Richaard Zephyr
"Knowledge is a weapon. I intend to be formidably armed."
Race Human
Class Holy Warrior
Profession Fortune Seeker
In-a-Word Seeker
Demeanor Strong
Flaw Cheese
Greatest Strength Loyalty
Greatest Weakness Riddles
Hobbies Herbalism, Carving
Likes Knowledge, Friends
Dislikes Thieves
Loyalties Friends

Richaard Zephyr is a character in the GemStone IV fantasy game by Play.Net. He grew up as a woods guide in Elanthia's Wehnimer's Landing and left to live in IceMule Trace.

The character is portrayed by a real person at a laptop who lives in America.

Physical description Edit

Richaard is a young man with thick, coarse, dark brown hair, brown eyes and powerful muscles. He is described as bigger than most men, with broad shoulders. He is in his early-twenties. His eyes are brown and piercing. He wears earth tones with dark greens and browns. At his waist are pouches containing various items, most notably are magical crystals. Around his neck is, among other things, an alligator tooth pendant.

General characteristics Edit

Richaard has always had a hunger to learn. His earliest skills were an intimate knowledge of plants and herbalism as well as tracking and carving.

Richaard has always hated riddles, such as those inherent in most prophecies. He considers them an insult to honesty and ignores them as a matter of principle. He solves riddles of life, not words, although he has often had to solve those as well, despite his reluctance.

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