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I'll be adding change notes and release info as well as other information about the spreadsheet when I have time. - Kithus

NOTE: The spreadsheet is too complex to be viewed as a google doc. You actually have to download the spreadsheet and view it locally. If you get an error when selecting download just select view in a new window. Once you can view it go to FILE -> Download As and select an Excel Spreadsheet.

GS4 Training Spreadsheet v4.5

- 5/9/17: Added new combat maneuvers and fixed errors with the combat maneuver table. This included updating all the links from krakiipedia to gswiki.

- 10/2/13: Fixed a major longstanding error in the shield DS calculation formula that de-valued large and tower shields.

- 6/18/13: Fixed an error in the post cap max mana and added SidebySide for everyone. (Thanks Valmos)

- 5/1/13: Corrected a problem with one of the shield skill calculations.

- 4/5/13: Fixed an issue with Autofill when you select Post as your target level.  (Thanks Daiyon)

- 4/5/13: Turned off screenupdating after a profession change or on a reset to speed it up. (Thanks Whirlin)

- 4/4/13: Fixed the monk mana stats and mana calculation.(Thanks Kaliq)

- 4/4/13: Added the new combat manuvers, shield manuver prereqs and general cleanup.

- 4/4/13: Added a Shield tab with all the new shield manuvers, calculated just like the CMans are.

- 7/9/12: Fixed a small error in one of the total mental training point display formulas

- 7/9/12: Added Combat Mobility to the available monk Cmans

- 7/9/12: Combat Manuvers with Pre-requisites will now "yellow out" until the pre-reqs are met

- 7/14/12: Fixed a problem with monk TP calculations using the old prime stats (Thanks Kaliq)

- 7/14/12: Bit of careless copy and pasting with the last fix broke TP truncating (Thanks again Kaliq)

- 7/16/12: Training point formulas were pointing to the wrong place again. (I think Kaliq is enjoying this)

Updated 4/4/13 6:21PM EST