Laphrael Miran'ta
Race Half-Sylvan
Class Rogue
Profession Cordwainer to the Argent Mirror
Religion Follower of the Huntress
In-a-Word Fickle
Disposition Fiery
Demeanor Reserved
Flaw Dependency
Greatest Strength Creativity
Greatest Weakness Self-Loathing
Hobbies Shoes, Clothing
Soft Spots Fuzzy animals, Love stories
Likes Working with her hands
Dislikes Crude men, Spiders
Fears Not being needed
Loyalties House Sylvanfair, The PPT

Cobbling - A Basic Ordering Guide Edit

Since I’ve started getting a lot more requests from different people, I’ll give a quick run-down on all the pieces that compose a pair of cobbled shoes!

Each shoe is composed of several parts, some of which are optional – the quality, the dye, the material, the type, and the adornment. A very basic pair of shoes may consist of only the material and type, such as “a pair of soft leather boots.”

The material can either be selected from the list of Upper Materials, including the Limited Availability Materials, the Everyday Warehouse Materials, or Generic Materials. Most creatures that can be skinned that leave behind a pelt, skin, or hide of some sort can also be used for the Upper Materials, though these take a minimum of one week to prepare. Upper materials that consist of multiple words are typically 'all or nothing' type materials. You must either plan to use the entire description, such as 'soft watered silk,' or only the noun, 'silk,' but never just 'watered silk.' These words cannot be split up by other portions of the description, either. If you wish to use 'black-swirled marbrinus' and dye it 'plum,' you are confined to having 'plum dark-swirled marbrinus,' and not 'dark-swirled plum marbrinus.'

The types that can be made vary from person to person. Each Master Cobbler will know how to make shoes, boots, slippers, and sandals. They also have the ability to learn 24 additional advanced patterns. If the type consists of multiple words (and most do), they can never be split by other parts of the shoe description. For example, a pair of cobalt satin pointy-toed slippers could never be reworded into a pair of pointy-toed cobalt satin slippers.

You may want to include a dye on some of the plainer materials. There are forty different dye types available in the backroom of the Cobbling Warehouses, and some have been made available through special events. It should be noted that normal dyes, such as those found in Reignbeau Caverns or those made through alchemy, are currently NOT useable. (Update: The normal dyes can be converted for us in Cobbling.  Just buy the dye as normal, but instead of handing the foreman an item to dye, simply ORDER BOTTLE, and you will recieve the same color, but in a form usable with cobbling materials.)

Adornments add a final decorative touch to your shoes. These come in a wide variety of types – metals, gems, furs, and laces. Metal adornments can be used to buckle, toe, or cap a pair of shoes or boots. Gems and other prepared pieces can be used to inset, bead, stud, or button any type of footwear. Furs can trim, line, strap, or fringe appropriate footwear, and laces will (obviously) lace your shoes, boots, or sandals. Some adornments require their materials to be present, while some can be covered to be less obvious. An example would be beading, where you could choose between a pair of ruby-beaded slippers, or simply a pair of beaded slippers.

I personally prefer to let shoes speak for themselves, but sometimes the quality of the footwear is important. Below a certain level, poor quality cannot be hidden. Ugly shoes are, after all, ugly shoes. The highest qualities can be difficult to obtain, as they require a smooth welt when joining the sole to the upper, the finished product to turn out particularly well, or both. Failing on either of these two steps will detract from the overall quality. Because of the random nature of these events, I usually do not recommend trying to include the quality in a finished product.

All shoes have to begin with either the phrase ‘a pair of’ or ‘some.’ Usually this is simply an aesthetic choice, but the difference in length can affect the final product. Master Cobblers have to work with an 80 character limit; anyone below that status is limited to 70 characters. Oftentimes using the word ‘some’ as the prefix will be necessary to fit everything in since it is five characters shorter.

So! A pair of shoes can take on one of the following forms:

A pair of [quality] [dye] [material] [type] [adornment]
Some [quality] [dye] [material] [type] [adornment]
A pair of [quality] [adornment] [dye] [material] [type]
Some [quality] [adornment] [dye] [material] [type]

As an added bonus, cobbled footwear can be measured for a specific person which has two benefits. The character’s name can be engraved on the interior of the shoe. For that person only, the shoes will have a special wear/remove script added on. Anyone else can wear these shoes, but the script will not activate. For example:

>l ankle-boot

Elegantly engraved inside the ankle-boots is the name 'Laphrael Miran'ta'.

>remove ankle-boot

You slip some henna-toned slouched suede ankle-boots with narrow kakore heels off your feet. They were so comfortable, you hardly notice the difference. (1st Person)

>wear ankle

You slip some henna-toned slouched suede ankle-boots with narrow kakore heels onto your feet. A perfect fit! (1st Person)

Laphrael slips some henna-toned slouched suede ankle-boots with narrow kakore heels onto her feet. They appear to fit perfectly. (3rd Person)

To have this added on, the intended wearer will need to be measured. Measuring cords can be obtained in the Cobbling Warehouses for 5000 silvers each. Since they are re-usable, it isn’t necessary to get a new one for every new person. You must be in the same group as the person you intend to measure and then MEASURE (Target). This will put both parties in 15 seconds of Round Time.

This also demonstrates that cobbled shoes can be altered by an appropriate merchant, retaining both the engraved name SHOW and the wear/remove scripts, while allowing for a LONG description. The type will still be visible when you LOOK at your shoes, so if you plan to alter a pair, it may be a good idea to try to maintain the same type to avoid discrepancies.

Laphrael's Shoe Catalogue Edit

Shoe Types
Capped Beaded Buckled Buttoned Fringed Inset Laced Lined Strapped Studded Toed Trimmed
Shoes X X X X X X X X X X X X
Brogues X X X X X X X X X
Dancing Shoes X X X X X X X X X X
Divit-Toed Shoes X X X X X X X X X
High-Heeled Shoes X X X X X X X X X X X
Low-Heeled Shoes X X X X X X X X X X
Moccasins X X X X X X X X X X
Open-Toed Shoes X X X X X X X X X
Poulaines X X X X X X X X X X X
Round-Toed Shoes X X X X X X X X X X
Spike-Heeled Shoes X X X X X X X X X X X X
Square-Toed Shoes X X X X X X X X X X X
Boot Types
Capped Beaded Buckled Buttoned Fringed Inset Laced Lined Strapped Studded Toed Trimmed
Boots X X X X X X X X X X X X
Ankle-Boots X X X X X X X X X X X X
Buskins X X X X X X X X X X X X
Calf-High Boots X X X X X X X X X X X X
Half-Boots X X X X X X X X X X X X
High-Heeled Boots X X X X X X X X X X X X
Knee-Boots X X X X X X X X X X X X
Low-Heeled Boots X X X X X X X X X X X X
Riding Boots X X X X X X X X X X X X
Slouched Boots X X X X X X X X X X X X
Spike-Heeled Boots X X X X X X X X X X X X
Thigh-Boots X X X X X X X X X X X X
Wide-Cuffed Boots X X X X X X X X X X X X
Workboots X X X X X X X X X
Slipper Types
Capped Beaded Buckled Buttoned Fringed Inset Laced Lined Strapped Studded Toed Trimmed
Slippers X X X X X
Dancing Slippers X X X X X
Chopines X X X X X
Flats X X X X X
High Chopines X X X X X
Low Chopines X X X X X
Moyles X X X X X
Pointy-Toed Slippers X X X X X
Ruched-Toe Slippers X X X X X
Sandal Types
Capped Beaded Buckled Buttoned Fringed Inset Laced Lined Strapped Studded Toed Trimmed
Sandals X X X X X X X X
Ankle-Tied Sandals X X X X X X X X
Backless Sandals X X X X X X X X
Calf-Tied Sandals X X X X X X X X
High-Heeled Sandals X X X X X X X X
High-Laced Sandals X X X X X X X X
Thonged Sandals X X X X X X X X
Toe-Loop Sandals X X X X X X X X
Wedge-Heeled Sandals X X X X X X X X

Laphrael's Cobbling Inventory Edit

Upper Materials Edit

Specialized Materials Edit

Leathers Silks Silk Weaves Scaled Skins Animal Hides Metallics
Cordovan Leather Blackworked Silk Ashen Rose Damask Anaconda Skin Black Tapir Pelt Beaten Copper
Darkly Tanned Leather Brocaded Silk Celadon Satin Banded Cobra Skin Cameline Hammered Silver
Glossy Black Leather Dupioni Silk Gold Samite Eel Skin Creamy Beige Nubuck Fine-Threaded Cloth-of-Gold
Pebbled Leather Jade Silk Jewel-Sheened Organza Glossy Frog Skin Glazed Doeskin Fine-Threaded Cloth-of-Silver
Polished Leather Pearl Dupioni Silk Shadowy Taffeta Iguana Skin Manta Ray Skin Chain Mesh
Soft Leather Raw Ivory Silk Silver-Striated Bourde Python Skin Narwhal Hide
Soft Watered Silk Sleek Matte Faille Rainbow Snake Skin Pliant Calfskin Natural Fibers
Suedes Vornavian Silk Textured Organza Scaly Viper Skin Sea Thrak Hide Birch Bark
Scuffed Suede Sealskin Brushed Wool
Thickly Napped Suede Cotton Fabrics Linens Animal Furs Shark Skin Heavy Tartan Wool
Warm Brown Suede Black-Swirled Marbrinus Misty Grey Linen Cream Mink Smooth Kidskin Homespun Cotton
Ivory-Checked Gingham Patterned Linen Mink Fur Spotted Leopard Pelt Waxed Paper
Velvets Lace-Covered Canvas Pristine White Linen Polar Bear Fur Spotted Monkey Hide Woven Grass
Embroidered Velvet Red Tartan Cloth Tight-Weave Linen Pristine Fox Pelt Striped Tiger Hide
Soft Velvet Rough Olive Canvas Gold-Washed Chainsill Snowy Rabbit Fur Tawny Calfskin
Threadbare Velveteen Weathered Oilcloth Ultra-Fine Chainsil Soft Fox Fur
  • Italicized materials cannot be dyed, alternatives are available.

Warehouse Training Materials Edit

Wehnimer's Landing River's Rest Cysaegir Kharam-Dzu Zul Logoth
Thrak Hide Rat Pelt Goat Skin Rat Pelt Rolton Hide
Spotted Leaper Pelt Troll Hide Sheep Skin Troll Chieftain Skin Orc Hide
Black Boar Hide Black Panther Pelt Black Boar Hide Iguana Skin Cave Lizard Skin
White Puma Hide Antelope Hide Leopard Skin Pyrothag Hide Wormling Skin
Panther Hide Rattlesnake Skin Warthog Hide Tsark Skin Troll Zombie Skin
Dark Panther Pelt Crocodile Hide Tawny Brindlecat Hide Triton Magus Hide Undertaker Bat Skin
  • These animal pelts are all available in warehouses with no tanning time required.

Generic Materials Edit

  • These materials are basic in their design and can be dyed any particular color of choice.

Skinnable Materials Edit

  • Skinned materials all require a minimum of one week to tan. The quality of the pelt carries over to the quality of the finished product. Plan accordingly.

Adornments Edit

Laces Edit

Buckles, Toes, and Caps Edit

Trims, Linings, Fringes, and Straps Edit

Buttons, Beads, Insets, and Studs Edit

  • Four of any gem can be used to create specific gem settings (e.g. four clear tourmalines create 'clear tourmaline settings')
  • Four of any generic gem noun can be used to create generic gem settings (e.g. a black tourmaline, a green tourmaline, and two clear tourmalines create 'tourmaline settings')
  • Four gems of any sort combined together create 'varied gem settings'.
  • Shells, talons, fangs, some coral, and mother-of-pearl are currently unusable.

Dyes Edit

  • Standard dyes sold in dye shops, in addition to alchemy dyes, will not work.
  • Ahmdir Blue dye will incur significantly higher charges due to its rarity. This charge may not be as significant for Tehir characters.


Shoe Collections Edit

Public Premieres Edit

Spring Couture - Charlatos 19th, 5111 Edit

Monolithic - Menswear
bronze-buckled chestnut calfskin riding boots
charcoal leather riding boots trimmed with grey wolf fur
darkly tanned leather boots buckled with faenor
dusky cordovan leather riding boots buckled with bronze
gold-buckled chocolate brown suede riding boots
some ora-buckled polished black calfskin boots
silver-buckled white crocodile hide boots
smooth kidskin boots lined with soft rolton fleece

Standing high against the test of time. Solid and Sturdy.

Amphistylar - Women's Tone-on-Tone Collection
cinnamon silk ankle-tied sandals beaded with spessartine garnets
cobalt blue chainsil chopines inset with dragonsbreath sapphires
jade silk ankle-tied sandals beaded with errisian topaz stones
misty grey linen sandals beaded with pristine cream pearls
pristine white linen sandals laced with pearlescent silk
strapped polished golden viper skin open-toed shoes
viridian linen high chopines inset with green oak leaves

Tone-on-tone. Subtle and Natural.

Arciform - Women's Collection
champagne-hued silk high-heeled shoes with silver toes
emerald faille high-heeled shoes with faenor toes
pale ivory silk high-heeled shoes with ora toes
saffron taffeta high-heeled shoes with copper toes
silver-buckled shadowy taffeta high-heeled shoes
slate blue shark skin high-heeled shoes with mithril toes

Tapering heels blending into the sole through seamless curvature. Graceful and unyielding.

Columelliform - Women's Collection
caramel satin spike-heeled shoes with bronze toes
garnet leather spike-heeled shoes with invar toes
plum python skin spike-heeled shoes with glaes toes
turquoise velvet spike-heeled shoes with vaalorn toes

Narrow columnar heels with a sharply-pointed metal toe. Severe, dangerously elegant.

Jewels of the Mist - Ivastaen 25th, 5111 Edit

Elanthian Explorers - Menswear
granite cameline buskins buttoned with chalky feldspars
black oilcloth wide-cuffed boots buttoned with scrimshawed ivory
cobalt blue sea thrak hide buskins laced with sturdy cotton
dark kidskin boots fringed with glossy blue-black raptor feathers
verdant suede boots trimmed with emerald green parrot feathers

Featuring materials from soaring skies to plunging depths, inspired by exotic creatures from far and wide.

Trendy Tropical - Women's Collection
snowy textured organza sandals inset with mistvein diamonds
apricot-hued satin ankle-tied sandals inset with pink roestones
argent silk high-heeled shoes beaded with shimmering marcasites
blush tight-weave linen sandals beaded with mistvein rubies
cerulean faille sandals beaded with azure butterfly saewehnas
cinnamon organza thonged sandals inset with amber sea glass disks
gold samite calf-tied sandals laced with filamentous netting
heather grey organza high-heeled shoes beaded with tiny seed pearls
lavender silk ankle-tied sandals beaded with dragonfly saewehnas
pearl dupioni silk thonged sandals beaded with nacreous blue waterwebs
polished white leather open-toed shoes inset with crystalline gypsums
tangerine ultra-fine chainsil sandals inset with butterfly saewehnas

Brilliant hues, celebrating the rainbow of color in the flora and fauna, accentuated by the Jewels of the Mist.

Midnight Maritime - Women's Collection
black leather high-heeled shoes beaded with hematite orbs
amethyst jewel-sheened organza high-heeled shoes with silver toes
aubergine velvet buskins beaded with purple black thunderhead opals
chocolate brown organza ankle-tied sandals inset with sable mekrets
lunar jasper-beaded twilight violet silk thonged sandals
plum tight-weave linen sandals beaded with hummingbird saewehnas
soft ebon suede ankle-tied sandals beaded with oblong nephrites

Darker hues for formal evening affairs, blending hues of the sunset over the wine-dark sea.

Feral Fashionista - Women's Collection
rainbow snake skin sandals inset with multihued auboralines
beaten copper high-heeled shoes inset with silver firefly saewehnas
dark suede ankle-boots inset with vivid cobalt lorikeet feathers
hammered silver high-heeled shoes inset with gold firefly saewehnas
indigo python skin spike-heeled shoes inset with veniom scales
luxurious black spotted leopard pelt ankle-boots with electrum toes
shapely white python skin ankle-boots inset with pallid nacre
slate blue sealskin ankle-boots buttoned with Alhan'aht rivertears
viridian woven grass thonged sandals beaded with lagoon opals
white birch bark ankle-tied sandals inset with cream moth saewehnas
yellow python skin spike-heeled shoes with obsidian toes

Crafted from organic materials, evoking imagery of natural ferocity and vicious style.

Private Collections Edit

Gilded Glory - Lumnea 10th, 5111 Edit

Gilded Glory - Niara Veynithe
pristine white linen sandals laced with coils of barbed wire
black textured organza sandals beaded with pale crimson rubies
scarlet satin spike-heeled shoes inset with faceted pyrite beads
faint golden organza high-heeled shoes with ruby toes
misty grey linen high-heeled shoes with obsidian toes
crimson viper skin spike-heeled shoes with gold gilt toes
sapphire jewel-sheened organza high-heeled shoes with bronze toes
orchid linen calf-tied sandals inset with pearly vaalin squares

Predation - Koaratos 2nd, 5111 Edit

Predation - Dweia Eh'lah'fe
argent viper skin spike-heeled shoes inset with pallid nacre
aubergine iguana skin thigh-boots studded with obsidian cabochons
dark suede thigh-boots fringed with glossy blue-black raptor feathers
eel skin calf-tied sandals inset with blued steel disks
garnet silk high-heeled shoes fringed with blood red eagle feathers
hammered silver spike-heeled shoes lined with lush marabou down
heather grey manta ray skin boots laced with coils of barbed wire
polished cobalt crocodile hide boots inset with veniom scales
scarlet salamander skin thigh-boots buckled with obsidian
shapely absinthe python skin spike-heeled shoes with faenor toes
slate blue narwhal hide ankle-boots trimmed with shark's teeth

Elanthia's natural predators become prey for fashion.

Ivasian Dreamer - Phoenatos 9th, 5111 Edit

Ivasian Dreamer - Illyianna Aerovale
black mink fur ankle-boots laced with coils of barbed wire
claret viper skin open-toed shoes buttoned with black roses
jade silk spike-heeled shoes fringed with shark's teeth
raw ivory silk thonged sandals studded with amber rounds
shapely burgundy leather spike-heeled shoes with obsidian toes

Eventide Exotica - Imaerasta 11th, 5111 Edit

Eventide Exotica - Private Invitational
electrum-toed soft ebon mink fur ankle-boots
faint golden tawny calfskin ankle-boots lined with plush fur
fringed cobalt blue embroidered velvet high-heeled shoes
golden striped tiger hide spike-heeled shoes with obsidian toes
luxurious cream suede thigh-boots trimmed with leopard pelts
pale pink siren lizard skin ankle-tied sandals buckled with silver
polished raspberry leather spike-heeled shoes buckled with ruby
pomegranate leather high-heeled shoes strapped with lustrous mink
shapely black velvet ankle-boots fringed with leopard pelts
silvery python skin ankle-tied sandals inset with black roses
strapped magenta siren lizard skin spike-heeled shoes
studded emerald iguana skin open-toed shoes
tangerine satin high-heeled shoes with gold toes
umber banded cobra skin spike-heeled shoes with steel toes
white textured organza open-toed shoes inset with lace flounces

Unfurled Winter Rose - Eorgean 17th, 5111 Edit

Unfurled Winter Rose - Corlyne Lancre
charcoal crocodile hide ankle-boots buckled with silver
cream suede ankle-boots trimmed with plush fur
banded cobra skin high-heeled boots
black leather high-heeled sandals strapped with tattered netting
cream mink slouched boots buttoned with scrimshawed ivory
cream suede high-heeled boots laced with filamentous netting
dusky suede spike-heeled boots with glaes toes
ecru python skin spike-heeled boots buckled with brushed gold
niveous sealskin high-heeled sandals inset with tiny seed pearls
pewter suede thigh-boots inset with lace flounces
shapely caramel leather high-heeled boots lined with lush sable
strapped snowy rabbit fur high-heeled boots
wine velvet wedge-heeled sandals buckled with obsidian

Hot on the Heels - Eorgean 27th, 5111 Edit

Hot on the Heels - Lysistrata Scio
blush cotton slouched boots buttoned with pink roestones
bronze leopard skin spike-heeled shoes with obsidian toes
chocolate brown goat skin spike-heeled boots buckled with bronze
faint golden samite ruched-toe slippers beaded with sable mekrets
plush fur-trimmed cream mink knee-boots
polished carnelian leather toe-loop sandals
shapely pink siren lizard skin high-heeled sandals
studded blood red tsark skin calf-high boots
umber rattlesnake skin high-heeled boots with steel toes
white velvet ankle-boots fringed with cockatrice feathers

Winter Mourning - Lormestra 22nd, 5112 Edit

Winter Mourning - The Argent Mirror's Winter Ball
cinereous soft fox fur spike-heeled shoes with silver toes
heather grey mink high-heeled shoes with obsidian toes
pewter taffeta high-heeled sandals studded with tiny seed pearls
shapely plum leather high-heeled boots strapped with grey wolf fur
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