Here's just a small stash of the lich scripts I have written up for fun.


Repository ScriptsEdit

Most can be downloaded from the lich repository.

  • lockranges - SF only, pops up a dialogue box of lock difficulty ranges
  • speak - Caithris softly purrs, "Pick your own automatic speech patterns!"
  • vaalorsorcguild - Go to the Vaalor Sorcerer's Guild
  • illisorcguild - Go to the Illistim Sorcerer's Guild
  • follow - Set the group leader to follow. If you get separated, it will auto-move and rejoin you to the leader.
  • manifest - Searches through your manifest for things that match your search string, and spits out a list of matches by locker.
  • newfavortracker - updated volnfavortracker to use the new symbols and cost calculations.
  • gemhoarder - multi locker gems to jar script. Includes a list, jar-tracking, and a raid to mass-empty jars function.
  • plat_updater - updates your platinum maps, narost, and go2 from the comfort of your game. No restarting needed!
  • gemvalue - grabs all the matching gems in your gempouch and appraises them. Great for pricing batches to sell in playershops!
  • gemseller - sell all the gems in your gempouch that are under a certain threshold value. Ditch those citrine quartzes!
  • raffle - updated to use the new and old system. Fancy schmancy click to ;go2 raffle_room, feature added.
  • wanddupe - Safely duplicate all the wands in your wandsack and stuff 'em in another sack.
  • saladbar - a minor update to useherbs that won't stall on climate cloaks and can actually find that @#$#@%!! bin behind the bench in TSC in Landing.
  • reagenthoarder - multi locker reagent to jars script. Includes a list and jar-tracking.
  • uberspells - Fixed a minor bug and added Lumnis tracking.
  • answeringmachine - Send folks who privately ;chat to you an away message. Stores replies with a timestamp that prints out when answeringmachine is exited.
  • pulsetimer - SF only, pops up a dialogue box that shows the time to your next pulse.
  • killcounter - keeps track across login/logout of creatures you've killed that you learn from. Also provides a list-breakdown of how many of each type of critter you've killed.
  • itemnote - please note that it's itemNOTE, not itemNOTES... will store a note you enter about an item you're holding in your right hand. Will retrieve notes, list all your notes, and search your notes!
  • purifyjars - purify all the gems in the jars in your lootsack! Separates out orbs worth over a specified amount and re-jars the gems afterwards.
  • gemmerchant - works with gemhoarder to grab sell all sets of gems more than 10 in your shop for bounty shoppers.
  • speechbox - Have all speech and whispers also sent to a secondary dialogue box, your choice of familiar, logon, or death boxes.
  • helpfolks - unstun, and pull sleeping/lying down folks upright.
  • societypowers - keep your active society signs and sigils up.
  • watchdog - Got lich scripts keeping you logged in forever? Use watchdog to still log yourself out after a customizable amount of time inactive.
  • readscrolls2 - reads all the scrolls in your scrollsack and lists them out in numerical order with click-to-get links (if you're using SF)
  • autonet - works like amunet but allows you to set your amuletholder to stock and rub an amulet holder with amulets instead of having to wear a plain crystal amulet.

To use any of the above scripts, type ;repository download <script name>

Offline repository scriptsEdit

I have also updated a few of the scripts that are in the repository.

They are offered below, away from the repository, as I do not have the keys available for them.

  • forge-perfects.lic - fixed a small typo, added "vise" to the options
  • alchemy.lic - fixed a small typo when you try to go trash junk. - NEEDS UPDATED.
    • UPDATE (2/1/13) Now works with pelt sacks, climate wear, and alchemy bags, too!
  • go2.lic - This is included in plat_updater. Please consider running plat_updater to get updates to this script!
    • Update (3/13/13) Logic for fwitrinket will not barf if you're landing in a random room. Transport group mechanics updated to wait for groups.
    • Update (2/15/13) Now will calculate the closest advguild/bank/advguard/alchemist/herbalist/etc/etc/etc correctly.
    • UPDATE (2/12/13) Now will ask for a fwitrinket to auto go on/off FWI. Update ;plat_updater to get the latest go2 from in game.
    • UPDATE (2/11/13) This is now included in the ;plat_updater script. Run ;plat_updater to get the latest go2 from GSGuide whenever you want! 
    • UPDATE (2/3/13) Fixed an issue with repair tickets!
    • UPDATE (2/3/13) Now works with transport tickets!
    • UPDATE (2/3/13) Now store your ticket in another container!
    • UPDATE (2/1/13) Works now with new portals, new targets, etc!
GO2.LIC AND GOPLAT.LIC ARE THE SAME. If you have downloaded goplat, this ;go2 is the SAME.
You can RENAME goplat.lic to go2.lic and it will be the SAME.

It is IMPORTANT that you type the following into your game after each update.

;go2 portals=off
;go2 portals=on
YES THIS IS NECESSARY, EVERY TIME YOU UPDATE,  for the maps to pick up any new changes I have made.
Also it is important to keep from being reverted to an incorrect version of go2 to shut off updater functionality for go2. To do so please enter this in the game window:
;updater delete go2
If you do not do this and Tillman makes an update to go2 that does not included the latest changes found here you may be reverted to an "old" version which doesn't work properly for plat.
Thank you and have a nice day.

To use these scripts, you will need to install them to your lich scripts directory manually, lich/scripts, and select YES to overwrite the old script.

Custom ScriptsEdit

If you'd like me to write you any custom scripts, please feel free to leave comments down below or contact me IG.