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The Halfling pirate ship Spitfire docked in June of 1999 to offer a variety of wares for sale.  Berylla's list of the inventories is given here.


On the mass of barnacles you see a whetstone (12k), a sturdy seaman’s dirk, (10k) a white ora whetstone (5k), a fine basket-hilt rapier (120k) and a dull iron cutlass (30k)

Baxterax’s Borrowed Goods[]

On the workbench you see a soft leather backpack, a braided leather belt, a tanned wide-brim hat, a leather locksmith’s belt, some soft leather boots and a rugged leather cloak.

In the steel case you see some full orc hide leather and some studded troll hide armor.

In the battered crate you see a small chest carving, a scarab pendant, a miniature lockpick carving and a faded leather shoulder pack.

On the display table you see a glaes bastard sword, a heavy glaes pilum, a silver hilted vultite flamberge, a fel shaft mithril awl-pike, an imflass main gauche, a deep red vultite halberd and a modwir hafted imflass mattock.

On the oak counter you see an ice blue glaes hammer, a modwir hafted vultite crowbill, a glaes manople, a braided leather bullwhip, a blackened imflass dirk, a heavy vultite battle axe, a vultite studded claw, a vultite studded ball and chain and a smokey mein backsword.

In the thanot crate you see a dwarven mining backpack, a mithril hilted vultite falchion, an ice blue glaes broadsword and a glaes dwarven mining axe.

The Brother’s Parlour[]

On the linen covered table you see a strawberry muffin (40), some herbal tea (10), some halfling ale (200), a tea cake, a blueberry scone (15), an effervescent elixir (25) and some dwarven lager (25)

Cargo Hold Alcove[]

In the treasure chest you see a smoky topaz whale figurine (8709), a small carved fel golem (6795), a small carved ironwood werebear (6795), a small carved tanik hawk (6795), an aquamarine seahorse figurine (9877), a tiny amber swordfish figurine (6788), a star diopside sea urchin statuette (6779), a dark orange coral dolphin statuette (8770), a small carved maoral puma (7801) and a tiny grey pearl octopus statuette (9801). (blank imbeddibles, crumbly)

On the weathered table you see a tiny crystal monkey anklet (7.89k), a tiny jade rolton anklet (10821), a deathstone spiderweb pendant (32123), a ruby eyeball pendant (9.89k), a tiny amethyst golem earring (9954), a tiny modwir owl anklet (14755), a coiled emerald serpent pendant (8k), a polished opal crescent moon earring (17899) and a dragonsbreath sapphire mouse earring (19456).

In the modwir dresser you see a jagged wire lockpick (8.76k), a sharp rune-etched lockpick (32985) and a twisted pearl-inlaid lockpick (19456).

On the broken stepladder you see a half of a lemon cream tart, a mug of strong spiced coffee, a tankard of apple ale, a half of a flaky plum tart, a half of a fresh peach tart and a flask of strawberry brandy. (free)

Chimerre’s Charming Charms[]

On the jewelry tree you see a polished mithril charm bracelet, a filigree silver charm bracelet, a dainty golden charm bracelet and a delicate imflass charm bracelet.

In the display case you see a pot-bellied halfling charm, a shimmering abalone charm, a silvery dolphin charm, a tiny ale-mug charm, a halfling pirate charm, a tiny maoral treasure chest charm, a skull and crossbones charm, a rainbow nautilus charm, a gleaming swordfish charm, a glittering coin charm, a curving scimitar charm, a jewelled key charm, a mithril anchor charm, a fossilized starfish charm, a gilded tart charm, a carved jade seahorse charm, a graceful seashell charm, a little round keg charm and a tiny carved Spitfire charm. (10k)

Chortel’s Chuckles[]

In the tin tub you see a snarling Spitfire pirate doll, a golden feathered pinwheel, a refreshing mug of berry juice, an odd two-headed coin, a hookbeaked parrot’s mask and a black pirate’s eyepatch.

On the length of twine you see a slimy glaes wand, a funny critterstick and a slithering snakestick.

In the wooden crate you see a garish multi-colored scarf, some skeletal teeth, a chunk of grey sea clay and a feathery toy parrot.

Coach House Pantry[]

On the polished maple table you see an iced blackberry tart, a cream-filled lemon tart, a frosted blueberry tart, an iced chocolate tart and a frosted walnut tart.

Deckhouse Galley[]

On the well-used table you see a hard-boiled duck egg (3k), a candy lockpick (2.5k, locklore, 8 bites), a red hot pepper (1k) and a breath mint (3.5k).

On the work counter you see a pink sugar bubble (1k), a chocolate empath (5k), a cinnamon spice tart (8k), some clear liquid (10k) and some dark blue ale (3.5k).

McBurr’s Kilts[]

On the kilt display you see a pleated blue and purple kilt, a crimson and heather tartan kilt, a black and gold plaid kilt, a black and green plaid kilt, a red and black plaid kilt, a black and blue plaid kilt and a black and grey plaid kilt.

On the gillies stand you see a pair of plain gillies and hose, a pair of black gillies and hose, a pair of red gillies and hose, a pair of blue gillies and hose, a pair of grey gillies and hose, a pair of green gillies and hose and a pair of white gillies and hose.

In the moggan drawer you see some blue and green tartan moggans, some heather brown moggans, some sheperd-check moggans, some green and brown plaid moggans, some white and blue plaid moggans, some red and black plaid moggans and some grey and black plaid moggans.

In the kilt pin box you see a silver and jet puma kilt pin, a silver and gold knot kilt pin, a copper and malachite kilt pin, a wrought iron claidhmore kilt pin, a silvery falchion kilt pin, a white gold flail kilt pin, a copper soyvn clove kilt pin, a silver woth flower kilt pin and an enameled firethorn kilt pin.

In the sturdy wardrobe you see a grey and white tartan greatkilt, a crimson and black tartan greatkilt, a green and blue plaid greatkilt, a blue and gold tartan greatkilt, a red and green plaid greatkilt, a burgundy and black plaid greatkilt, an orange and crimson plaid greatkilt, a black and silver plaid greatkilt and a green and heather greatkilt.

On the bonnet pegs you see a cockaded crimson wool bonnet, a cockaded black wool bonnet, a beribboned blue tartan bonnet, a cockaded grey tartan bonnet, a beribboned heather plaid bonnet, a green and brown tartan bonnet, a cockaded golden wool bonnet, a bright orange plaid bonnet and a beribboned black and red bonnet.

In the sporran chest you see a woolly rolton hide sporran, a battered leather sporran, a lynx hide sporran, a golden fur sporran, a dark leather sporran, a black fur sporran, a white fur sporran, a fire rat tail sporran and a puma fur sporran.

On the clothing rack you see a pleated shepherd-check kilt, a heather and green plaid kilt, a grey and ivory plaid kilt, a green and brown plaid kilt, a blue and purple plaid kilt, a blue and white plaid kilt, a pleated crimson tartan kilt, a black and tan plaid kilt and a pleated black wool kilt.

In the pin case you see a gold and onyx raven kilt pin, a mithril arrowhead kilt pin, a silver dagger kilt pin, a golden thistle kilt pin, a golden dagger kilt pin, a twisted silver axe kilt pin, a red gold rosebud kilt pin, a golden topaz kilt pin and an enameled heather kilt pin.

On the sash and plaide hanger you see a grey and blue tartan sash, a crimson and black tartan plaide, a black and green tartan plaide, a thistle and heather tartan sash, a crimson and green tartan sash, a shepherd-check plaide, a blue and gold tartan plaide, a heather and green tartan plaide and a black and gold plaid sash.

Merdyce’s Cabin[]

In the wooden crate you see a gold-buckled black leather belt (7.5k), a polished brass visored helm (1.6k), some engraved brass gauntlets (1.8k) and some brass trimmed leg greaves (1.5k)

In the shipping trunk you see a bright red neckerchief (300), a black velvet beret (5k), some striped red and white leggings (400), some tapered black cotton trousers (8k), some delicate white sandals (500), some knee-high cuffed leather boots (8.5k), a gold-trimmed black leather vest (12k) and a wide-brimmed black felt hat (5.5k)

On the low wooden table you see a pink pearl hairpin (550), a white mother-of-pearl hairpin (550), some polished mother-of-pearl cufflinks (525), a carved abalone hair barrette (450), a necklace of white pearls (2.4k) and a black pearl hairpin (550)

In the velvet-lined case you see a silver and opal penguin charm (3.5k), a silver sea thrak pendant (4.5k), a braided silver anklet (4.5), a gold and ivory snowcat charm (3.5k), some silver iceblossom earrings (5k), a delicate gold link chain (5.6k), a green and silver seahorse charm (4.2k), a golden wraith talon pin (3.5k) and a steel lightning bolt pin (3.5k)

On the small wooden table you see a gingerbread snap, a frosted chocolate cookie, a glass of sweet wine, a sweet butter biscuit and a cup of honey-laced tea. (free)

On the oaken barrels you see a trousers pattern (7.5k), a vest pattern (7.5k), a belt pattern (4k), a skirt pattern (7.5k), a gloves pattern (5k), a sporran pattern (5k), a kilt pattern (8k), a boots pattern (5k), a hood pattern (4k), a hat pattern (4k) and a gown pattern (10k).

On the rough modwir table you see a cape pattern (25k), a backpack pattern (12k), a satchel pattern (25k), a cloak pattern (50k), a sack pattern (5k), a knapsack pattern (10k) and a pouch pattern. (3k)

All materials priced from 2-4k

In the oaken trunk you see a length of black eelskin, a length of black bearskin, a length of grey eelskin, a length of snowcat hide, a length of squirrel fur, a length of wolverine fur, a length of dark snakeskin, a length of firecat skin, a length of rolton hide, a length of puma hide, a length of lizard skin, a length of rat fur, a length of crocodile skin, a length of thrak hide, a length of striped fur and a length of spotted fur.

In the glaes case you see a length of dark brocade, a length of crimson velvet, a length of deep blue velvet, a length of silvery brocade, a length of crimson brocade, a length of golden samite, a length of black samite, a length of blue samite, a length of golden brocade, a length of white lace, a length of black velvet, a length of black lace and a length of jewelled brocade.

On the felwood rack you see a length of bleached cotton, a length of white cotton, a length of striped cotton, a length of black cotton, a length of green cotton, a length of red gingham, a length of pink cotton, a length of red flannel, a length of blue gingham, a length of black flannel, a length of grey flannel, a length of blue cotton and a length of blue flannel.

On the cherrywood table you see a length of striped canvas, a length of crimson leather, a length of blue felt, a length of dark suede, a length of dark oilcloth, a length of tartan wool, a length of green felt, a length of brown felt, a length of white leather, a length of black felt, a length of black leather, a length of green leather, a length of black wool, a length of patchwork leather, a length of grey leather, a length of tanned leather, a length of red felt, a length of pale suede and a length of dark canvas.

On the modwir shelf you see a length of pale blue spidersilk, a length of white spidersilk, a length of golden spidersilk, a length of silvery satin, a length of black silk, a length of grey spidersilk, a length of golden silk, a length of white silk, a length of purple satin, a length of black satin, a length of red satin, a length of grey silk, a length of pale blue silk, a length of violet silk, a length of pale pink silk and a length of white satin.

Parranin’s Place[]

In the silver tub you see a gold-capped black fel cane (5k) and a black oak sea chest (10k).

In the oak display case you see a fragile blue glass ampulla (20k), a petrified electric eel (30k), a polished brass oil lamp (25k), a delicate blue ceramic ampulla (10k), a fragile silver glass ampulla (10k), a fragile golden glass ampulla (25k), a delicate yellow ceramic ampulla (15k) and a dried inflated puffer fish (32k)

On the walnut table you see a sea green oilskin cloak (40k), an ocean blue oilskin cloak (40k), a tightly woven fishnet satchel (10k, beltworn, holds 40, weighs 4) and a black oilskin cloak (40k).

Parranon’s Place[]

On the oak table you see some white linen robes, some faenor-threaded robes, an elemental rune pin (10k), some rune-edged leathers and some silver trimmed black robes

In the display case you see a glass wand (20k), a bright orange wand (20k), a scorched wand (22k), a mithril-banded wand (8k), a bright yellow wand (15k), a bright red wand (15k) and a bright green wand (15k)

On the cloak rack you see a stylish silver-trimmed cloak (25k), a silk spell components bag (17k, beltworn, holds medium, weighs 5), a mithril bound scroll case (20k), a hooded black silk cloak (30k), a hooded gold-trimmed greatcloak (22k), a black alchemy bag (17k) and an enruned silk satchel (45k).

Pheelia’s Phyne Phashions[]

In the etched jewelry case you see a crystal and gold dragonfly comb, a delicate topaz and glass bracelet, a lapis lazuli dragonfly pendant, a pair of opal lily earrings, a pair of topaz and glass earrings, an opal and diamond lily pendant, a gold diamond-cut bangle, a crystal dragonfly pin and a lily-shaped carved opal comb. (imbeddible)

On the long bench you see some troll hide fur-trimmed boots, some steel-toed cobra skin boots, some buckled black leather boots, some delicately embroidered boots and some laced-up lizard skin boots.

On the clothes rack you see an elegant white lace shirt, an embroidered white poet’s shirt, a delicate rose-trimmed shirt, a white silk pearl-buttoned shirt and a sleeveless lace-trimmed shirt.

In the carved jewelry box you see a swirling gold nymph comb, a baguette diamond bracelet, an exquisite gold filigree bangle, an exquisite gold nymph pendant, a gold filigree butterfly comb, a moonstone and glass butterfly pendant, a gold and opal nymph pin, a pair of filigree hoop earrings, a miniature crystal wand pin, a pair of enameled nymph earrings and a gold filigree butterfly pin. (imbeddible)

In the cardboard box you see some soft linen silver-buckled pants, some elegant spidersilk pants, some delicate lace-trimmed leggings, some elegant velvet-cuffed leggings, some fitted cobra-skin pants, some stylish cuffed cotton pants, some laced-up embroidered leggings, some rose-edged white silk leggings, some white pearl-buttoned leggings and some baggy silk pants. (pocketed?)

On the modwir table you see a soft cobra skin satchel, a gold-clasped lizard skin satchel, a brown bear hide satchel, a delicate silver-clasped handbag, a fur-trimmed velvet handbag and an elegant diamond-clasped handbag.

On the jacket rack you see a stylish silver-buckled jacket, a fitted leather-trimmed jacket, a long velvet-trimmed jacket, an elegant fur-trimmed jacket and an intricately embroidered jacket. (pocketed?)

Quarter Boat[]

In the small chest you see a bit of string (10k, 209), a scratched pewter plate (10k, 511), a dented silver spoon (4k, 202), a tarnished silver fork (6k, 506), a flattened pewter napkin ring (5.5k, 503), a handful of tart crumbs (10k, 919), an old pie crust (10k, 113), some pocket lint (10k, 608), a bent silver butter knife (4k, 103) and a mangled steel spoon (10k, 211).

Shivers’ Glassworks[]

In the ironwood cabinet you see an aqua glass frothy sea foam tiara, a black glass electric eel circlet, a golden glass dancing flame crown, a purple glass faceted iceberg coronet and a milky glass waving seaweed diadem.

On the counter you see an orange glass shelfae warlord figurine (2.5k), a misty glass sea nymph figurine (1k), a golden glass pale crab figurine (500), a smoky glass greater kappa figurine (1.5k) and a violet glass water witch figurine (2k). (imbeds)

Sticki’s Magicks[]

In the broken chest you see a shifting wand (15k).

On the wooden crate you see an elegantly carved granite shield (197k), a silver filigree shield (275k), a pyrothag hide-covered shield (240k), an enruned veniom-banded shield (310k), a heavy brushed brass shield (210k), a faceted crystal shield (210k), a roughly-hewn coral buckler (235k), a blued steel wall shield (270k), an onyx-studded black steel shield (295k) and a half-melted bronze shield (250k).

On the black mannequin you see some reinforced black leather trousers, an enruned black leather hauberk, some knee-high black leather boots, a rune-stamped black leather satchel, an onyx-clasped black leather pack and some black onyx-studded gloves.

On the black shelf you see a petrified rat tail wand, a string of black pearls, a silk-wrapped black ora wand, a gnarled bone wand and a polished tiger-eye amulet.

On the steel mannequin you see a steel-clasped white leather satchel (18k), some white leather leggings (4.5k), some blued steel mesh gloves (6k), some steel-toed white leather boots (14k), some enruned pure white leathers (145k), a steel-studded white leather backpack (18k) and a bright white leather cloak (22k).

On the steel shelf you see a blued steel diadem (6.7k), a finely fluted platinum wand (22k), a fine steel chain bracelet (4.6k), a smooth ivory wand (9.7k) and a solid steel wand (6.7k).

On the red mannequin you see some cracked leather gloves (6k), a sparkling dragonfire ruby earring (12k), a rune-stamped salamander skin pack (19k), some scorched crimson boots (145k), an enruned red thrak hide jacket (14k), a shimmering brass mesh greatcloak (22k), some heavy red thrak hide trousers (18k) and a fused gold mesh satchel (4.5k).

On the black iron shelf you see a ruby-tipped etched gold wand (12k), a blackened laje-tipped wand (12k), a linked ruby demon miniature bracelet (12k, wristworn, no pockets, weighs less than 2, imbeddible, not dupable, metallic), a ruby dragon claw-shaped wand (12k), and a fire opal cabochon bracelet (12k).

On the pure white mannequin you see an enruned veniom-threaded jacket (195k), a rune-stamped white leather satchel (18k), some pure white veniom-trimmed trousers (7k), an ivory-inlaid drawstring rucksack (96k), a small veniom stud earring (12k, worn from one ear, weighs 2, imbeddible, not dupable), a diaphanous white silk cloak (125k) and some white veniom-threaded boots (14k).

On the veniom shelf you see a silver-set fly in amber pendant (12k), a twisted platinum wand (12k), a veniom-inlaid ebon wand (12k), a braided silver thread wand (12k) and a carved quartz hummingbird earring (12k).

On the bronze mannequin you see a reinforced leather satchel, an enruned quilted leather jacket, some bronze-scaled boots, a quilted leather pack, an amorphous bronze clasp, some bronze mesh gloves and a shimmering bronze-scaled cloak.

On the bronze shelf you see a rutilated quartz wand, some miniature geode earrings, a rainbow glaes nugget ring, a silver-capped glaes wand and a half-melted steel wand.

On the crystal shelf you see some sea-green emerald earrings, a cracked crystalline wand, a delicate spun glass wand and an etched crystal shard wand.

On the translucent mannequin you see a glittering diamond-dusted satchel, some enruned diamond-dusted leathers, some gleaming crystal-soled boots, a sparkling crystal-scaled cloak, a clear crystal shard earring, an enruned diamond-clasped backpack and a sparkling diamond-dusted sack.

On the brown mannequin you see a hooded dark brown greatcloak, an enruned roa’ter hide jacket, a gold-threaded dark leather satchel, some knee-high roa’ter hide boots, some supple dark leather gloves, a gold-threaded dark leather pack and some gold-piped tanned hide breeches.

On the granite shelf you see a coarse clay rod, a sandstone cabochon anklet, a petrified thanot wand, a miniature roa’ter wand and a rune-etched granite scarab ring.

On the obsidian shelf you see a cracked obsidian wand, a fused gold coin wand, a coiled gold dragon earcuff, a rune-covered black ora wand and a scorched silver skullcap.

On the red mannequin you see some scaled red leather trousers, a heavy black iron mesh satchel, a sinister black iron mesh cloak, some heavy thick-soled boots, a faceted obsidian earring, an iron-clasped pyrothag hide pack, an enruned pyrothag hide jacket and some heavy pyrothag hide gauntlets.

On the grey mannequin you see a hazy crystal earring, an enruned night hound hide jacket, a smoke grey spidersilk satchel, some thigh-high light grey boots, some dark spidersilk breeches, a dark grey spidersilk pack and a smoke grey spidersilk cloak.

On the metal shelf you see an amethyst cabochon headband, a honey-colored tumbled amber anklet, a boiled leather wand, a warped modwir wand and a hazy crystal wand.

On the blue mannequin you see a silver wave earring, a shimmering silver mesh satchel, some glittering scaled boots, a flowing blue and silver cloak, some deep blue watered silk breeches, a deep blue watered silk sack, a silver-dusted deep blue silk pack and an enruned sea thrak hide jacket.

On the glass shelf you see a rough pink coral wand, a fish skeleton wand, some silver shark fin earrings, a pearl-inlaid turquoise wand, a polished blue coral bracelet and an inlaid mother of pearl circlet.

Surplus Outlet[]

On the horned rack you see some dented chain hauberk (276K), a wolf-hide sheath (920) and some polished full plate (920k)

Surplus Storage[]

On the weapons pile you see an imflass cutlass (44k).

In the weapons pile you see a polished imflass falchion (100k) and a rolaren broadsword (125k).

Under the weapons pile you see a deadly vultite rapier (220k, 4x, lightning flares).

Behind the weapons pile you see a vultite beheading sword (100k, 4x, THW, weighs 12, 75/200) and an pearl hilted vultite falchion (150k).

On the clothing pile you see a cobra skin pouch (15k).

In the clothing pile you see a cobra skin belt (5k).

Under the clothing pile you see some cobra skin boots (10k, pocketed)

Behind the clothing pile you see some rugged worn boots (1.5k).

On the cloak pile you see a cobra skin cloak (20k), a well-fitted hide cloak (20k), a long bearskin cloak (20k), a buffed leather cloak (20k), a billowing soft velvet cloak (20k) and a rolton hide cloak (20k).

In the cloak pile you see a form-fitting silk cloak and a rose patterned cloak (20k).

In the armor pile you see some shredded double leather (150), some rusty chain hauberk (650) and some torn full leather (95).

On the armor pile you see some dented full plate (2.5k), a punctured metal aventail (10) and some tattered studded leathern (450).

Under the armor pile you see some silk-lined arm greaves (10), a split visored helmet (20), a cracked leather helmet (10) and some silk-lined leg greaves (10)

Behind the armor pile you see some tattered leg greaves (10) and some tattered arm greaves (10).

On the odds and ends pile you see a trident pin (4k), a claidmore pin (4k), a longsword pin (4k), an ebony staff pin (4k) and a shoulder-slung totebag (6.5k)

In the odds and ends pile you see a green shamrock (4k), a falchion pin (4k), a crossbow pin (4k) and a petrified hornet pin (4k)

Under the odds and ends pile you see a dice pouch (1k), a mace pin (4k), a ball and chain pin (4k) and a crystallized mud wasp pin(4k)

Behind the odds and ends pile you see a crystal ball amulet (5k), a long bow pin (4k), a broadsword pin (4k) and some ruby and pearl dice (6k)

Tartbelly Bar[]

Menu: a mug of rum (135), a stein of spiced rum (190), a stein of red rum (120), a mug of rummed coffee (60) and a glass of rummed wine (140)

Tisla’s Apparel Shoppe[]

On the silver rack you see a satin-lined black velvet vest, a short red black-trimmed jacket and a long white fur-collared cloak.

On the hat rack you see a gold silk scarf, a lace-trimmed white taffeta wimple, a white lace scarf, a tan fleece-lined hood, a black satin snood, a silver silk kerchief, a white lace veil, a long red woolen hat and a tassled green woolen hat.

In the ornate maple armoire you see a sleeveless saffron blouse, an ankle-length spidersilk skirt, a frilled white satin blouse, a sable-trimmed white ermine gown (pinworn), a long-sleeved soft chambray blouse, a lace-trimmed pink gingham dress (pinworn), an embroidered soft chamois blouse and a pair of red heavy woolen leggings.

On the brass rack you see a brown tweed waistcoat, a long black satin-collared cloak and a fleece-lined tanned leather cloak.

In the cedar chest you see a pair of grey twill trousers, a plaid heavy woolen shirt, a crisp white cotton shirt and a frilly white satin shirt.

Ye Olde Candle Shoppe[]

On the wooden table you see some pink rose incense, some white vanilla incense, some pale sandalwood incense, some golden spice incense, some amber musk incense, some green pine incense, some dark chocolate incense and some black sulphur incense.

On the oaken shelf you see a carved rose-shaped candle, a pure white candle, a golden beeswax candle, a slender black candle, a delicate pink beeswax candle, a slender blood-red candle, a midnight blue candle, a gilded white candle, a scented green candle, a white skull-shaped candle, a carved black candle and a scented blue candle.