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Melynda Hairsch
Princess Mely.jpg
Race Human
Culture Honneland
Class Cleric
Profession Still figuring that out
Religion Follower of Oleani
In-a-Word Cheerful
Disposition Quiet
Demeanor Friendly
Primary Trait
Secondary Trait
Flaw Worries too much, too often
Greatest Strength Happy, Enthusiastic, Humble and Modest
Greatest Weakness Doesn't like risks, Can be overly traditional, Worries too much
Habits Chewing on her bottom lip
Hobbies Cobbling, pressing flowers, needlepoint, painting
Soft Spots Children and Animals
Dislikes Spiders, Undead, Snakes
Fears Trapped souls
Best Friend
Loved One Alistare, Alynna

Early Life[]

Sister Melynda Issabelle Hairsch (born Fashanos 1, 5094) is a cleric of Oleani and the disowned daughter of Daemyn and Merynda Hairsch.

Early Childhood[]

Born in the early hours of Fashanos 1, Melynda came quietly into the world. From the start, her family doted on her, treating her like a princess. More often than not, she was a happy child, crying only when she needed to be changed or she was hungry. Her older brothers, Brynon and Alistare, were her constant companions for much of the first four years of her life. Even at a young age, Brynon took his older brother duties very seriously, watching over his baby sister like a hawk. Alistare, on the other hand, actually enjoyed playing with her and allowed her a bit more freedom. The year she turned five, their family was blessed with another daughter, whom her parents named Astrya. Astrya, while a beautiful child, was sickly and was often kept from playing with the neighborhood children, and her siblings, when they came to play.

As they grew older, her sister's health grew worse and more of her family's attention drifted to Astrya. Left to her own devices, Melynda often found herself at the temple, praying to the Arkati. The year she turned nine, she found herself being drawn to the altar belonging to Oleani. She was drawn to it, drawing comfort from the presence she felt.

Teen Years[]