), a scorched black rolaren machete (175k, 4x, falchion base, fire flares, weighs 5, 95/225), a silver-etched white glaes machete (105k, 3x, acid flares, weighs 6), a silver edged emerald imflass badelaire (105k), a scorched black rolaren pugio (55k, 4x, fire flares, weighs 1, 38/260), a glaes-studded sturdy mithril parazonium (25k) and a gold-chased black glaes espadon (105k). (edged)

In the modwir chest you see a scorched black rolaren chereb (155k), an onyx-hilted white glaes kilij (105k), a rune-etched silvered eonake hatchet (245k, 4x, sancted, weighs 4, 90/215), a silver-edged golden mithril sparte (45k), a fel-handled white glaes toporok (105k), a scorched black rolaren taper (175k, 4x, fire flares, 90/225) and a haon-hafted sturdy rolaren balta (175k, 4x, handaxe base, lightning flares, 90/225). (edged)

In the fel box you see a silver-chased black rolaren espadon (175k, 4x, edged and THW, bastard sword base, fire flares), a lily-white scored eonake spantha (245k, sancted, weighs 4), a ruby inset glaes machera (105k), a wire-wrapped sturdy rolaren spadroon (175k, 4x, weighs 5), a gold-chased silvered glaes flyssa (105k), an onyx-hilted mithril talon sword (55k, 1x, cold flares) and a glaes-studded rolaren talon sword (175k, broadsword base). (edged)

In the red trunk you see an ora-chased black steel claidhmore, a vaalin hilted claidhmore, a wire-wrapped blued steel claidhmore, a corroded iron claidhmore, a blue sapphire inset steel claidhmore, a pink sapphire inset claidhmore and a steel-hilted silver claidhmore. (150k, THW)

In the haon box you see a silver-chased emerald ora battlesword (50k), a gold-chased black mithril oncin (55k), a leather wrapped glaes sabar (75k), a haon-hafted warped vultite maul (150k), a red rolaren footman's hammer (187.5k) and a silver-chased green glaes greatsword (125k). (THW)

On the black iron table you see a scorched glaes-edged kheten (97.5k), a yew-hafted mithril balestarius (35k), a haon-hafted black eonake adze (355k), a fel-hafted executioner's axe (130k), a yew-handled heavy vultite doloire (130k), a long-handled silver vultite doloire (120k) and a wire-wrapped red ora tabar (32.5k). (THW

On the iron counter you see a scorched black rolaren zinnor (185k, 4x, trident base, fire flares), a gold-etched silvery mithril fuscina (55k), a silver-chased red eonake pill (245k), a sturdy well-balanced cateia (35k), a sturdy silvered glaes angon (105k), a scorched black rolaren sudis (180k) and a warped green vultite sarissa (135k, 4x, acid flares). (polearms)

In the haon chest you see a silver-edged golden ora framea (75k), a warped red mithril shail (45k), a gold-etched blue glaes jaculum (105k), a silver-edged scarlet rolaren contus (125k), a blue sapphire inset vultite voulge (135k), a scorched black rolaren scythe (200k, 4x, 45/215) and a sturdy diamond-inlaid scorpion (75k). (polearms)

In the black fel chest you see a silver-chased red vultite godendag (140k), a warped glaes croc (125k), a haon-hafted silver mithril bill (75k), a fel-hafted warped vultite spetum (150k), a pearl handled rolaren runka (187.5k), a corroded white glaes ranseur (112.5k) and a sapphire inset mithril korseke (55k). (polearms)

On the modwir table you see a glaes-studded silvery imflass taavish (60k, +12, B?, weighs 4, 80/195), a glaes-studded scored rolaren hoolurge (175k, 4x, cold flares, war hammer base, weighs 7, 80/220), a scorched black rolaren fang (175k, 4x, fire flares, weighs 7, 80/220), a glaes-studded imflass spiked mace (64k, +12, B?, weighs 5, 80/185), a scorched rolaren morning star (175k, 4x, morning star base, fire flares, weighs 8, 80/210), a fel-hafted black mithril dhara (55k, 1x, fire flares, weighs 7, 85/290) and an ironwood hafted mithril bulawa (45k, 1x, acid flares, weighs 7, 85/290). (blunt)

In the silver case you see a gold-engraved white mithril taavish (55k, 1x, lightning flares, weighs 6, 80/195), a gold-chased silvery mithril fang (55k, 1x, cold flares, weighs 6, 80/195), an ebon-hafted silvered glaes fang (105k, 3x, war hammer base, acid flares, weighs 10, 84/220), a golden glaes-studded hoolurge (105k, 3x, lightning flares, weighs 11, 84/220) and a scored horsman's hammer (75k, 3x, cold flares, weighs 4, 80/195). (blunt)

In the ora chest you see a gold-studded red vultite ox mace (60k, 4x, B?, weighs 6, 80/290), a ruby-studded golden vultite quadrelle (125k, 4x, cold flares, weighs 6, 80/290), a scorched black rolaren pernat (175k, 4x, mace base, fire flares, weighs 8, 85/315), a gold-etched sturdy glaes mattina (125k, 3x, cold flares, weighs 12, 89/315), a fel-handled sturdy imflass massuelle (105k, +12, lightning flares, weighs 5, 85/290), a scorched black rolaren goupillon (175, 4x, fire flares, weighs 8, 95/240) and an ebon-hafted white mithril binnol (5.5k, 1x, B?, weighs 9, 95/215). (blunt)


A mithril juggernaut pin (100, weighs 1, pinworn, not imbeddible, show, scripted: rub)

Pin show: The gleaming mithril pin is a souvenir from the one and only Enormous Mithril Juggernaut. The Juggernaut, home to a clan of dwarven craftsmen, travels on and under the world of Elanthia. Few can brag to have seen the Juggernaut, much less been inside it.

Broglar's Expedition Shop[]

In the metal bucket you see a translucent glaes pyramid (5k), a milky white glaes sphere (8.5k), a polished sky blue steel sphere (7k), a polished deep blue steel sphere (4.5k) and a dried mottled green turnip (3k).

On the polished haon table you see a veniom-edged black leather sheath, a ruby-inlaid silver tooled sheath, a burnished green leather sheath, an elegant silver-bound sheath and a gold-bound blue leather sheath. (7k)

On the steel hooks you see a rune-stitched golden silk cape, a forest green oilskin cape, a pure white oilskin cape, a bright red oilcloth cape and an ebon-hued oilcloth cape. (6k)

In the mithril bin you see a silver-laced black silk pouch, a gold-laced blue velvet pouch, a veniom-laced crimson silk pouch, a supple grey leather pouch and a soft black velvet pouch. (6k)

On the wooden pegs you see a studded black leather weapons harness, a veniom-edged leather weapon harness, a shadow-grey leather battle harness (18k), a silver-edged black weapon harness and a gold-trimmed white weapons harness. (12k unless noted)

On the modwir cloak rack you see a thick black wool cloak, a thick dark blue wool cloak, a thick forest green wool cloak, a thick deep crimson wool cloak, a thick snowy white wool cloak, a raven-hued spidersilk cloak, a pure white spidersilk cloak, a pale yellow spidersilk cloak, a vibrant blue spidersilk cloak and a blood-red spidersilk cloak. (wool cloaks 8k, spidersilk cloaks 9k)

On the wooden boot rack you see some polished red leather boots, some burnished high leather boots, some knee-high white leather boots, some steel-toed troll skin boots, some iron-shod scuffed leather boots, some hard-soled black velvet boots, a pair of black silver-tipped boots, some low-cut white leather boots, a pair of blue rune-stitched boots and some knee-high veniom-stitched boots. (4k)

On the wooden table you see a steel-studded black vultite goupillon (215k), a tarnished golden imflass ball & chain (139k), a mottled black steel periperiu (112k), a serrated mithril short sword (85k), a tarnished vultite short sword (253k), a spiked silvery mithril binnol (69k), an iron-spiked black vultite baculus (155k), an engraved red ora short sword (118k), a silver-edged black imflass dagger (16k), an ebony-hilted silvery ora dagger (12k) and a crystal-inset silvery vultite dagger (25k).

In the haon weapons case you see a crimson-edged black mithril flamberge (69k), a ruby-inlaid black mithril broadsword (43k), a jagged golden imflass broadsword (150k), an ivory-hilted serrated steel broadsword (108k), a veniom-edged serrated ora broadsword (112k), an enruned silvery rolaren broadsword (235k, 4x, edged, broadsword base, fire flares), an engraved golden imflass longsword (145k) and a silver-edged black vultite longsword (232k, 4x, edged, longsword base).

On the iron axe rack you see an etched red glaes battle axe (105k), a modwir-hafted serrated battle axe (100k), a frosty blue rolaren battle axe (190k), a serrated silvery imflass waraxe (132k), a blackened silver mithril waraxe (70k), a golden rolaren waraxe (189k) and a modwir-hafted enruned steel waraxe (85k, 3x, blessable).

In the wooden trunk you see some polished crimson light leather (87k), some gold-edged deep blue light leather (60k), some forest green light leather (28k), some supple blue leather hunts (43k) and some enruned crimson leather hunts (112k).

On the steel armor stand you see some ora-inlaid deep blue brigandine (95k), some tooled pale gold brigandine (170k), some onyx-inset smokey gray brigandine (260k), some polished lavender leathers (48k), some polished light gray leathers (120k) and some ruby-inset pure white leathers (33k).

Dalibur's Treasures[]

On the chained crates you see an elegant gold thumb ring, a dainty diamond anchor ring, a stunning moonstone ring, a braided leather ring and a brilliant blue sapphire ring. (5k, imbeddible, holds 40 mana, weighs 1)

On the wooden shelves you see a dragonfire emerald earring, some bejeweled chest earrings, some dainty ruby star earrings, a pounded silver hammer earring and a mithril sword earring. (5k, imbeddible, holds 40 mana, weighs 1)

In the treasure chest you see a sailor's-knot gold bracelet, a lucid spun crystal bracelet, an incandescent sunstone bracelet, an ivory-inlaid leather bracelet and an etched mermaid silver bracelet. (5k, imbeddible, holds 40 mana, weighs 1)

Dreonolaek's Wagon[]

All items 15k

On the modwir stand you see a sapphire blue scroll pouch, a black velvet scroll pouch, a laced leather scroll pouch, an embroidered silk scroll pouch and a soft doeskin scroll pouch.

In the covered showcase you see an ivory scroll case, a pearl scroll case, an emerald scroll case, a black onyx scroll case and a polished bone scroll case.

On the lopsided rack you see a bone-clasped burlap scroll sack, a silver tasseled scroll sack, a rune-etched leather sack, an onyx-clasped quilted scroll sack and an opal-clasped velvet scroll sack.


In the large wooden barrel you see an engraved silver rod (5.6k), a fiery scarlet quartz pendant (2.35k), a blue diamond choker (6k), an onyx penguin clasp (3.54k), some silver filigree combs (3375), some white dreamstone earrings (5125), some silver and gold bracelets (2.1k), a delicate red crystal rose (3k), an ivory and jade buckle (8.35k) and an elaborate carved ivory wand (6k).

On the cask of ale you see a shifting lockpick (10k).

Dwizzler's Slightly Used Items[]

In the wooden box you see a scorched wooden shield (800), a battered vultite shield (46k), a scratched mithril shield (15k) and a tarnished imflass shield (45k).

In the iron chest you see a broken dirty-bristled hairbrush (500), a moth-eaten grey woolen cap (500), a broken broomstick (300) and some cracked black-rimmed spectacles (800).

In the wooden barrel you see a moth-eaten dark blue cloak, a torn black cotton cloak, a dark stained brown leather cloak and a dark stained green silk cloak. (5k)

In the broken lockbox you see a rusty brown vultite mace (60k), a blackened glaes scimitar (82.5k), a rusty iron-hafted ora handaxe (34k) and a scratched imflass broadsword (34k).

Flying Pies Bakery[]

Items 1k

On the wooden counter you see a lemon meringue pie, a boysenberry pie, a rhubarb pie, a sweet potato pie, a cherry pie, a vanilla cream pie and a bread pudding pie.

On the cooling rack you see a mincemeat pie, a raisin pie, a banana cream pie, a chocolate cream pie, an apple pie, a strawberry pie, a plum pie and a peach pie.

Small sign:

I will have my boys hand deliver your pies to your friends. Simply GIVE BAKER for instructions on how to get my delivery service. The pie must be in your right hand and your note in your left hand please. Pies hand delivered by my boys would be 10,000 coins.

Froehic's Emblazonry[]

Crests are imbeddible, holds 40 mana, weigh 2 and can be worn or placed on armors.

On the armor rack you see a suit of mithril chain hauberk (35k, 1x, weighs 25), some heavy dark chain mail (20k), some thickly scaled brigandine (27k) and some fine dwarven-made chain (47k).

On the armor stand you see a suit of dark cuirbouilli leathers (27k), some ebon battle leathers (35k), some golvern-studded leather (15k) and some supple tan leather hunts (13k).

On the ora-reinforced table you see a thin stiletto crest, a mithril Juggernaut crest (18k), a small black dagger crest (4k), a deep red rose crest (4k), a black rose crest (4k), a flaming sword crest (4k), a flaming arrow crest (4k), a myklian scale pattern crest (11k), a single quarter note crest (7k) and a dagger impaled tart crest (7k).

In the oaken tub you see a checkered pattern crest, an intricate lockpick crest, a simple hourglass crest, a large anchor crest, a moon and stars crest, a set of dice crest, a blue star crest, a green star crest, a silver lute crest and a golden harp crest. (7k)

On the mithril counter you see a wolf's paw crest, a lanky weasel crest, a rampant lion crest, a sleeping tiger crest, a snarling panther crest, a puma's head crest, a running fox crest, a howling wolf crest, a snarling bear crest, a bear's paw crest, a cat's paw crest, a fox's head crest and a coiled serpent crest. (6.5k)

On the thanot table you see a silvery abstract design crest, a geometric pattern crest, a swirling vortex crest, a lightning bolt crest, a brilliant fireball crest, a storm cloud crest, a tidal wave crest, a strange pentacle crest and an odd sigil crest. (8k)

On the oak shelf you see a dashing rogue crest, a cackling cleric crest, a grinning bard crest, a confused ranger crest, a muscular warrior crest, a bloodied empath crest, a spellcasting wizard crest and a malevolent sorcerer crest. (9k)

On the modwir stand you see a soaring blue dragon crest, a soaring black dragon crest, a soaring green dragon crest, a red dragon's head crest, a magnificent drake crest, a soaring red dragon crest, a sleeping blue dragon crest and a roaring black dragon crest. (16k)

On the imflass counter you see an enraged pyrothag crest, a bumbling kobold crest, a regal gryphon crest, a grimacing demon crest, a leering demon crest, a rising phoenix crest, a perched owl crest, a circular serpent crest, a nightmare steed crest and a smiling faerie crest. (6.5k)

In the display case you see an emerald serpent crest, a jackal's head crest, a disembodied eye crest, a stylized flame crest, a stylized wisp of smoke crest, a black cat's head crest, a black scimitar crest, a dagger pierced heart crest and a tentacled star crest. (21k)

On the monir table you see a silvery crescent moon crest, a shattered skull crest, a white shield crest, a silver eight pointed star crest, a black widow spider crest, a two-headed purple serpent crest, a leaping silver dolphin crest and an ivory-hilted dagger crest. (18k)

In the display case you see a golden crown crest, a silver-edged black sword crest, a gold key on a black gate crest, a golden sunburst crest, a silver fist crest, an emerald trident crest, a golden pegasus crest and a golden anvil crest. (19k)

Ghimpy Gills[]

On the cloak rack you see a fur-lined fishing jacket, a red wool fishing jacket, a weathered salt-stained jacket, a fur-lined camouflage jacket and a fur-lined trapper's cloak (30k). (20k unless noted)

On the mithril rack you see a crudely carved spectral trout (30k), a rattan-woven creel (15k), a leather pelt satchel (25k), an ora-handled fishing net (15k), a reed-woven packbasket (25k), a multi-colored fake fly (40k), a barbed fishing hook (40k), a rubber worm (40k), a bait bag (25k), a wool-trimmed angler's vest (15k), a pocketed fishing vest (15k), a salt-stained fishing vest (15k), a weathered fishing vest (15k), a tackle box (25k) and a spool of fine fishing line (40k).

On the potion counter you see an ice-blue potion (20k), a sea-green potion, a spectral-blue potion, a saltwater potion, a smelly seaweed potion, a shimmering blue potion (20k) and some fish oil. (30k unless noted)

In the imflass display case you see an iridescent silver fishing lure (1.01k), a leather knife pouch (10k), a weathered bait pouch (10k), an ora-hilted fillet knife, a veniom-etched fillet knife, a pointed pelting knife, a razor-sharp fillet knife, a serrated skinning knife, a silver studded knife pouch (20k) and a hammered brass lure (1.01k). (knives 75k)

On the glaes table you see a pair of salt-stained boots, some weathered fishing boots, a pair of oiled hip-boots, some sturdy wooden snowshoes, a sturdy hunting pack (30k), a dwarven tackle harness (47975), a goofy fisherman doll, some polar paw gauntlets and some oiled eelskin galoshes. (10k unless noted)

In the wooden barrel you see some leather trapping gloves, some grey wool socks, some salt-stained gloves, some fingerless skinning gloves, a salt-stained fishing hat, a bear skin hat, some fingerless ragwool gloves, a coyote tail cap, some thick red wool socks and an over-sized camouflage bandana (5k). (10k unless noted)

On the ora shelf you see a can of worms (40k), a can of bear bait (5k), an enruned trident (20k), a sturdy bamboo fishing pole (50k), a sharpened bamboo fishing spear (25k), a razor-sharp fish spine sword (100k) and a leather tooled knife case (10k).

On the mithril cart you see a berry-filled tart, a small chocolate fish and some cold frothy ale. (free, old style food)

Glignar's Forge[]

Invar-hafted item prices unless noted: pure mithril (13k), polished glaes (52.5k), dark mithglin (90.05k), black/white alloy (135k)

Drakar/gornar/rhimar-edged item prices: pure mithril (18k), polished glaes (55525), dark mithglin (105.55k), black/white alloy (150k)

On the mithril worktable you see a drakar-edged pure mithril doloire, a drakar-edged polished glaes doloire, a drakar-edged dark mithglin doloire, a drakar-edged black alloy doloire and a drakar-edged white alloy doloire.

Behind the mithril worktable you see a gornar-edged pure mithril doloire, a gornar-edged polished glaes doloire, a gornar-edged dark mithglin doloire, a gornar-edged black alloy doloire and a gornar-edged white alloy doloire.

In the mithril chest you see a gornar-edged pure mithril tabar, a gornar-edged polished glaes tabar, a gornar-edged dark mithglin tabar, a gornar-edged black alloy tabar and a gornar-edged white alloy tabar.

Behind the mithril chest you see an invar-hafted pure mithril doloire, an invar-hafted dark mithglin doloire, an invar-hafted black alloy doloire and an invar-hafted white alloy doloire.

On the mithril rack you see a rhimar-edged pure mithril tabar, a rhimar-edged polished glaes tabar, a rhimar-edged dark mithglin tabar, a rhimar-edged black alloy tabar and a rhimar-edged white alloy tabar.

In the mithril bin you see an invar-hafted pure mithril tabar, an invar-hafted polished glaes tabar, an invar-hafted dark mithglin tabar, an invar-hafted black alloy tabar and an invar-hafted white alloy tabar.

On the mithril bin you see a drakar-edged pure mithril tabar, a drakar-edged polished glaes tabar, a drakar-edged dark mithglin tabar, a drakar-edged black alloy tabar and a drakar-edged white alloy tabar.

On the warped oak rack you see a rhimar-edged pure mithril balestarius, a rhimar-edged polished glaes balestarius, a rhimar-edged dark mithglin balestarius, a rhimar-edged black alloy balestarius and a rhimar-edged white alloy balestarius.

On the mithglin worktable you see a rhimar-edged pure mithril adze, a rhimar-edged polished glaes adze, a rhimar-edged dark mithglin adze, a rhimar-edged black alloy adze and a rhimar-edged white alloy adze.

Behind the mithglin worktable you see an invar-hafted pure mithril adze, an invar-hafted polished glaes adze, an invar-hafted dark mithglin adze, an invar-hafted black alloy adze and an invar-hafted white alloy adze.

Under the mithglin worktable you see a gornar-edged pure mithril adze, a gornar-edged polished glaes adze, a gornar-edged dark mithglin adze, a gornar-edged black alloy adze and a gornar-edged white alloy adze.

In the mithglin chest you see a gornar-edged pure mithril balestarius, a gornar-edged polished glaes balestarius, a gornar-edged dark mithglin balestarius, a gornar-edged black alloy balestarius and a gornar-edged white alloy balestarius.

Behind the mithglin chest you see a drakar-edged pure mithril adze, a drakar-edged polished glaes adze, a drakar-edged dark mithglin adze, a drakar-edged black alloy adze and a drakar-edged white alloy adze.

In the mithglin bin you see an invar-hafted pure mithril balestarius, an invar-hafted polished glaes balestarius, an invar-hafted dark mithglin balestarius, an invar-hafted black alloy balestarius and an invar-hafted white alloy balestarius.

Behind the mithglin bin you see a drakar-edged pure mithril balestarius, a drakar-edged polished glaes balestarius, a drakar-edged dark mithglin balestarius, a drakar-edged black alloy balestarius and a drakar-edged white alloy balestarius.

On the wrought iron hook you see a gornar-edged pure mithril balta, a gornar-edged polished glaes balta, a gornar-edged dark mithglin balta, a gornar-edged black alloy balta and a gornar-edged white alloy balta.

On the wrought iron hook you see a rhimar-edged pure mithril balta, a rhimar-edged polished glaes balta, a rhimar-edged dark mithglin balta, a rhimar-edged black alloy balta and a rhimar-edged white alloy balta.

On the wrought iron hook you see an invar-hafted pure mithril balta (5k), an invar-hafted polished glaes balta (37.5k), an invar-hafted dark mithglin balta, an invar-hafted black alloy balta and an invar-hafted white alloy balta.

On the wrought iron hook you see a drakar-edged pure mithril balta, a drakar-edged polished glaes balta, a drakar-edged dark mithglin balta, a drakar-edged black alloy balta and a drakar-edged white alloy balta.

In the golden invar bin you see a rhimar-edged pure mithril sparte, a rhimar-edged polished glaes sparte, a rhimar-edged dark mithglin sparte, a rhimar-edged black alloy sparte, a rhimar-edged white alloy sparte, a gornar-edged pure mithril sparte, a gornar-edged polished glaes sparte, a gornar-edged dark mithglin sparte, a gornar-edged black alloy sparte and a gornar-edged white alloy sparte.

Behind the golden invar bin you see an invar-hafted pure mithril sparte (5k), an invar-hafted polished glaes sparte (37.5k), an invar-hafted dark mithglin sparte, an invar-hafted black alloy sparte and an invar-hafted white alloy sparte.

In the chute you see an eonake-edged glaes crescent axe (375k), an eonake-edged drakar crescent axe (4x, sancted, fire flares, weighs 6, 85/200), an eonake-edged rhimar crescent axe and an eonake-edged gornar crescent axe. (475k unless noted)

Behind the chute you see a dual-bladed heavy mithril tabar (13k), a dual-bladed heavy glaes tabar (52.5k), a dual-bladed heavy mithglin tabar (90.05k), a dual-bladed black alloy tabar (135k) and a dual-bladed white alloy tabar (135k).

On the soot-covered rack you see a kelyn-edged gornar broad axe, a kelyn-edged rhimar broad axe, a kelyn-edged drakar broad axe, a kelyn-edged zorchar broad axe, a kelyn-edged mithglin broad axe (95.95k), a kelyn-edged glaes broad axe (37.5k), a kelyn-edged mithril broad axe (5k) and a kelyn-edged rolaren broad axe (145k). (150k unless noted)

In the dust-covered chest you see a double-edged mithril miner's axe (5k), a double-edged glaes miner's axe (37.5k), a double-edged zorchar miner's axe, a double-edged drakar miner's axe, a double-edged rhimar miner's axe, a double-edged gornar miner's axe and a double-edged rolaren miner's axe (195k). (150k unless noted)

In the pitted iron bin you see a drakar-edged pure mithril sparte, a drakar-edged polished glaes sparte, a drakar-edged dark mithglin sparte, a drakar-edged black alloy sparte and a drakar-edged white alloy sparte.

Gorand's Wagon[]

In the modwir cabinet you see a gornar studded invar mace (60k), a gnarled witchwood quarterstaff (75k), a battle scarred invar warlance (40k), a finely-honed invar main gauche (20k), a silver-hilted black glaes machete (115k), a drakar-edged crimson invar tiger-claw (45k), a scorched ironwood war club (500), a black glaes double-bladed battle-axe (120k), a thick glaes-barbed bullwhip (50k) and an onyx-hilted invar claidhmore (90k).

On the clothing rack you see a fur-lined thrak hide greatcloak (10k), an opal-clasped magenta leather cloak (12k), a flowing black linen frock (8k), a fusty black linen apron (5k), a fuliginous brown leather apron (5k), a lustrous sable fur pelisse (12k), a threadbare sallow cotton bodice (5k), a discolored carmine silk bodice (5k), a rugose coal-black shirt (4k), a faded verdant linen shirt (4k), some frayed slate-grey pants (5k) and some dusty brown leather pants (5k).

On the wooden table you see a pair of yellowed bone armbands (3.5k), a hammered copper armband (3k), a chain-linked silver and gold belt (5k), a twisted azure and gold sash (3k), a patched elk hide knapsack (15k), a fur-trimmed black leather backpack (18k), some stiff tan leather workboots (5k), some calf-laced black leather sandals (3k) and a pair of diamond-dusted slippers (6k).

Ienan's Cabin[]

On the invar shelf you see an intricate brass woven lockpick (55k), a glossy vaalin edged lockpick (45k), a twisted alum and silver lockpick (35k), a gold-tipped laje lockpick (65k) and a finely shaved jade lockpick (14k).

On the rusted shelf you see a silk-lined brass locksmith kit (12k), a brass-trimmed lockpick kit (12k), a small velvet lockpick wrist sheath (10k), a glass lockpick case (15k) and a sigil-etched platinum case (8k).

On the small coat rack you see a dwarven tailored mining greatcloak (95k), a slate grey velvet greatcloak (85k), a high collar midnight black cloak (85k), a sigil covered black silk cape (65k) and a black and maroon silk cloak (85k).

In the small wooden case you see a reinforced black leather haversack (125k), a black snakeskin backpack (135k), a silver-edged black velvet rucksack (105k), a veniom-mesh imflass haversack (145k) and a troll bone-clasped rucksack (115k).

In the small bucket you see a black oilskin tucker-bag, a leaper-hide leather satchel, an iron-clasped dark leather knapsack, a charcoal caked canvas sack and a gold-threaded cloth ditty bag. (20k)


In the mithril-bound trunk you see a gleaming rolaren chain hauberk (482k), some rolaren studded hunting leathers (150k), some gleaming silvery rolaren brigandine (278k), a heavy black rolaren jeddart-axe (200k), a gleaming silvery rolaren breastplate (450k), a heavy black rolaren war maul (275k), a well-balanced silvery rolaren mace (225k), a glyph-etched rolaren war hammer (187.5k) and a saw-toothed silvery rolaren backsword (185k).

In the modwir clothing chest you see a midnight blue silk gem pouch (2.5k), a veniom-threaded satchel (7k), a veniom-threaded sack (3.5k) and a midnight blue veniom-threaded cloak (20k).

In the bright yellow box you see a mystery toy.

Luire's Wire-Works[]

On the velvet panel you see a twisted gold wire rolton pin (1.2k), a twisted steel wire kobold pin (500), a coiled gold wire crab pin (600), a star-shaped silver wire pin (750), a heart-shaped copper wire pin (600), a twisted copper wire rat clasp (600) and a copper and steel wire bear clasp (650).

On the shelf you see a gold wire puma earcuff (4k), a copper and gold wire rose brooch (1.15k), some airy gold wire wasp earrings (1.5k), a chain of silver wire ants (1.1k), a spiraled oval gold wire pendant (1.5k), a coiled gold and silver wire bracelet (1.3k), a brushed steel wire squirrel pendant (750) and some silver wire ant earrings (1.1k).

Magic Marvels[]

All items nonrechargable, crumbly

On the glaes rack you see a black silver-tipped wand (3k, 503), a jeweled bloodwood wand (2.6k, 509), a twisted rune-carved wand (3k, 401) and a midnight blue rune-carved wand (3k, 107).

In the gold barrel you see an embossed sterling silver rod (15k), a ruby-capped chiseled metal rod, a black veniom-wrapped rod and a cracked tarnished metal rod. (5k unless noted, imbeddibles)

In the jewelry box you see a krolvin eye pendant, a bronze-linked emerald wolf pendant and a handpainted antique ivory cameo. (3k, imbeddibles)

On the rosewood table you see a smooth creamy white potion (20k, 414), a thick silvery potion (10k, 401), a thick clumpy red potion (20k, 506) and a sparkling pearlescent potion (12k, 103).

Mezmo's Shop[]

In the iron box you see a silver-hilted blued-steel claidhmore (75k), a scorched black claidhmore (75k), a pitted black imflass sabar (135k), a fel-hafted silver vultite kheten (175k), an ebon-hafted scored mithril tabar (13k) and an ora-handled silver eonake flail (425k).

In the silver case you see a scorched black vultite zinnor (225k), a haon-hafted red imflass hippe (153k), a scorched black vultite sudis (125k) and a fel-hafted grey mithril voulge (35k).

On the fel shelf you see some polished tiger-bone arm guards, some polished tiger-bone leg guards, a polished tiger-bone neck guard and a polished tiger skull helm. (15k)

On the iron table you see a black-striped vultite chain hauberk (250k), a scorched red mithril breastplate (115k), a silver-etched black imflass breastplate (200k), some silvered rolaren half plate (755k), some ora-inlaid red glaes full plate (425k) and some scored vultite full plate (530k).

The Miner's Shaft[]

Most of me wares are used in the mines. They tend to be kind of light and have pockets if I kin fit em in them. The weapons and stuff are pretty strong, and mostly light. Good dwarven forged!

On the dusty wall rack you see a heavy leather mining pack (60k), a mithril banded cloth pack (70k), a green canvas backsack (50k), a faded leather backpack (40k), a mithril framed leather backpack (60k) and a well-oiled leather pack (60k).

In the mining cart you see an ebon hafted rolaren battle axe (162.5k), a flint hafted glaes military pick (131.25k), a mithril inlaid heavy crossbow (25k), a long handled vultite crowbill (65k), a hammered rolaren buckler (225k, 4x) and a rolaren morning star (200k).

On the armed boot tree you see some mithril knobbed work boots (10k), some heavy dwarven work boots (10k), some calf high laced leather moccasins (12k), some low cut rigid leather boots (11k), some tanned soft leather boots (11k) and some hobnailed leather boots (12k).

On the mithril hanger you see a wide leather belt (4k), a mithril studded leather belt (5k), a chain linked mithril belt (5k), a mithril studded leather baldric (10k), a well-oiled leather thigh-sheath (10k) and a mithril banded sheath (10k).

Niiman's Novelties[]

On the halfling mannequin you see a set of tart-crested hunts (115k), a silken tart satchel (10k), a miniature vultite buckler (160k), a silken tart-crested vestment (56k), a rumpled purple velvet hat (10k) and a pair of toeless boots (20k).

On the wooden table you see a chocolate mousse filled tart, a lemon custard filled tart, a fresh-baked pumpkin tart, a cinnamon and apple tart, a jam-covered strawberry tart and a frosted banana tart. (1k)

In the display case you see an ora tart-shaped pin (5k), a smudged tart-shaped pin (5k), a dark blue tart-shaped pin (4.2k), a golden tart-shaped pin (4.2k), a silver tart-shaped pin (3.5k) and a light blue tart-shaped pin (3.5k).

Ogred's Handles of Distinction[]

Handles 10k

In the mithril weapon rack you see a mithril backsword (11k), a mithril rapier (22k), a mithril scimitar (11k), a mithril longsword (10k), a mithril mace (6k), a mithril lance (5k), a mithril handaxe (5k), a mithril halberd (14k), a mithril flail (19k), a mithril falchion (15k), a mithril dagger (300), a mithril cudgel (500) and a mithril broadsword (10k).

In the vultite weapon rack you see a vultite backsword (110k), a vultite cudgel (5k), a vultite dagger (3k), a vultite flail (190k), a vultite handaxe (50k), a vultite broadsword (100k), a vultite falchion (150k), a vultite halberd (140k), a vultite scimitar (110k), a vultite lance (50k), a vultite mace (60k), a vultite rapier (220k) and a vultite longsword (100k).

In the imflass weapon rack you see an imflass backsword (44k), an imflass longsword (40k), an imflass scimitar (44k), an imflass rapier (88k), an imflass mace (24k), an imflass lance (20k), an imflass handaxe (20k), an imflass halberd (56k), an imflass flail (76k), an imflass falchion (60k), an imflass cudgel (2k) and an imflass broadsword (40k).

In the metal tub you see a silver handle, a gold handle, a rolaren handle, an eahnor handle, a glaes handle, a rusted steel handle and a faenor handle.

In the iron-hinged chest you see a laje handle, a brass handle, a copper handle, an imflass handle and an invar handle.

On the wrought-iron rack you see a bronze handle, a golvern handle, a metal handle, a krodera handle, an alum handle and a vaalorn handle.

On the grooved ledge you see a dark brown handle, a brown handle, a tan handle, a dark tan handle, a slate grey handle, a khaki handle, a light grey handle, a white handle and a black handle.

On the oval table you see a dark purple handle, a purple handle, a violet red handle, a pink handle, a plum handle, a scarlet handle, an orange handle, a red handle, a magenta handle, a yellow handle, an blue violet handle and a yellow green handle.

On the fluted pedestal you see a dark blue handle, an olive green handle, a slate blue handle, a turquoise handle, a forest green handle, a hunter green handle, a light blue handle, a lime green handle, a sea green handle, a steel blue handle, a midnight blue handle, a sky blue handle, a spring green handle, a blue handle, a green handle and an aquamarine handle.

In the maoral basket you see a butternut handle, a bloodwood handle, a cedar handle, a mahogany handle, a witchwood handle, a redwood handle, a lacewood handle, a sandalwood handle, an ivory handle, a carved thanot handle, a wire bound handle and a gouged tanik handle.

In the haon cabinet you see an oak handle, a red oak handle, a white oak handle, a birch handle, a sassafras handle, a green willow handle, a yew handle, a pine handle, a gilt modwir handle, an antique oak handle, a gnarled yew handle and a polished haon handle.

In the thanot cupboard you see a white maple handle, a red maple handle, a burl maple handle, a sugar maple handle, a thanot handle, a maoral handle, a haon handle, a fel handle, a monir handle, a tanik handle and a modwir handle.

In the monir credenza you see a black walnut handle, a walnut handle, a white ash handle, an ash handle, a cracked handle, a gnarled thanot handle, a carved ivory handle, a weathered fir handle, a rune-covered handle, a scratched fel handle, a sanded monir handle and a split maoral handle.

On the Prowl[]

On the wooden counter you see a rugged thrak skin dagger sheath (5k), a bone-trimmed bear hide backsheath (10k), a dusty brown leather quiver (6k), a gold-edged black leather quiver (9k) and a burnished black leather quiver (8k).

On the modwir table you see some sturdy leather wristguards (3k), some fingerless brown suede gloves (2.5k), some thick brown leather gloves (1k), some scuffed brown leather workboots (1k) and some slouched doeskin half-boots (2k).

On the iron rack you see a glaes-inlaid felwood long bow (55k), an invar-worked modwir short bow (4k), an ironwood composite bow (1k), a slightly warped long bow (500), an invar-banded heavy maoral crossbow (4.5k) and a vultite-edged light crossbow (90k).

On the keg barrel you see a silver-hilted glaes skinning knife (15k), a rune-etched rolaren long knife (35k) and a scorched hunting knife (4.5k, 0x, fire flares).

Pheodora's Jewelz[]

Pins 5k unless noted, imbeddible, holds 40 mana, weighs 1 Charms 10k unless noted, worn on charm bracelets, weighs 0.5 pounds Bracelets 50k, holds charms, weigh 1

On the north wall you see a glaes falchion pin, a silver longsword pin, a vultite claidhmore pin, an alexandrite pin, a rolaren battle axe pin (18k), a golden mace pin, a maoral long bow pin, a mithril tiger-claw pin, a golvern halberd pin, a filigreed silver wand pin, a haon short bow pin and a thanot cross bow pin.

On the west wall you see a silver lyre pin, a golden cherub pin, a krodera shield pin, a golden tart pin, an imflass unicorn pin, a golden heart pin, a mithril anchor pin, a mithril flute pin, a golden crown pin, a golden sunburst pin, a silvery moon pin, a golden harp pin, a golden chalice pin, a silver pixie pin, a silvery shooting star pin, an alexandrite dice pin, an imflass lute pin and a glaes ale-mug pin.

On the east wall you see a hawk-shaped Jaston pin, a skull-shaped Onar pin, a leaf-shaped Imaera pin, a dagger-shaped Mularos pin, a lute-shaped Cholen pin, a moon-shaped Eorgina pin, a leaf-shaped Kuon pin, a fist-shaped Kai pin, a claw-shaped Andelas pin, a crown-shaped Koar pin, an anvil-shaped Eonak pin, a hyena-shaped Sheru pin, a grey crystal Jastev pin, a moon-shaped Zelia pin, a dagger-shaped Leya pin, a key-shaped Lorminstra pin, a wave-shaped Niima pin, a heart-shaped Oleani pin, a scroll-shaped Lumnis pin, a sword-shaped Ronan pin, a whale-shaped Charl pin, a sunburst Phoen pin, a star-shaped Marlu pin and a serpentine Luukos pin.

On the south wall you see a roaring bear pin, a tiny pale crab pin, an imflass orc's head pin, a mithril hobgoblin pin, a tiny firethorn shoot pin, a golden wolf's head pin, a silver spider pin, a silver sea nymph pin, a silver ice giant pin, a gleaming siren lizard pin, a golden mountain lion pin, a tiny kobold pin, a frothing troll king pin, a stomping titan pin, a zombie rolton pin, a grinning goblin pin, a drunken reiver pin and a glaes pyrothag pin.

In the wooden case you see a green topaz leaf pin, an amethyst iris pin, a red quarts primrose pin, an onyx mournbloom pin, a pink sapphire rosebud pin, a golden topaz sunflower pin, a moonstone lily pin, a tanzanite hyacinth pin, a pink topaz tulip pin, a red coral snapdragon pin, an amethyst columbine pin, a garnet wild rose pin, a golden acantha leaf pin, a rhodocrosite zinnia pin and a diamond daisy pin.

On the haon shelf you see a lyre charm, a porcupine charm, a tiger-claw charm, a maoral tree charm, a harp charm, a bumblebee charm, a fish charm, a crown charm, a flute charm, a crescent moon charm and a teardrop charm.

In the maoral case you see a seashell charm, a firestalk charm, a freesia charm, a spider charm, a crystal wand charm, a firethorn charm, a sentinel charm, a rose charm, a long bow charm, a zinnia charm, a cat charm, a tart charm, a lily charm, a lockpick charm, a sunburst charm, a daisy charm, a puma charm, a tower charm, a hyacinth charm and a troll king charm.

On the glaes-topped table you see a silver wand charm, a warcat charm, a kobold charm, a cleric charm, a golden wand charm, a falcon charm, a wolf charm, a wraith charm, an ice hound charm, an acorn charm, a falchion charm, an empath charm, a sorcerer charm, a ranger charm, a hobgoblin charm, a rogue charm, a wolverine charm, a tree spirit charm, a pyrothag charm, a wizard charm, a jackal charm, a sand devil charm, a warrior charm, a nedum vereri charm, a brown bear charm, a griffin charm and a bard charm.

On the jewelry stand you see a squirrel charm, an acantha leaf charm, a skull charm, a werewolf charm, an Eonak charm, a Charl charm, a Luukos charm, an Andelas charm, a Koar charm (0), a star charm, a lucre charm, a Tilamaire charm, an Imaera charm, a Lorminstra charm, a Leya charm and a seaweed charm.

On the jewelry tree you see a gold charm bracelet, a vultite charm bracelet, a silver charm bracelet, a glaes charm bracelet, an imflass charm bracelet and a mithril charm bracelet.

A Small Alcove[]

On the split-log table you see a diamond-edged black glaes lockpick (45k), a rune-etched invar claidhmore (55k), a rugged animal hide rucksack (50k), a furry bear paw pouch (10k), a thin-bladed skinning knife (15k), a red-feathered bearskin pack (50k), an oak-hilted rune-etched knife (20k, 3x, edged, blessable) and a reinforced beetle carapace shield (20k).

On the oak table you see a glass oil lamp (8k), a small maple cup (5k), a small brass kettle (5k), a fur-trimmed brass bed-warmer (5k), some stitched animal hide boots (14k) and some tightly braided fibrous rope (8k).

Stonecutter's Museum, Giftshop[]

On the mithril wall you see some granite-heeled workboots (1k), a granite-edged imflass shield (10k) and a granite-hilted falchion (5k).

In the mithril pail you see some flaky silver schist (2k).

In the glass showcase you see a brown granite spinner fetish (1.5k), a blood red granite eagle fetish (1.5k), a pink and grey gneiss rod (4k), some gravelly rock candy (10), a grey granite orc figurine (1.5k), a black granite night golem figurine (1.5k), a black granite pickaxe pin (2k) and an invar-tipped granite lockpick (10k).

Stonegarden Lapidary[]

On the polished stone counter you see a bloodstone inlaid silver buckle (8.5k), a star ruby studded brass buckle (7.5k), a black onyx inlaid pewter buckle (7k), a firestone studded golden buckle (11k), a frost opal inlaid silver buckle (8k), an emerald studded bronze clasp (8.5k), a dreamstone studded pewter clasp (8k), a red sunstone inlaid golden clasp (10k), a star ruby inlaid silver clasp (8.5k) and a bloodjewel inlaid silver clasp (9k).

On the invar wall rack you see a firestone studded leather belt, a mottled agate studded leather belt, a bloodjewel studded leather belt, a frost opal studded leather belt, a lapis lazuli studded leather belt, some black onyx studded leather gloves, some emerald studded leather gloves, some frost opal studded leather gloves, some bloodstone studded leather gloves (8k) and some blue agate studded leather gloves. (6k unless noted)

On the mica-inlaid table you see a frost opal inlaid silver headband (7.5k), a ruby-inset braided silk headband (9k), a bloodjewel studded leather headband (8.5k), a blue agate studded leather headband (5k), a lapis-inset braided leather headband (5k), a bloodjewel studded invar armband (10k), a blue lace agate-studded armband (8k), a lapis lazuli studded leather armband (7.5k), a moonstone studded pewter armband (7.5k) and a frost opal inlaid silver armband (8.5k).

On the sturdy invar hooks you see some mottled agate-studded leathers (75k), a bloodjewel studded leather breastplate (85k), some blue lace agate inset brigandine (110k), some blue lace agate-studded chainmail (145k), a frost opal studded silver hauberk (165k) and a bloodjewel studded invar breastplate (180k).

On the polished stone counter you see a frost opal studded silver scabbard, a firestone studded golden scabbard (15k), a bloodjewel studded invar scabbard, a moonstone studded pewter scabbard, an emerald studded silver scabbard (14k), a mottled agate studded leather sheath, a frost opal studded leather sheath, a lapis lazuli inlaid leather sheath, a bloodstone inlaid leather sheath and a star ruby studded leather sheath. (scabbards 12 unless noted, sheaths 6.5k)

On the mosaic table you see a dreamstone studded silver goblet, a red sunstone studded golden goblet, a bloodjewel studded pewter goblet, a frost opal studded silver goblet, an emerald studded bronze goblet, a black opal inlaid pewter flask, a bloodstone inlaid silver flask, a firestone inlaid golden flask, a moonstone inlaid pewter flask and a green agate inlaid bronze flask. (25k)

On the polished stone counter you see some blue lace agate-inset arm greaves, some bloodjewel studded arm greaves, some frost opal studded arm greaves, some star ruby studded arm greaves, some moonstone studded arm greaves, some blue lace agate-inset leg greaves, some bloodjewel studded leg greaves, some frost opal studded leg greaves, some star ruby studded leg greaves and some moonstone studded leg greaves. (8k, 2x)

On the sturdy invar hooks you see some mottled agate-studded leathers (75k), a bloodjewel studded leather breastplate (85k), some blue lace agate inset brigandine (110k), some blue lace agate-studded chainmail (145k), a frost opal studded silver hauberk (165k) and a bloodjewel studded invar breastplate (180k). (2x)

In the heavy glaes case you see a blue lace agate-inlaid circlet, a frost opal inset silver circlet, a bloodjewel inlaid invar circlet, a snowflake zircon-inlaid circlet, a dreamstone inlaid silver circlet, a mottled agate studded invar helm (11k), a moonstone inlaid pewter helm (11k), a bloodjewel inlaid invar helm (10k), a frost opal inlaid silver helm (11k) and a firestone inlaid golden helm (14k). (circlets 10k, 2x; helms 2x)

On the narrow shelves you see an opal-trimmed blue leather skirt (13k), an onyx-trimmed black leather skirt (13k), a ruby-studded dark leather skirt (15k), a topaz-fringed bronze leather skirt (13k), a lapis-studded silvery leather skirt (14k), a pair of ruby studded leather trousers (15k), a pair of onyx riveted leather trousers (14.5k), a pair of opal buttoned silk pantaloons (15k), a pair of lapis studded leather trousers (14.5k) and a pair of agate studded leather trousers (14k).

On the low invar rack you see a pair of opal inlaid black slippers (8k), a pair of ruby studded silver slippers (10k), a pair of blue agate-trimmed slippers (8k), a pair of black moonstone-toed slippers (9k), a pair of frost opal-inset blue slippers (9.5k), a pair of onyx studded leather boots (10k), a pair of ruby studded leather boots (12k), a pair of agate studded leather boots (10k), a pair of black onyx-toed silk boots (12k) and a pair of white starstone-toed boots (12k).

On the polished stone counter you see a snowflake zircon-studded bodice (17.5k), a star emerald studded silk bodice (20k), a frosty blue opal-trimmed bodice (18.5k), an onyx-trimmed black linen bodice (18k), a lapis-trimmed deep blue silk bodice (18.5k), a black silk ruby-buttoned vest (15k), a bloodstone studded leather vest (14k), a jet black onyx-buttoned vest (14k), a mottled agate studded leather vest (13.5k) and an opal-studded grey leather vest (14.5k).

On the glaes jewelry rack you see a mottled agate inlaid bronze bracelet (6.5k), a black onyx inlaid silver bracelet (7k), a bloodjewel studded invar bracelet (9k), a firestone studded gold bracelet (10k), a frost opal inlaid silver bracelet (8k), a star ruby studded silver anklet (8k), a moonstone studded pewter anklet (8k), a frost opal inlaid silver anklet (8.5k), a star emerald studded bronze anklet (8k) and a silver and blue lace agate anklet (8.5k).

On the polished stone counter you see a frost opal inlaid silver band (8.5k), a star emerald studded bronze band (8.5k), a blue lace agate and gold band (9k), a snowflake zircon-studded band (6k), a silver and black diamond band (12k), a frost opal inlaid silver ring (8.5k), a star emerald studded bronze ring (8.5k), a blue lace agate and gold ring (9k), a snowflake zircon-studded ring (6k) and a silver and black diamond ring (12k).

On the black marble stand you see a silver and blue lace agate pin (6k), a gold and red sunstone pin (7k), a square-cut black diamond pin (10k), an oval-cut star sapphire pin (7k), a pewter and black moonstone pin (7.5k), a scarab-shaped mottled agate pin (7k), a square-cut green garnet pin (5.5k), a cabochon bloodjewel pin (8.5k), a silver and frost opal pin (7.5k) and an oval-cut star emerald pin (7.5k).

In the silver jewelry case you see a pair of faceted ruby earrings (8.5k), a pair of frost opal teardrop earrings (9k), a pair of blue lace agate earrings (8k), a pair of black moonstone earrings (7.5k), a pair of black diamond stud earrings (15k), a faceted bloodjewel earring (7.5k), a faceted pink sapphire stud earring (8k), a single frost opal teardrop earring (7.5k), a faceted emerald stud earring (8.5k) and a faceted black diamond stud earring (10k).

On the polished stone counter you see a set of opal and silver cufflinks (8k), a set of red sunstone cufflinks (8.5k), a set of blue lace agate cufflinks (8k), a set of lapis inlaid pewter cufflinks (7.5k), a set of black moonstone cufflinks (8k), a gold-edged firestone brooch (8k), a silver-edged black onyx brooch (7k), an invar-edged bloodstone brooch (7.5k), a pewter-edged dreamstone brooch (8k) and a platinum and frost opal brooch (9k).

On the glaes-topped table you see a gold-chained firestone pendant (13k), a frost opal and silver pendant (9.5k), a snowflake zircon and gold pendant (9k), a gold-chained bloodjewel pendant (11k), a braided silver and ruby pendant (9.5k), a string of blue lace agate beads (8.5k), a string of polished bloodjewels (9.5k), a string of chameleon agate beads (9k), a necklace of tiny gold nuggets (12k) and a string of lapis lazuli beads (8k).

Sun, Moon and Stars[]

In the knife box you see a crescent moon hilted ritual dagger and a small bronze sunburst-hilted dagger. (6k)

On the bottom shelf you see a star-shaped mithril cloak clasp (4k), a delicate mithril star pin (4k), a delicate mithril star necklace (4k), a delicate mithril star bracelet (3.5k), a heavy mithril star armband (6k), a delicate mithril star anklet (3.5k) and some delicate mithril star earrings (5k).

On the middle shelf you see a golden sunburst cloak clasp, a rising sun cloak clasp, a gleaming golden sun pin, a gleaming golden sun necklace, a gleaming golden sun bracelet, a heavy golden sunburst armband (7k), a golden sunburst ring and some gleaming golden sun earrings (5.5k). (4.5k unless noted)

On the top shelf you see a silver triple-moon clasp, a silver triple-moon pin, a silver triple-moon necklace, a silver triple-moon bracelet, a silver triple-moon armband (5k), a silver triple-moon anklet and some silver triple-moon earrings. (3.5k unless noted)

On the haonwood counter you see a gold and sunstone amulet (30k), a silvery starstone amulet (20k), a pearly white moonstone amulet (18k), a set of golden sunburst boot buckles (2.7k), some mithril star boot buckles (2.7k) and a star-shaped silver trinket box (4.3k).

In the modwir trunk you see a thin silver crescent moon pendant (5k), a mithril crescent moon armband (5k), a pale gold crescent moon anklet (3k), a waning crescent moon pin (2.7k) and a waxing crescent moon pin (2.7k).

In the small closet you see a silvery star-spangled gown (2k).

On the sturdy mithril hooks you see a magnificent rising sun cloak, a deep blue star-covered cloak, a dark moon-and-stars cloak, a heavy silk moon-and-stars cloak, a blue moon cloak, a velvet star-covered cloak and a rich gold rising sun cloak. (65k)

On the mithril-edged shelf you see a crescent moon clasped bag (4.5k), a star-clasped silken bag (5.5k) and a sun-clasped doeskin pouch. (3.3k)

Talrok's Den[]

In a mithril-bound trunk you see a supple black leather knapsack, a rune-stitched silvery cotton knapsack, a reinforced charcoal grey knapsack, a ruby-clasped gold cotton knapsack and a pure white snowcat fur knapsack. (11k, backworn, weighs 5, holds 40, closes)

On the wooden table you see a black leather lockpick pouch, a shadow gray cotton lockpick pouch, a crimson-edged black lockpick pouch, a gold-trimmed blue lockpick pouch, a small golden lockpick case (8k), a ruby-inlaid silver lockpick case, a silver-tooled black lockpick case, a polished modwir lockpick case and a white ash lockpick case. (pouches 12k, cases 10k unless noted; all beltworn, weighs 1, holds 2, closes)

On a steel cloak rack you see a rugged black oilcloth cloak, a rugged dark grey oilcloth cloak, a rugged pale brown oilcloth cloak, a rugged violet oilcloth cloak and a rugged indigo oilcloth cloak. (7k, cloakworn, weighs 8, holds 60, closes)

On a modwir boot rack you see some cuffed black leather boots, some slouched black doeskin boots (6k), some weathered brown leather boots, some soft black padded leather boots, a pair of soft grey leather boots, some soft grey padded leather boots and some tattered brown leather boots. (4k unless noted, footworn, weighs 2, no pockets)

In the wood display case you see a fine steel wire lockpick (25k), a silver-tipped black alum lockpick (30k, superb), a mithril-edged blue wire lockpick (40k, superb), a twisted black alum lockpick (25k) and a notched fish bone lockpick (20k). (all weigh 1)

In the display case you see a ruby-pommeled serrated steel dagger (9k), an onyx-hilted crimson rolaren dagger (28k, 4x, fire flares, weighs 1, 38/260) and a pearl-hilted twisted mithril dagger (7k).

On the weapons rack you see a ruby-hilted twisted mithril longsword (70k, 1x), an onyx-hilted silvery steel longsword (110k), a scorched jagged rolaren longsword (230k, 4x, edged, longsword base, fire flares, weighs 5, 85/225), a pitted black steel short sword (98k), a jagged silver imflass short sword (165k, +12, vibe flares?, weighs 2) and an opal-hilted rolaren short sword (223k, 4x, B?, weighs 4).

On the steel armor stand you see some ruby-inset black light leather (42k), some smoke gry light leather (28k), some supple silver edged leathers (68k), some black and crimson leathers (96k), some opal-inset jet black hunts (28k), some polished silver leather hunts (60k, full leathers, weighs 12), some tooled golden leather hunts (88k), some ruby-inset dark green brigandine (120k) and some silver tooled black brigandine (210k, +18).

Tognus's Smithery[]

On the large iron anvil you see a mithril-link dwarven chain shirt (32.5k).

On the mithglin worktable you see some seamless rolaren chain mail (255.55k), some deep black mithril chain mail (32.5k), some helix mithglin chain mail (99.55k), some seamless mithglin chain mail (63.55k), some deep black mithril double chain (29k), some helix mithglin double chain (99.55k) and some seamless mithglin double chain (99.55k).

On the mithril table you see a triple-linked dwarven-sized hauberk (375k), a cross-braided dwarven-sized hauberk (375k), a double-linked black alloy hauberk (350k), a gold-edged white alloy hauberk (325k), an invar-edged black alloy hauberk (350k), a gleaming white alloy hauberk (325k), a woven black mithril hauberk (35k) and a woven gold mithglin hauberk (105.55k).

On the mithril display you see some burnished dwarven-sized platemail (1.35m), some lustrous dwarven-sized platemail (1.35m), some acid etched mithril platemail (50k), some stout dark mithglin platemail (109.55k), some radiant white alloy platemail and some spiked black alloy platemail.

On the shelves you see some polished mithril half plate (55k), some ivory mithglin half plate (105.55k), some hammered mithglin half plate (105.55k) and some hammered rolaren half plate (295k).

On the mithril table you see a burnished silver mithril breastplate (35k), an engraved gold mithglin breastplate (99.55k), an enruned black mithglin breastplate (99.55k), a radiant white alloy breastplate (225k) and a hand-forged veniom inset breastplate (275k).

Treble's Trifles[]

On the minstrel mannequin you see a polished golden oak crumhorn (17k), a pair of ruby velvet slippers (4k), a ruby and golden musical note (5k), a gold-trimmed dark red velvet doublet (8k), a dark red minstrel's cloak (10k), a pair of pale gold leggings (2k) and a gold and ruby headband (8k).

On the bardess mannequin you see some shimmering invar finger cymbals (19k), a polished golden link belt (2k), a ruby and gold circlet (8k), a faceted ruby treble clef (5k), a pair of red satin gloves (5k), a pair of red velvet slippers (3k), a gold-edged red velvet cloak (10k) and a ruched red velvet gown (12k).

On the troubadour mannequin you see a silvered pale haon lysard (16k), a shimmering silver link belt (4k), some pale grey leggings (3k), a blue and grey velvet tunic (8k), a sapphire cabochon inset circlet (6k), an engraved silver clef pin (5k), a silver-trim dark blue pouch (5k), a pair of grey velvet chausses (7k) and a silver-trim blue velvet cloak (10k).

On the songstress mannequin you see a shimmering haon-framed tambourine (15k), a filigreed golden musical note (5k), a woven rose gold circlet (8k), an embroidered rose velvet pouch (5k), a pair of rose spidersilk slippers (8k), a gold-trimmed rose velvet cloak (10k), a delicate gold linked belt (5k) and an elegant rose satin ballgown (10k).

On the haon shelf you see a stained fel cittern, a polished thanot cittern, a dark golden fel tambourine (12k), a shimmering haon tambourine (12k), a dark rosewood theorbo, a fine-grained monir theorbo and some silver finger cymbals (12k). (16k unless noted)

On the troubadour mannequin you see a golden hued maoral cittern (16k), a dark green broadcloth tunic (3k), a pair of dark brown halfboots (10k), a woven brown leather belt (2k), a soft brown leather pouch (2k), a pair of dark brown leggings (2k), a pair of brown leather vambraces (4k), a brown-trimmed emerald linen cloak (10k), a jaunty emerald green hat (2k) and a carved haon musical note (1k).

On the songstress mannequin you see an engraved golden flute (15k), a pair of low brown leather boots (10k), a hooded emerald linen cloak (10k), a ruffled emerald linen skirt (5k), a thin brown leather belt (1k), a pair of cream leggings (2k), a creamy fillet lace caul (1k), an emerald brocade vest (8k), an embroidered emerald linen pouch (2k), a lace-trim cream batiste blouse (3k), a dyed emerald scroll sack (2k) and a carved maoral treble clef (1k).

On the bardess mannequin you see a carved white ash mandolin (18k), a pair of white spidersilk slippers (4k), a topaz studded gold link belt (6k), a braided gold and topaz circlet (5k), a shimmering white samite gown (10k) and a glittering topaz musical note (5k).

On the metal bench you see some modwir and black velvet bagpipes (15k), some thanot and emerald cloth bagpipes (16k), an ash-inlaid thanot piccolo (16k), an elegantly carved haon flute (15k) and a delicate white oak fife (14k).

On the metal table you see a tiny silken cymbals pouch (25k), a white ash shawm case, a polished haon theorbo case, a rosewood mandolin case, a plush black velvet piccolo case, an embroidered brocade fife case, a tiny golden fife case (20k), a silvery haon lute case, an engraved silver lysard case, a carved oak cittern case (40k) and an ebony-inlaid crumhorn case. (35k unless noted)

In the fel armoire you see some small kelyn finger cymbals (15k), a dark emerald silk pouch (5k), a pair of emerald silk slippers (7k), a pair of emerald silk leggings (5k), a gold-slashed emerald velvet cloak (25k), a gold-edged emerald silken gown (20k) and a gold-edged emerald satin tunic (20k).

In the ash chest you see a carved golden ash mandolin (16k), a pair of garnet silk slippers (7k), a pair of garnet silk leggings (5k), a garnet-edged deep wine silk cloak (25k), a deep wine crushed velvet gown (20k), a deep wine crushed velvet tunic (20k) and a deep garnet crushed velvet pouch (5k).

In the monir trunk you see a gilded golden monir lute (17k), a pair of amber silk slippers (7k), a pair of amber silk leggings (5k), a topaz-trimmed amber brocade cloak (25k), a gold-trimmed amber velvet gown (20k), a gold-trimmed amber velvet tunic (20k) and a butter-hued soft brocade pouch (5k).

On the maoral table you see a bleached ash cornett, a dark golden oak lysard, a silvery haon shawm, a pale tanik lysard, a carved monir shawm, a satiny fel cornett, a polished haon crumhorn and a dark ebonwood crumhorn. (15k)

On the troubadour mannequin you see a pair of grey leather boots (4k), a burnished mithril treble clef (5k), a pair of silvery leggings (2k), a silver-trim purple velvet doublet (8k) and a silver and mithril circlet (7k).

On the songstress mannequin you see a pair of lavender silk gloves (4k), a silver beaded lavender silk pouch (5k), a gilded silver musical note (5k), an embroidered lavender velvet gown (8k), a dark lavender samite cloak (10k), a pair of silver satin slippers (4k), a sparkling amethyst headband (8k) and a filigreed silver belt (4k).

In the maoral armoire you see a pair of alizarin silk slippers (7k), a gold-buttoned alizarin velvet cloak (25k), a ruby-studded alizarin satin gown (20k), a shimmering alizarin silk tunic (20k) and a gold-trimmed ruby satin pouch (5k).

In the modwir chest you see a pair of saffron silk slippers (7k), a pair of dark gold silk leggings (5k), a shimmering saffron velvet cloak (25k), an antique gold brocade gown (20k) and a pale saffron brocade pouch (5k).

In the thanot trunk you see a pair of violet silk slippers (7k), a pair of violet silk leggings (5k), an opal-edged amethyst velvet cloak (25k), a silver-edged hyacinth satin gown (20k), a silver-edged hyacinth silk tunic (20k) and a shimmering amethyst silk pouch (5k).

In the modwir rack you see a pair of azurite silk slippers (7k), a pair of deep blue silk leggings (5k), an opal-clasped azurite velvet cloak (25k), an opal-trimmed blue velvet gown (20k), an opal-studded blue silk tunic (20k) and a midnight blue crushed velvet pouch (5k).

In the oak chest you see a pair of deep brown silk slippers (7k), a pair of dark brown silk leggings (5k), a deep hazel crushed velvet cloak (25k), a gold-threaded antique brown gown (20k), a gold-threaded antique brown tunic (20k) and a feathered brown velvet pouch (5k).

In the thanot trunk you see a pair of pewter silk slippers (7k), a pair of pewter silk leggings (5k), a pewter and black velvet cloak (25k), a silver-edged raven satin gown (20k), a raven-hued crushed velvet tunic (20k) and a silver-edged black silk pouch (5k).

On the glaes-topped table you see a silvery thanot shawm (16k), a pair of malachite silk slippers (7k), a pair of dark green silk leggings (5k), a topaz-edged malachite satin cloak (25k), a shimmering malachite silk gown (20k), a shimmering malachite silk tunic (20k) and a malachite watered silk pouch (5k).

In the haon chest you see a smooth burled maple lute (17k), a pair of alabaster silk slippers (7k), a pair of alabaster silk leggings (5k), a shimmering snow white silk cloak (25k), a pearl-trimmed alabaster silk gown (20k), a pearl-trimmed alabaster silk tunic (20k) and a pearl-edged white velvet pouch (5k).

In the monir trunk you see a gilded maoral crumhorn (60k), a pair of annato silk slippers (7k), a pair of annato silk leggings (5k), an embroidered annato velvet cloak (25k), a gold-edged annato velvet gown (20k), an opal-studded annato silk tunic (20k) and an opal-clasped annato velvet pouch (5k).

Ugnarn's Workshop[]

In the stone cabinet you see a heavy mithril chain hauberk (290k, +7, strengthened), some ironshod black leather boots (1.8k, holds very small), an ironshod mithril buckler (4.8k, +7, strengthened), an iron-banded round brass helm (1k) and a brass-buckled black leather belt (1.2k, holds very small).

On the display rack you see a heavy mithril jeddart-axe (65k, 1x, lightly crit weighted), a tempered heavy greataxe (250k, 4x, moderately crit weighted), a weighted war hammer (3.3k, lightly damage weighted), a sturdy leather-handled axe (44k, 3x), a dual-bladed battle axe (85k, 4x, weighs 12, 70/155) and an ironbound war mattock (27k, 2x).

--=:]- Ugnarn's Armory -[:=--

Enchantment Cost
0x-1x 5k
1x-2x 15k
2x-3x 20k
3x-4x 50k
4x-5x 75k

Ugnarn only works with weapons. You supply the weapon.
One weapon per customer. Unusual weapons require a consultation.

Urebririon's Laboratory[]

On the ironwood table you see a fire-scorched vaalorn bisacuta (237k), a burnished eahnor bastard sword (456k), a golden-pommeled zweihander (388k) and a ruby inlaid mithril oncin (35k).

On the modwir table you see an acid-pitted imflass goliah (170k), a sigil-etched gornar takouba (80k), a double-bitted mithglin broad axe (220k) and a silver basket-hilted manople (120k).

On the solid oak table you see a solid glaes mace and chain (210k), a zorchar studded ora quadrelle (165k), a frayed imflass-handled bullwhip (90k) and an invar hafted horseman's hammer (175k).

On the banded steel table you see an iron hafted vultite korseke (150k), a silver-veined kelyn zinnor (100k), a gold flecked rolaren pole axe (175k) and a rhimar-banded Hammer of Kai (65k).

On the rusted metal hooks you see a fur-trimmed mithril pavis (25k), an iron-studded vultite aegis (110k), a sky blue glaes-coated parma (70k), a brass-ringed imflass buckler (85k), a marbleized rolaren pavis (160k), a polished ora-trimmed targe (55k) and a crystalline glaes shield (60k).

In the crystal display case you see a mithril banded ironwood shield, a spiral-banded glaes studded rounder (75k), a chitin shell layered glaes buckler, a silvery rune-etched ora scutum (50k), a steel-banded glaes parma and a massive iron-bound ora pavis. In the wall display case you see a miniature forest green aegis, a miniature frost blue aegis, a miniature scarlet aegis, a copper-edged imflass heater, a gold-trimmed imflass heater and a silver-edged imflass heater. (aegis 80k, heater 70k)

In the cast iron trunk you see a dark blue and lavender robe (90k), some glaes-buttoned leathers (70k), some fur lined puma skin leathers (10k), a set of iron-buckled leathers (45k) and some golden trimmed black leathers (140k).

In the cast iron trunk you see an imflass plated leather breastplate (125k), some green speckled leathers (90k), some veniom-studded leathers (275k) and some mithril-banded brigandine (115k).

In the cast iron trunk you see some glaes-looped mail (250k), a set of dwarven crafted chain (305k), some imflass alloy chain (430k) and a rolaren linked hauberk (535k, 4x, chain hauberk).

In the cast iron trunk you see a slightly marred ora breastplate (250k), some clamshell back and breast armor (240k), some thin vultite inlaid platemail (725k) and a suit of cream white platemail (900k).

The Well Tanned Hide[]

On the metal pegs you see a cinnamon-red full suede skirt (20k, legworn, weighs 4, holds 0.5, stuck open), a cinnamon-red leather belt (1k, waistworn, weighs 1), a pair of black suede boots (3k, footworn, weighs 1), some black suede leggings (4k, legworn, weighs 3), some pierced dark leather gloves (5k, pinworn, weighs 2, holds 0.5, stuck open), a woven leather ribbon sack (11k, beltworn, weighs 5, holds 25, closes).

On the long shelf you see a golden-brown full suede skirt (20k, legworn, weighs 4, holds 0.5k, stuck open), a golden-brown leather belt (1k, waistworn, weighs 1), some dark brown suede leggings (4k, legworn, weighs 3), some dark brown pebbled leather boots (3k, footworn, weighs 1), a pebbled leather rucksack (15k, shoulderworn, weighs 6, holds 60, closes) and some cuffed leather gloves (5k, pinworn, weighs 2, holds 0.5, stuck open).

In the large wooden trunk you see a dark green full suede skirt (20k, legworn, weighs 4, holds 0.5, stuck open), a pebbled black leather belt (10k, waistworn, weighs 1), some dark green suede slippers (3k, footworn, weighs 1), some pale tan leather leggings (4k, legworn, weighs 3), a leaf-pattern tooled leather pack (16k, backworn, weighs 12, holds 80, closes) and a banded leather quiver (3k, beltworn, weighs 3, holds 20, closes)

On the metal cable loops you see some gilt-edged cuirboulli leather (115k), a silver stud trimmed leather breastplate (43k), some glossy black leather (85k, 3x, double leather), some ruddy brushed suede leather (40k, full leather), some leaf embossed brown leather (40k, light leather).

On the slanted panel you see a beaded white leather amulet (9k), a braided leather thong amulet (10k) and a leather and gold spiral earring (10k). (imbeddibles, holds 40 mana, crumbly, weighs 1)

On the tray you see some fur-lined leather gloves (30k), a silver and black leather amulet (10k), a knotted black leather amulet (8k) and a leather and gold spiral anklet (10k).

Ye Olde Candle Shoppe[]

Incense 2.5k, candles 3.5k

On the ebonwood table you see some golden spice incense, some amber musk incense, some pale green apple incense, some purple nightshade incense, some silvery jasmine incense, some black sulphur incense, some crimson blood incense, some deep blue lavender incense, some ivory gardenia incense and some pink wild rose incense.

In the ironwood box you see some dusky blue juniper incense, some bright red wintergreen incense, some deep red cranberry incense, some dark mournbloom incense, some warm brown cinnamon incense, some orange pumpkin incense, some deep blue lilac incense, some deep green bayberry incense, some ink-black elderberry incense and some moss green sage incense.

On the silk-draped shelf you see a black skull-shaped candle, a tall white beeswax candle, a pale skull-shaped candle, an enruned black wax candle, a slender blood-red candle, a twisted black candle, an ornate bone-white candle, a white ceremonial candle and a pink rose-shaped candle.

On the wax-splattered counter you see a grinning pumpkin-shaped candle, a gold-flecked black wax candle, a black ceremonial candle, a pale ivory wax candle, a deep green pine-scented candle and a red spice-scented candle.