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How to make a Prime Profile!

Making a Page

If you're new to MediaWiki, then you might want to take a quick look through on how to make your Profile Page. In order to get started, type your character name in the search function over to the left. For example, I would type Ralph there. If the page doesn't already exist, you should see that no page title matches. There should be some red lettering stating to "create this page." Click that and toss in some infomation and at the bottom, click the Save page button. And there you have it, you just made your wiki page!

Your Profile

You can put just about anything you want to on your page. There aren't any rules or regulations here. You can place an infobox on your page (described below) or you can just write your character background or traits however you wish! If you need some inspiration on what a wiki page looks like, check here and search for a famous person!

Infobox Usage

Copy/Paste this info on your Profile to make use of the infobox you see on the right.

| name              = 
| race              = 
| culture           = 
| class             = 
| profession        = 
| religion          = 
| word              = 
| disposition       = 
| demeanor          = 
| ptrait            = 
| strait            = 
| flaw              = 
| strength          = 
| weakness          = 
| habits            = 
| hobbies           = 
| soft              = 
| likes             = 
| dislikes          = 
| fears             = 
| loyalties         =
| friend            = 
| spouse            = 
| loved             =

Try to keep answers in the infobox short, as the formatting will become messy if you use more than 4 or 5 words. If you don't want to answer one of the fields, simply put a no in front of the word. This being an example:

Race Human
Profession Cook
Religion Koar
In-a-Word Fat
Demeanor Jolly
Spouse His wife
Loved One Not his wife
| name              = Ralph
| race              = Human
| noculture         = 
| noclass           = 
| profession        = Cook
| religion          = Koar
| word              = Fat
| nodisposition     = 
| demeanor          = Jolly
| noptrait          = 
| nostrait          = 
| noflaw            = 
| nostrength        = 
| noweakness        = 
| nohabits          = 
| nohobbies         = 
| nosoft            = 
| nolikes           = 
| nodislikes        = 
| nofears           = 
| noloyalties       = 
| nofriend          =
| spouse            = His wife
| loved             = Not his wife


To link, add the following at the end of your profile:

[[Category:Prime Profiles]]

Image Infobox

If you want to make use of the template with an image within the infobox, please click here.

If you're not into editing wikis, then feel free to send an email to (at) gmail (dot) com.