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List of Monthly raffles and their winners! Please fill in the info in chronological order if possible!


Item Special Abilities Month/Year of Raffle Winner Current Owner
Custom logon/logoff Customized January 2018 Sladen Sladen
Custom illusion prop Illusionary February 2018 Quinne
Custom spell prep March 2018 Kaight .
Greater mood flares Customized April 2018 Qualeric .
. . May 2018 . .
. . June 2018 . .
. . July 2018 . .
. . August 2018 . .
. . September 2018 . .
. . October 2018 . .
. . November 2018 . .
. . December 2018 . .


Item Special Abilities Month/Year of Raffle Winner Current Owner
epic deepened cloak weighs six pounds, holds 200 January 2017 Salvar Salvar
Morning Cottage/Hart Lodge private property, outside WL February 2017 Rouste Rouste
a glowing silver talisman permanent portal pass March 2017 Brinret Tesaer
Coral Villa private property in MH April 2017 Qadheon Qadheon
Custom perfume Created by the winner May 2017 Jonib Adryanne
Tidewater Cottage private property in Solhaven June 2017 Kiel --
custom swear custom swear July 2017 Domnall --
custom logon/off custom logon and logoff messages August 2017 Rvain --
The Modwir private property with workshop on Teras September 2017 Mowin --
a forehead gem a teardrop-cut crimson diamond that casts a crimson sheen October 2017 Rienji Sventyle
greater moods custom greater moods added to an item November 2017 Pheobe --
magic watering can makes rooms foragable again December 2017 Bwa Bwa


Item Special Abilities Month/Year of Raffle Winner Current Owner
signature verb custom action for the winner January 2016 Dahrken --
forging slabs 1 golvern, 2 eonake February 2016 Mowin Eronderl
portal pass holder holds a portal ticket March 2016 Camaenor Camaenor
runestaff 6x/4x acuity, fully unlocked wand holding April 2016 Jani --
wardrobe, gown, and forehead gem armoire, an alabaster paeline gown secured with a line of cobalt kiss clasps, an iridescent Alhan'aht rivertear accented with cerulean webbing May 2016 Clementia --
signature verb custom action for the winner June 2016 Issalya Issalya
custom login/logout custom login/logout messaging for the winner July 2016 Sorak Sorak
the Revelry private property, houseboat in Solhaven August 2016 Kazuto --
superspecs fully unlocked w/22 verbs September 2016 Pardus Omrii
wine press portable or added to private property October 2016 Tanderick Talryssa
a lustrous golvern greatshield 5x/+5 TD fully unlocked Grobey tower shield November 2016 Rvain --
Cozy Cottage private property with workshop in River's Rest December 2016 Carmenta --


Item Special Abilities Month/Year of Raffle Winner Current Owner
voln trident polearm, locates undead, sancted February 2010 Samarre --


Item Special Abilities Month/Year of Raffle Winner Current Owner
spiked shield over 6x, enhances TD, and spiked January 2009 -- --
runestaff elemental runestaff, air December 2008 Isat
golvern hauberk 5x and very heavily crit padded (coverted to augmented chain at CCF) January 2009 Adlai Adlai
exquistely inked papyrus 3x a day 1605 · Arm of the Arkati February 2009 Sorak Sorak
fixskill potion rapidly learn a new training regimen (fixskill) February 2009 Selizbeth --
main gauche 5x, enchances stamina recovery and two weapon combat March 2009 Baalimun --
signature verb custom action for winner March 2009 Fjalar --
half plate 5x, adds to TD (ASG upgraded to full plate at CCF) April 2009 Tenaya Tenaya
full plate 4x, decently damage padded, casts 508 4x a day(added spikes at CCF, lightened to 38lbs at CCF) May 2009 Gorth Fjalar
full leathers 6x and decent crit padded (enchanted to 7x at CCF and dahcre for +3 to WIS stat added, lightened) May 2009 Fjalar Fjalar
wandering tattoo custom tattoo that wanders, dur! June 2009 Dyan Dyan
15 minutes of alter time, 8 winners (2 raffles 12 hours apart) as many alters as you can submit and have done in 15 minutes time. July 2009 ??? ???
blank deathaxe OHE, 7x against first critter type swung at and flares, 4x against all others August 2009 Junsea --


Item Special Abilities Month/Year of Raffle Winner Current Owner
spell prep custom spell prep for winner March 2008 Faelln --
custom swear custom swear for winner March 2008 Myke --
sig verb custom signature verb for winner March 2008 Eulogia --
boots 4x/day haste boots March 2008 Rodger Dhask
morning star 4x damage weighted morning star March 2008 Brinret Brinret
runestaff elemental runestaff, fire March 2008 Sadan Galar
a greenish-blue lizard scripted lizard April 2008 Fjalar Fjalar
kitten scripted kitten and sack April 2008 Alven --
sonic alteration one custom description for one sonic equipment song April 2008 Jregory --
spiked shield 9x spiked shield May 2008 Knack --
troll-claw 5x masterfully? crit weighted troll claw May 2008 Baelhar --
robes 6x crit padded robes May 2008 Raidek --
disintegrate flare flare added to a weapon May 2008 Elryan --
enchanting one enchant added to torso worn armor June 2008 Teekee --
temporary padding temp padding put on torso worn armor June 2008 Ravendra --
a jewel-adorned ebonwood enshai master quality instrument June 2008 Roslyn Kaliq
a pair of silver-insigiled raw silk casting gloves cuffed with dark gold embroidery scripted gloves, only magical professions can use June 2008 Roslyn --
double leather 7x, Self-Mana Disarm Enhancement (404) July 2008 Tenaya Tenaya
rolaren double chain 4x, lets user cast thurfels ward (503) August 2008 Rodger --
white ora platemail slightly crit padded, lets user cast deep blues (107) August 2008 Gjilan --
signature verb custom verb for the winner (QC'd) August 2008 Hubris --
spell prep custom spell prep for the winner (QC'd) August 2008 Ruble --
wearable permanent portal ticket The winner will be able to design the ticket to their specifications. It will have to be an armband, bracelet, ring, or other acceptable form of jewelry. Item can be reattuned to a new user every 30 days. August 2008 Raia --
stone covered box turns a smooth stone into a diamond 1x/day September 2008 Vyrshkana Vyrshkana
glossy mithril skewer 4x/3x defender rapier September 2008 Skeyelar Jaired
skinning knife aids in skinning and occasionaly creates an edible treat September 2008 Brinret Brinret
spiked shield 8x spiked kite shield September 2008 Brinret Knack
-- -- October 2008 -- --
magical whetstone will sharpen a weapon by the enchantment level of invar with three uses. The whetstone has nine uses. Bastard swords and weapons with flares or weighting are not capable of being sharpened. Certain zests may yield the whetstone impotent as well November 2008 Hubris Hubris
Armor changing certificate ASG-changing certificate (any subclass) November 2008 Brunhilde Jaired