Michiko Alvyna Lunacen
Race Half-Sylvan
Culture Lassaran D'ahranal
Class Ranger
Profession Officer of Elanthian Elegance
Religion Follower of the Huntress
In-a-Word Loyal
Disposition Self-centered
Demeanor Confident
Primary Trait Snobbish
Secondary Trait Vain
Flaw Arrogance
Greatest Strength Stealth
Greatest Weakness Idealistic
Habits Snubbing uncultured peons
Hobbies Designing clothes, keeping up with fashion trends
Soft Spots Jolena, her niece and nephews
Likes Chocolate, nature, people-watching
Dislikes Coffee, Moonshine Manor
Fears Grimswarm
Loyalties Her family, House Sylvanfair

Lady Michiko Alvyna Lunacen (born on Eorgaen 10, 5041) hides her idealistic outlook behind a snooty, arrogant facade.