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A guide to building high end items from scratch!

What You Can Add to Stuff[]

  • Shields - alter, enchants, flares (offensive), lighten, spikes, TD, one script (fluff or example banshee flares), enhansives, sancted, perambless
  • Weapons - alter, enchants, flares, lighten, weighting (crit or damage), one script (fluff or example snake poison flares), enhansives, TD, defender bonus, sancted, permabless
  • Armor - alter, enchants, lighten , spikes, flares (offensive and defensive(flares are both on armor)), padding (crit or damage), one script (fluff or example self mana), enhansives, TD, (can also do armor accessories for 1500), sancted, permabless, resistances, ranger imbued resistances (see Regyy for the best on scale and below armor classes up to his max padding level which i think is very heavy)
Note - flares/td/combat scripts/defenders/permabless/padding/weighting etc fit in only one slot, can only have one. Important to note. SANCTED does not fit in this restriction.

I didn't count the natural materials like adamantium flares or zelnorn cause you can't add them. Nor counting temporary bonuses.

Many of these are available via premium points....

  • Padding - heavy crit or damage padding
  • Flares - acid, ice, fire, lightning, earth
  • enhansives - bonuses and ranks
  • enchanting
  • fluff scripts or custom scripts (autoscripter or ezscript)
  • Lighten

So is a plethora of options to work on gear.

My best suggestion is pick something you really want done, armor, shield or weapon.

If its a weapon, get one perfectly forged. Else get whatever suits you (and your budget). Get it enchanted to 7x if its enchantable still by a wizard first off. Go to merchants to max lighten, alter it, add whatever services are available there. If you use an enhansive/sancted item to start, be prepared to hire a very old wizard and pay a lot more and find the potions to do it.

Buy/barter/trade some points if you don't have them for the services you can't get normally or wait for the next major merchant event and go to them hard with a plan once you know whats available.

Have several projects in the works at all times.

How it best works.

Hope that helps!